Show Window: The Queen’s House – Cast & Summary

Show Window The Queen House - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review
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Channel A releases Show Window: The Queen’s House on November 29, 2021. This drama was starred by Song Yoon Ah, Lee Sung Jae, Jeon So Min, and Chan Sung.

The first cast is Song Yoon Ah who previously played in Graceful Friends (2020) and Secret Mother (2018),

The next cast is Lee Sung Jae who has played in Diary of a Persecutor (2020) and Abyss (2019)

Not only that, Jeon So Min also joins this drama after playing in So I Married The Anti Fan (2021) and Top Star Yoo Baek (2018)

The last actor is Chan Sung who has finished his previous drama So I Married The Anti Fan (2021) and Vincenzo (2020).

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  • Title: Show Window: The Queen’s House /쇼윈도:여왕의 집
  • Also Known As: Syowindo: Yeowangsul Sib
  • Genre: Melodrama, Mystery
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Kang Sol, Park Dae Hee
  • Producers: Ko Dae Hwa, Kim Jeong Beom
  • Screenwriter: Han Bo Kyung, Park Hye Young
  • Production Companies: Channel A, Wavve, Kortop Media
  • Network: Channel A
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Dates: November 29, 2021- January 18 2021
  • Air Times: Mondal and Tuesday, 22:30 KST
Show Window: The Queen's House – Cast & Summary
channel a

Synopsis of Show Window: The Queen’s House

Han Sun Joo (Song Yoon Ah) has a perfect life with his lovely husband and smart son. She also helps her husband in Rahen’s Group, where her mother develops it into success.

Unfortunately, Shim Myung Seob (Lee Sung Jae) as her husband secretly cheats after meeting Yoon Mi Ra (Jeon So Min).

Sun Joo feels the differences of her husband and tries to find out by asking Han Jung Won (Chan Sung), and he find out unexpected facts.

Did Myung Seob really have an affair or is it just Sun Joo’s assumption?

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