Haid al Jazil, a Village Built on Rock

Haid al Jazil, a Village in Yemen Built on Rock

Haid al Jazil is one of the unique villages in Yemen. This village stands on a giant rock overlooking the valley. The location is in Dawan district, Hadhramaut province.

When viewed from above, this village is like one made of rock.

The air is quite hot, and there are rare trees. Moreover, this village is dry, dusty, and hot.

The population in the haid al Jazil is currently only 17 people left according to the 2004 census.

Many residents have moved because of the village’s location in the middle of the desert with difficult topography.

However, the scenery in this village is beautiful. Located between two valleys and standing on a high rock cliff, it makes the scenery look beautiful.

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Building Architecture at Haid al Jazil from Rock

The buildings in the village of Haid al Jazil are made of stones that stand on large rocky cliffs. The houses are made in the traditional Hadhrami style, of mud bricks that require constant maintenance.

Currently, there are about 45 houses, but only three are still livable. However, the other houses are already fragile and dangerous to live in.

Block-shaped houses with different heights and areas. All the houses are brown, like stones in the desert.

Fragile Homes

Many houses in the village of Haid al Jazil have been destroyed. This is because the construction of the house is less strong and because of the influence of the weather.

Nearly 70 percent of the homes have been destroyed due to years of heavy rains, erosion, and a lack of regular maintenance because they were made of mud bricks.

High rain intensity causes flash floods. This flood then causes erosion of the mud bricks and causes termites to enter and destroy the wood in the construction of the house.

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Residents live isolated in Haid al Jazil

Currently, not many people live in this village. There used to be many residents who settled down, even reaching the hundreds.

The location is remote and is between two large valleys, making Haid al Jazil villagers isolated.

The topography in this village is very difficult for residents. There are dry rocks, sand, and hot air in this village.

In this village, there are also no schools, shops, or health facilities. Make it difficult for residents if they need public facilities.

If there are residents who are sick, they will be taken by donkey to the valley, then taken by car to the hospital. It’s almost an hour’s drive.

The remote location of the village in the middle of the desert means that there is not much supply of clean water. Wadis, or rainwater reservoirs and rivers, are the residents’ only sources of water.

They have to go up and down the valley to get clean water. Actually, near this village, there is a river, but not every day the river is filled with water.

The difficulty of living in this village has made many residents move to Arabia to work and have a better life.


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