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Sanji - Bio, Facts, Age, Quotes, Strengths, Weaknesses

Sanji, also known by his birth name Vinsmoke Sanji, is the crew of Straw Hat Pirates in the manga One Piece. He is the fifth member of Straw Hat Pirates and the cook for the crew.

His dream is to find chef’s Paradise All Blue. Though his role is cook of the crew, he is the top fighter on the crew along with Luffy and Zoro.

Sanji is a tall man with long legs and a muscular man. He has blond hair which he keeps brushing to one left side of his face. His distinctive physical traits are his eyebrows that form a spiral at the end.

The right eyebrow forms a spiral at the outer end, while the left eyebrow forms a spiral at the inner end. His eyes are black, but in the anime his eyes are depicted as gray-blue.

He is mostly seen wearing a black double breasted suit with golden buttons and a tie with a long sleeved buttoned shirt of varying colors. His clothes changed more often than the other crew.

As for shoes, he wears dress shoes, a black leg style that is durable and designed to increase his attack power. He is rarely seen without a cigarette as he is a chain smoker.

Sanji is a man that talks in a composed manner and rarely act without thinking. He mostly tells people what they need to hear rather than what they want to hear. He is calm, cool, and collected, almost like a secret agent.

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  • Real Name: Vinsmoke Sanji (ヴィンスモーク・サンジ Vinsumōku Sanji?)
  • Stage Name: Sanji
  • Also Known As: Mr. Prince (Mr. プリンス Misutā Purinsu), San-gorou (サン五郎 Sangorō)
  • Nickname: Black Leg
  • Birthday: March 2
  • Age:
    19 (debut);
    21 (after time skip)
  • Gender: Male
  • Height:
    177 cm (5’9”) (debut);
    180 cm (5’11”) (after debut)
  • Weight: –
  • Blood Type: S (RH-)
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eyes Color: Black, Gray-blue (anime)
  • Parents: Vinsmoke Judge, Vinsmoke Sora
  • Siblings: Vinsmoke Reiju (elder sister), Ichiji, Niji, Yonji (brother)
  • Friends: Zeff, Baratie, Gin, Nefertari Vivi, Duval
  • Hobbies: –
  • Manga Debut: Chapter #43
  • Anime Debut: Episode #20
  • Japanese VA:
    Ikue Otani (young);
    Hiroaki Hirata
  • English VA:
    Joseph Murray (Episode 20-67) (Odex English VA);
    Paul Pistore (Episode 68+) (Odex English VA);
    Veronica Taylor (young) (4Kids English VA);
    David Moo (4 Kids English VA);
    Christine Auten (young) (Funi English VA);
    Eric Vale (Funi English VA)
  • Live Action Actor: Taz Skylar


  • His nickname Mr. Prince foreshadows his royal heritage as he is the third Prince of Germa Kingdom.
  • Sanji character is inspired by Steve Buscemi in the movie Reservoir Dogs. It’s unexpected, as many fans speculate, that Sanji’s character was inspired by Leonardo Di Caprio in the movie Romeo & Juliet.
  • As the third Prince of Germa Kingdom, he was born rather different than his brother as before he was born, his mother took precautionary action so he wasn’t born with superhuman abilities without empathy. In result, he is weaker than his other brother, so he is often bullied by his brother and only his older sister Reiju, who helped him.
  • Because he wasn’t born with genetic modification, he is the only Vinsmoke kid that has blonde hair just like his parents.
  • He ran away from Germa Kingdom twice when he was a kid with the help of his older sister Reiju then coming back when he was an adult in hopes that their brothers and father had changed only to find out that they got worse.
  • He connected to three names a lot. His name san-ji (三時) means three o’clock. He also the third son in the Vinsmoke family. His birthday, which happened in March, also marks the third month of the year.
  • He once revealed that he never gets sick, just like Luffy and Usopp. That’s why he didn’t know what illness felt like.
  • He often refuses to fight woman. But actually he can’t fight women and he often feels frustrated by that, but others only know that he doesn’t fight women, which the truth is, he can’t.
  • He belong to Monster Trio due to his great strength. His bounty is the third highest in Straw Hat Pirates along with Luffy and Jinbe. His bounty amount is 330 million berries.
  • He likes to cook seafood and the main reason he joins Straw Hat Pirates is to find exotic fish in the mythical All Blue.
  • His favorite food is spicy seafood pasta and anything that goes well with black tea. As for food, he dislikes konjac because it lacks nutrition as well as ice cream.
  • Because he is the cook of the crew, he smells like seafood combined with cigarette as he rarely found without a cigarette.
  • He bathes everyday just like Robin and Nami.

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  • Belonging to Monster Trio, his physical strength is immeasurable. He can hold a grown-up man only using one hand. He was also able to lift a sledgehammer that weighed several tons. His physical strengths also including his endured and durability to withstood beating even as a child when he depicted as the weakest among Vinsmoke siblings. He could recover from attacks and could endure pain even when he was stabbed with a knife.
  • Not only is he strong, but he also has the agility, tremendous speed, and reflexes. He moved so fast that he was disappearing.
  • His ability to cook is not only limited to dishes, but he can prepare delicious food that is aesthetic and has a strong sense in a short period of time. He is also able to make attack cuisine, a food that emanates a powerful aura and flavor to the one who is consuming it. The Attack Cuisine said able to build up the physical side of the human body.
  • Not only did he train as a chef by Zeff, but he also taught martial arts to Sanji. He called that Black Leg style, that relied on well-coordinated kicks. That’s the reason he’s called Black Leg, also because he doesn’t want fights with his hands in fear he would hurt his hands and be unable to cook.
  • Sanji also Haki users with specialty of Kenbushoku Haki to make him advanced master. Due to this Haki, he could sense the presence, strengths, and emotions of others. He also has Busoshoku Haki that makes him to enhance his leg and endure hotter flames.
  • Combining his Busoshoku Haki and the awakening of his genetic enhancement, he can develop Ifrit Jambe and capable of producing bluish white flame and adding a massive boost to his kicking techniques.


  • His weakness is his inability to be adept at fighting in longer battles because he is a short range fighter.
  • Another weakness he has is his personality regarding females. He can’t beat women, thus when having a fight with women, he is unable to lay his hands in them, resulting in them defeating him.


“You don’t know how valuable food is, or how much work goes into cooking, you stupid prince!” – Sanji to his brother Ichiji

“Messing with a cook of the sea is a good way to get yourself killed…..Remember that well.”

“Cooking is a gift from the gods. Spices are a gift from the devil. Looks like it was a little too spicy for you.”

“How finely you want me to chop you up, huh?!”

“A cook’s hands are his life. I can’t afford to scratch them in battle.”

“You underestimating my skills as a cook?”

“Well then, shall we eat?”

“You selfish people! Can’t you see that he’s hungry? Why do you hurt him? I think he is sick, so he can’t find food by himself. Am I right? Here! Eat this food.”

“This course is over! No need for dessert.”

“ I couldn’t confess my feelings for you, so I watched you from afar, being happy with someone else.”

“Leave this guy’s key to me, I’ll do what you cant do; you do what I can’t do. Think carefully! Read the situation. If you’re here, there’s got to be a way Robin-chan can be saved! Usopp!”

“A real man is someone who forgives a woman for her lies!”

“I heard the sound of a woman’s tears falling.”

Sanji ability to fights is one of the best among Straw Hat Pirates. It’s also the reason his bounty is one of the highest.

But despite his strengths and immerse power, he has a principle not to lay a finger on women when they fights.


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