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Victoria Song - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Growing up, Victoria Song has huge love of dancing. She began learning dancing since early age.

After high school, this young dancer went to Beijing Dance Academy to study Chinese traditional dance.

Her love for dancing led her to be scouted by SM Entertainment. She was participating in a competition when it happened.

Victoria ended up passing the audition and joined the agency in 2007.

After around 2 years of training and several appearances in various music videos and commercials, Victoria made her debut in the music industry.

She was part of the girl group f(x). For their 2009 debut, the group released the single LA chA TA.

In 2010, this K-pop Idol became a cast member on the reality show We Got Married. The show was a widely loved by the public.

It helped Victoria gain massive popularity. She even won the Popularity Award at MBC Entertainment Awards.

After her success in reality shows, this Aquarius woman went on to the film industry. She made her debut as an actress in 2012.

She got the leading role for the TV series When Love Walked In. The show was a hit and got number one spot in ratings.

Victoria would then star in many more films and drama series. Some of her most well-known works are in Beautiful Secret (2015), My New Sassy Girl (2016), A Life Time Love (2017), and Find Yourself (2020).

She was also involved in the soundtracks of some of these shows.

This actress never really left the music industry either. In 2018, she released her first solo single Roof on Fire.

A music video to accompany the song was also released. Victoria would then release her self-titled digital album in 2020.

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  • Real Name: Song Qian (宋茜)
  • Stage Name: Victoria Song (빅토리아 송)
  • Nickname: Qian Qian, Qian Niu, V Leader, V Baby
  • Birthday: February 2, 1987
  • Birthplace: Qingdao, Shandong, China.
  • Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
  • Nationality: Chinese
  • Height: 168 cm (5’6″)
  • Weight: 45 Kg (99 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: Actress, Singer
  • Education: Beijing Dance Academy
  • Hobbies: –
  • Parents: –
  • Sibling: –
  • Boyfriend: –
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: –
  • Instagram: @victoria02_02
  • Tiktok: –
  • Youtube: –
  • Weibo: 宋茜


  • Victoria is especially talented in Jazz and traditional Chinese dance.
  • She has amazing flexibility.
  • She loves coffee.
  • This Actress used to think that her blood type is O but it’s actually A.
  • She likes sparkly things.
  • When feeling stress, she would eat.
  • This singer is good at cooking.
  • She can speak Korean and English.
  • She picks black and red as favorite colors.
  • Victoria is scared of bugs and ghosts.
  • She doesn’t like the taste of coriander and green onion.
  • She loves durian.
  • Some of her favorite foods are egg, especially the yolk.
  • She enjoys swimming.
  • She is friends with Zhoumi of Super Junior M and Kyuhyun of Super Junior.
  • 22 is her favorite number.
  • At the arcade, she would often play racing games.
  • She idolizes Song Seung Heon and HOT.
  • Victoria has appeared in other groups’ music videos such as SHINee’s Replay, Kangta’s In My Heart Someday, and TRAX’s Let You Go.
  • She had her first kiss with her then boyfriend before college.
  • Her ideal type is a guy who is taller than her.
  • Her net worth is around $12 million.

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Pics of Victoria Song

1. Victoria is killing it in this dress

Victoria Song - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

2. Love how the photo is framed

Victoria Song - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

3. She looks pretty badass here

Victoria Song - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

4. Her side profile is to die for

former f(x) Member - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

5. Victoria takes the best mirror selfie

former f(x) Member - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Victoria has had such amazing careers both as singer and as actress. Her talent in dancing is also not to be forgotten.

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