How to Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Your Favorite Celebrities

How to Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Your Favorite Celebrities
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For years, eyebrows dominated the beauty world — from the ‘90s over-plucked style, to the natural and bushy look. Now, it seems that eyelash trends are getting the spotlight, as seen in today’s celebrities rocking fluttering, bold lashes. However, styling your lashes can be tricky, as fixing them up isn’t as simple as swiping on lipstick. If you’re wondering how to get gorgeous lashes like your favorite celebrities, keep reading!

Curling is key

An eyelash curler should be a no-fuss staple in your makeup kit. And once you’ve found the perfect one that fits your eyes, you don’t have to keep trying new ones. Curling your eyelashes makes them look longer than they normally are, because it helps highlight their true length. Pro-tip: warming (not heating) the curler by blasting it with a blow-dryer before using it will make your lashes retain their curl for a longer period of time.

How to Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Make the most of mascara

After you’ve curled your lashes, applying mascara will help them stand out more by making them appear thicker and longer. Celebrity makeup artist Jordan Liberty recommends Milk Cosmetics’ Kush Mascara, since the shape of its wand separates your lashes — all while giving them the length, curl, and volume you want minus the clumps. However, when using mascara, remove any excess before applying on your lashes. Don’t forget to coat your lower lashes with mascara too, so they also stand out. The overall effect makes your eyes pop!

How to Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Try a lash serum

Not everyone is blessed with naturally lush, voluminous lashes — but it doesn’t mean you can’t try to achieve it on your own! If you want to grow out your lashes, you can use a lash serum that will condition your hairs and give the appearance of fuller, longer, and darker-looking lashes. Beyond aesthetic purposes, such serums help maintain moisture and protect your lashes against breakage. It’s the most ideal choice for those with thin, sparse lashes. Having naturally thick lashes means you’ll need less mascara, or sometimes no mascara at all.

Don’t be afraid to use falsies

If you want even more volume, false lashes are a good alternative to mascara. Aesthetically, falsies can create shape and add drama to the eyes. Compared to using mascara, falsies can change your lash look more as there are different styles. For instance, the ‘pin-up lash’ has fanned-out lashes with varied lengths to give you a playful, baby doll look. Meanwhile, the ‘debutante lash’ has refined, delicate lashes. And yes, celebrities use them, too! For example, Cardi B uses the $4 Dollar Lash Club falsies for a bolder look, while Renee Zellweger enjoys the subtlety of Lashify Curl Gossamer Lashes.

How to Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Consider eyelash extensions

If you can’t be bothered with mascara or putting on falsies, you can consider getting eyelash extensions instead. These are essentially semi-permanent fibers that are attached to each of your lashes individually. This means that the process may take some time at first, but it’s worth it! You’ll wake up every day with effortlessly beautiful lashes. Just keep in mind that your natural lashes do shed along with the extensions, so you’ll need to get them retouched every 2-4 weeks.

How to Get Gorgeous Lashes Like Your Favorite Celebrities

Eye makeup is fun, eye-catching, and bold. And as you can see, getting those Hollywood-ready lashes isn’t difficult. With the right tools and techniques, your lashes will be turning heads in no time.


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