What is DC? Meaning and Origin

What is DC? Meaning and Origin

If you are not new to TikTok, you might have heard about the term DC in your daily life, especially when you are scrolling your TikTok home.

But for some people who don’t use TikTok, this term can be a little bit confusing and intimidating at first.

Don’t worry, because we are ready to guide you walking through the unclear definition of DC term during these modern days.

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Definition of DC

There are some ways to define the term DC, especially when it is used by all TikTok creators and viewers.

The first definition of this term is ‘dance credit’, which means that the TikTok creator inserts that term to give the originator of a viral dance challenge some credits.

Not only that, the creators who recreate that dance will usually tag the originator’s TikTok username to tell their viewers.

Another definition to explain the meaning of DC is ‘dance challenge’. This term has a high correlation with the previous definition, but it’s slightly different.

This second term means that a dance move is created by a TikTok dance choreographer to challenge other TikTok users to recreate it.

Usually, the purpose behind this dance challenge is to help them gain followers and grow their target audiences.


Nobody really knows when the term DC came for the first time, expanding its influence to a lot of people out there.

But some people assume this term started to be popular with the increasing usage of TikTok in late 2018.

After dance videos became a trend on TikTok, this modern term started to get massive popularity among the creators and viewers.

This term also gets into stardom, which is helped by some TikTok stars, such as Charli D’Amelio and Addison Rae.

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The term DC at first can be confusing because of some different perspectives on its own meaning. Even so, those different meanings have a close relationship with each other.

So, just be confident and use this term to grow your audience on TikTok!


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