Through The Darkness – Cast & Summary

Main Cast

Kim Nam Gil as Song Ha Young

Police under Criminal Behavior Analysis Team. He tries hard to find out the murderer and finishes the case.

Jin Sun Kyu as Kook Young Soo

The leader of the Criminal Behavior Analysis Team. He sometimes gives Nam Gil for helping the killer’s cases.

Kim So Jin as Yoon Tae Go

The head of the Mobile Investigation Unit who helps Young Soo and Ha Young to solve the case.

Rye Oun as Jung Woo Joo

Police under So Jin’s team who always provides information analyzes various data. He joins the team lately.

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Supporting Cast

  • Regional Investigation Unit Team 1 Section 1
  • Kim So Jin as Yoon Tae Go
  • Lee Dae Yeon as Bae Joon Sik
  • Kim Won Hae as Heo Gil Pyo
  • Jung Soon Woon as Nam Il Young

Mobile Investigation Unit

  • Lee Dae Yeon as Bae Jun Sik (Head of the division)
  • Kim Won Hae as Heol Gil Pyo ( Second leader of division)
  • Jung Son Won as Na Il Young (The youngest of the team)


  • Gong Sung Has as Choi Yoon Ji (Journalist from online media Fact Today)
  • Kim Hye Ok as Park Young Shin (Ha Young’s Mother
  • Seo Dong Gap as Kim Bong Sik (The First Commander of Squadron)

OST (Original Soundtrak)

Trailer of Through The Darkness



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