10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

Finding perfect and gorgeous blue nails ideas for the holiday season is definitely not an easy task to do.

When discovering and searching for the perfect nail ideas, we oftentimes become overwhelmed with too many options we can choose.

Sometimes, when there are too many options to choose from, we can’t really realize what kind of style we really love.

So, when finding your perfect nails, it’s important to have a big picture first before you jump into the sea of nail ideas.

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Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

1. Quirky Blue Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

If you consider yourself quirky, unique, and totally artsy, then you might want to try this kind of nail style.

The majority are decorated with different kinds of lines and curves. This blue nail idea can be adopted for daily wear.

Because of its soft hues and tones, it is not difficult to pick any daily outfits that match this kind of nail style.

Besides, the unique details and decorations of this nail can level up your casual daily outfits to be spicier.

2. Gradient Blue Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

During this holiday season, you might just want to paint your nails with blue colors. On the other side, you might also want to make it look colorful.

Then, what’s stopping you? This nail style definitely gives you ideas on how to be colorful in just one color scheme.

You can paint all of your nails with a different range of blue color schemes to add drama, versatility, and colors.

We are very certain that your overall holiday will be so much more colorful by getting this nail style.

3. Polka Dot Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

Of course, you will never go wrong with dot motifs, especially polka dots. This motif can enhance your cuteness and spirit of life.

All you need is just paint your nails with a sky blue nail coat, or you can combine it with a baby blue and white color.

After that, add some dots motif on top of your nails in a symmetrical line that can make your nails look modern and sophisticated.

To make your nails more pop, add some rings to your fingers.

4. Solid Sapphire Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

Many of us still think that in order to get a Y2K style, all we need is just pink and red color tones for every occasion.

But, in fact, we can also adopt blue color schemes to match the lovely Y2K style because it is as cute as the pink hues.

Try to paint your nails with blue nail coats. You can paint your whole nails or let some nails look glossy without any colors.

Then, you can draw some Y2K motifs, such as hearts, emojis, or maybe butterflies. And eventually, you are done!

5. Turtle Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

Are you planning to go thrifting with your besties to a local consignment store or a vintage bazaar and festival?

If the answer is yes, then you might want to style yourself to be as original as possible. One of the things you can do is by styling your nails.

You can steal this nail style when you want to go thrifting because this nail is so unique and original, suitable for your unique spirit.

Try to get these nails done by doing it yourself or with your besties at a nail salon. It will give you so much fun.

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6. Swan Lake Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

Do you have a fantasy of becoming a Swan Lake princess? Or do you want to get the look of a ballerina?

You might not be able to be a Swan Lake princess, but you can definitely steal the look of the princess.

What you need is just your nail coat with baby blue colors and some manicure and pedicure tools to be prepared.

After that, you can start your manicure process and as the final touch, paint the upper side of your nails with the baby blue nail coat. And, you are done!

7. Futuristic Nails

10 Gorgeous Blue Nails Ideas for Holiday Season

Are you a fan of a futuristic and outer space aesthetic? This nail style will level up your aesthetic to another level.

The blue shade of this nail is amazingly gorgeous and deep, it also will enhance the mysterious side of yourself.

Paint your whole nails with a lighter shade of blue, then add some curve motifs on top of it with a darker shade of blue.

As the final touch, wear your best blue outfits and you will feel like the queen of outer space as soon as possible.

8. Bright Vivid Nails

Bright Vivid

If you want a simple blue nail idea but still want to attract the people in your room as soon as you walk in, this nail could be your best choice.

Even though this nail is just a plain nail with a blue nail coat, the color itself enhances your attractiveness around you.

Besides, this plain nail also has more advantages because you will be able to wear more festive outfits without putting too much effort.

9. Japanese Spring Nails

Japanese Spring

If you plan to take a trip to Japan during the summer or spring season, this nail can be a perfect choice for you.

The soft baby blue color, combined with natural nude glossy nails will enhance your natural beauty without adding too many colors.

You can even add some drama by drawing motifs that will remind you of the spring season, such as sakura flowers.

10. Uniquely Blue Nails


Another unique blue nail idea that you can adopt is this quirky and artsy blue nails. This blue nail is dominated by lines and curves that will enhance your playfulness.

After that, you can add some dramatic rings to your fingers as the final touch. You will look dramatic in no time!


It is interesting to find out about cute blue nails ideas for our holiday, especially during this summer season.

Make sure that your nail style really represents you. Good luck!


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