Tianmen Road, The Amazing and Extremely Winding Road

Tianmen Road, The Most Amazing Curved Road in the World

Tianmen Road is the road in the Tianmen Mountain National Park, located in Hunan Province in northwest China. This is a winding road with cliffs on either side.

This road has very steep inclines, towering at heights ranging from 200 meters to 1,300 meters.

This road was built in 1998 and completed in 2004. Additionally, there are 99 turns on the road, and some turns have an angle of almost 180 degrees, which is quite dangerous.

Therefore, this road becomes one of the most winding roads. However, the surrounding mountains and expanses of green forest make the scenery on this road stunning.

Tianmen Road is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This is because of the extreme and beautiful topography of this road and mountain.

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Tianmen Mountain

Tianmen Road is on Tianmen Mountain. This mountain is one of the mountains in China that is famed for its name, namely Heaven Gate.

In this mountain, there is a large hole that can be accessed by stairs. This hole is called the Heaven Gate.

This mountain has a height of about 1,500 meters and is covered in greenery. There are rock cliffs that are quite dangerous.

How to Access Tiamen Road

This road was built on Mount Tianmen and the altitude is 1520 meters above sea level.

The mountain is 131 meters high, 57 meters wide, and 60 meters deep. In addition, this mountain also has some beautiful caves.

Access to the mountain is in Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province. Then head south for Road S306 and follow Tianmen Mountain.

After that, you will arrive at this road, which is about 7 kilometers from the city. Another way to access this road is by using the cable car, which can go up from downtown Zhangjiajie.

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Tianmen Road to the Streets for a Test Drive

Not all drivers can drive in this road. The driver must be experienced and able to master the road.

Tianmen Road is only separated by a concrete safety beam and a cliff. The road’s maximum gradient approaches 37 degrees in parts.

This road is quite dangerous, but also challenging for some people. On the other hand, the view along this road is beautiful.

This extreme road attracts people to use it for test drives.

For example, Red Bull once hosted a drift show on this road. In addition, Land Rover has also tested several cars on this road.

However, it should be noted that this road is quite busy with vehicles. Moreover, many buses, especially tourist buses, pass through this road.


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