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Katie Price - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Katie Price is a British model, actress, OnlyFans star, and author. She gains a lot recognition and popularity for being a glamour model and starring at reality show.

She started her career at 13 years old and began her job as a model for a clothing line and continued as an actress.

Besides that, she is an established author who has written numerous best-selling books.


Katie started her career when she was young in 1996 when she appeared on The Sun’s Page 3 as a model. At that time, she was popular by the name Jordan and famous for her large breasts.

For these reasons, she got the opportunity to act as a model for magazines like Esquire, Daily Star, and Vogue. In this case, she was popular as a professional model by her work.

After that, she appeared in several TV series and reality shows because of her talent as an actress.

She contested in the third series for I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here in 2004.At the same year, she was also subject to serial TV projects such as FootballersWives. 

In 2015, she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother and won season fifteen.

Also, there are several movie that Katie played, such as Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017) and Saturday Knight Takeaway (2021)

She also has the talent as an author of autobiographies and fiction series. In this case, she has written six autobiographies and several novels as an author.

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  • Real Name: Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Price
  • Stage Name: Katie Price
  • Nickname: Katie
  • Birthday: May 22, 1978
  • Birthplace: Brighton, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, England
  • Zodiac Sign: Gemini
  • Nationality: British
  • Religion: Christian
  • Profession: Model, Author, Actress, OnlyFans Star
  • Education: –
  • Hobbies: Traveling, Dancing
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: @katieprice
  • Instagram: @katieprice
  • TikTok: @katieprice
  • YouTube: Katie Price Official
  • OnlyFans: @katieprice

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

  • Height: 163 cm (5’4″)
  • Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Measurements: 34-26-35 (Bust -34, Waist -26, and Hips -35 in inches)
  • Shoe Size: 7 (US)
  • Dress Size: 8 (US)


  • Father: Ray Infield
  • Mother: Amy Price
  • Brother: Daniel
  • Sister: Sophie
  • Children: Harvey Price, Junior Savva Andreas Andre, Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre

Husband, Boyfriend & Dating History

Katie’s current marital status is divorced. She has a long dating history in her romantic relationship with several men as ex-husbands. In this case, she has been married three times.

Warren Foreman

They started dating in January 1996 for two years before getting engaged in 1998.

However, the couple called the engagement off in 1999. The reason for their breakup was never publicly disclosed.

Dane Bowers

They met each other in August 1998 during the after-party of Wild Wild West London. They dated for two years, from 1998 to 2000, which was said to be an on-and-off relationship.

That being said, they broke up in 2001. Rumor has it that she was jealous over his duet with Victoria Beckham, to the point that she got overdose of pills because of feeling heartbroken.

Dwight Yorke 

In 2001, Katie started to date Dwight Yorke. This relationship lasted for 18 months before they split up in 2002.

From this relationship, they had baby named Harvey together. He was born on autism spectrum and has blindness.

Initially, Dwight refused to acknowledge that Harvey is his son. However, it was proven true through a DNA test.

Gareth Gates 

Gareth was shot to fame after being Pop Idol’s runner up and sold 3.5 million copies of his records.

It was the same year that he met Katie, whom still pregnant, all while he’s still a 17 years old.

Their relationship provoked a reaction from the public who considered it as a controversy. As the result, he quitted the spotlight because of it. The controversy was also enough to cause them to breakup only months later.

Scott Sullivan

She dated him back in 2002. At that time, she was a participant of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!. 

As reported by the Guardian through an interview, she admitted that she was attracted to him first because of his ignorance to her and that she perceived it as a challenge.

That being said, their romance ended in 2004, as she’s started to get close with Peter Andre.

Peter Andre

They met for the first time at I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! in 2004. It only took them a year later, in 2005, to get married.

They created reality shows and released songs together as a duo.

However, they chose to separate four years later. It was rumored that the reason is infidelity on her part, but it was denied by them both.

Alex Reid

She met him at Cafe de Paris, London, during the 30th birthday celebration party of Michelle Heaton.

After only 9 month of getting divorced from Peter and 7 month of dating Alex, the pair got married in Las Vegas in February 2010. They also held a formal wedding ceremony in the UK, which was filmed for her reality television series.

The marriage lasted shortly, as they split up after 11 months of marriage. She revealed later that Roxanne, Alex’s cross-dressing alter ego, was a major reason for their separation.

Danny Cipriani 

Both dated briefly in 2011. It’s said that the reason of their breakup is because she caught him in bed with another woman.

Leandro Penna

Katie and Leandro met at the 2011 Oscars, at they yearly party of Elton John. In April 2012, they declared their engagement.

However, shortly after in October of the same year, they announced the end of their relationship. She said the breakup was done through mutual decision.

Kieran Hayler

They met through Blackberry Messenger online chat service in 2012. It only took them two months of dating to get married, which was held in the Bahamas, in early 2013.

In 2014, Kieran was found to cheat on her with her best friend, which caused her world to be shaken.

In 2018, they reportedly breakup as she dumped him for good. The reason was because he’s found to have adulterous relationship with their household’s nanny.

Their divorce was finalized in 2019.

Kris Boyson

In May 2018, they met through a mutual friend, Rykard Jenkins, at Towie hotspot Sheesh. They soon went into a romantic but on-and-off relationship.

After a year of dating, she made announcement of being engaged to Kris in July 2019. However, they broke the engagement in November 2019. She admitted herself that the reason of their separation was because she cheated on him.

Charlie Drury 

Unlike other Katie’s exes, Charlie wasn’t someone who’s under the spotlight. However, he got his name out there as they were having a fling in 2019.

The pair met via Instagram and it doesn’t take long before they take the relationship into a physically intimate level. She even brought him to flew to Turkey with her right after they met.

However, it was such a short-lived fling as it ended when Katie got back with Kris.

Carl Woods

Both of them started dating in June 2020. It takes them only 10 months of dating before they got engaged in April 2021.

They had such a turbulent relationship, as they regularly facing breakup rumors. In December 2022, they were reportedly still together.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated at around $1 million to $5 million. Her wealth is earned from her job as an actress and author.

Not only that, but she is also active on social media and gets paid for sponsorships and brand ambassadors.


Repeatedly Deal with Criminal and Civil Cases

Katie Price has a long history with legal and civil cases. In 2003, she was arrested for an alleged assault that took place at a Birmingham nightclub in July that year. That being said, the incident wasn’t taken further by the police.

She also has quite a history with driving issues. Katie was convicted of using her mobile phone while driving in June 2008, convicted for failing to control her vehicle properly in early 2010.

She committed speeding that resulted in driving ban for six months by the end of 2010.


  • Katies has five kids with her previous partner as a spouse. Her children are Harvey, Junior Andre, Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre, Jett Hayler, and Bunny Hayler.
  • Her first job after school at 16 years old was in a nursing home.
  • She changed her name to Katie Price after her mother remarried Paul Price.
  • As a mom who has an autistic spectrum son, she joined his campaign to end online bullying.
  • In 2018, she admitted to snorting coke due to her failed marriage with her ex-husband Kieran.
  • Thus, she needs to be treated for post-traumatic stress disorder.
  • She had breast surgery and a facelift on her face. In this case, she admitted doing cosmetic surgeries on her body.
  • Since 1998, she has done over 15 procedures of plastic surgery.
  • She has her own reality show entitled Katie Price: My Crazy Life, where she shares a moment with her friends and family.
  • Her best-picks for actor and actress are Robert Downey, Jr, and Emma Stone.
  • Katie Price is always happy to let her fans know about her career, family, and personal experience. She inspired people as an actress, author, and social media influencer.
  • Her favorite color is black.
  • In 2015, she made her debut as a television actress.
  • Her ideal type is…

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  • Saturday Knight Takeaway (2021), as Dishonored Knight
  • Sharknado 5: Global Swarming (2017), as Connery

TV Series

  • Sidemen (Sideman YouTube channel | 2020), as herself
  • Celebrity Big Brother (CBS | 2015), as herself
  • FootballersWives (ITV | 2004), as Jordan
  • I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here (ITV | 2004), as model
  • Dream Team (Sky One | 2003), as Jordan


“I stick to my own type when I go out, and I don’t make friends with people just because they’re celebrities.”

“I’m so loud, as if I know what I’m on about, but deep inside, I’m so insecure. Just a little girl.”

“My middle name should be ‘Drama,’ but I love it. I think everyone should have some kind of stress in their life; otherwise, it’s boring isn’t it?”

“I don’t mind anyone asking me any questions, I’ve got nothing to hide. I like it to be as real as it is, that’s what I call an interview.”

“As a child, I’ve always been in trouble with men and the police have always had to get involved, through no fault of my own.”

“When I was younger, I used to say, One day I’ll be famous.”

“All I want is a gentleman. I’m sick to bloody death of bastards.”

“The only ones I trust really are my Mum and Dad and those who are closest to me.”

“I really hate sitcoms on television with canned laughter and stuff. What really makes me laugh is the real-life stuff. I’ve got a dry sense of humor.”

“I like to spend time with my family. The majority of my time is spent in London, but I do like to escape and spend time with them in my hometown of Brighton on the south coast.”


Who is Katie Price?

She is a British model, actress, OnlyFans star, and author.

Who is Katie Price’s real name?

Her real name is Katrina Amy Alexandra Alexis Price.

What makes Katie Price famous?

She’s famous  for being a glamour model and starring at reality show.

Where is Katie Price from?

She was born in Brighton, Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, England.

How old is Katie Price?

She was born in 1978, and she is 45 years old as of 2023.

When Katie Price celebrates her birthday?

She celebrates on the 22nd of every May.

How tall is Katie Price?

Her height is 5’4″ or 163 cm.

Who are Katie Price’s parents?

Her father’s name is Ray Infield and her mother’s name is Amy Price.

Is Katie Price married?

No, she is currently unmarried. But she is in a relationship with Carl Woods.

Who is Katie Price’s ex-boyfriend?

Her ex-boyfriends are Dane Bowers, Dwight Yorke, Gareth Gates, Scott Sullivan, Peter Andre, Danny Cipriani, Leandro Penna, Kris Boyson, and Charlie Drury.

Who is Katie Price’s ex-husband? 

Her ex-husbands are Warren Foreman, Alex Reid, and Kieran Hayler.

How rich is Katie Price?

Her net worth is around $1 million to $5 million. 

What is Katie Price nationality?

Her nationality is British.

Katie Price is an actress who makes her career accomplishment in the entertainment industry. Besides her job as an entertainer, she also considers her family, friends, and her personal life.


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