7 Recommended Apps to Meet People

7 Recommended Apps in 2021 to Meet People

Communication is the most important element in the surrounding environment.

With the development of social networks because communication via internet is the main support in communicating.

Many internet services are developing various kinds of communication tools like a field to expand interaction with various people around the world.

People can share experiences with new people through available applications to expand social networks.

Here are some apps that support making new friends and meet people from different countries.

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1. Badoo

7 Recommended Apps in 2021 to Meet People

Applications to add friends around you easily, one of them is the Badoo application. The application has been downloaded by more than 300 million users from various countries.

When we visit a place we just visited, we can find new friends around us by using the app.

However, the downside of this app is that you have to pay a certain amount of money to be able to chat with friends around you.

2. Olaa

7 Recommended Apps in 2021 to Meet People

This latest generation social networking application provides a safe environment for all its users.

The Olaa application has the advantage of an accuracy system in tracking the closest friends around us or according to the settings we set at the location.

But the drawback is that it can’t block other people who are considered disturbing in conversations or the like.

This platform has been accessed by more than one million users, with a memory size of 15 MB.

However, not all smartphones can access the application, it can only be downloaded by the Android 5.0 generation and above. Olaa is one of the many dating apps in the world.

3. WeChat

7 Recommended Apps in 2021 to Meet People

This chat platform is indeed quite popular among the public, with more than 100 million enthusiasts accessing the application.

The WeChat application has quite complete features because users can send text messages, audio, telephone, and even video call services that are in great demand by the public.

WeChat also provides a ‘People Nearby’ feature to make new friends around us.

Another obstacle that is still not supported by this platform is that sometimes some accounts are blocked when registering for no apparent reason.

4. Yogrt

7 Recommended Apps in 2021 to Meet People

Next is an application that sounds unique when it says its name, namely ‘Yogrt’. Maybe when you first hear this application, it’s like calling a healthy drink.

But who would have thought, it turns out that this is a platform to expand social networks.

The difference from other apps is that ‘Yogrt’ has a toy feature that you can do with other users’ friends.

In addition, it is also equipped with a live streaming feature, timeline, and also a collection of cute stickers to color the chat room.

Uniquely, you can also enjoy the Yogrt Personality Quiz feature in the form of answering quizzes in the application.

Not spared from the short comings contained in the Platform, namely frequent crashes and the support team is slow in responding to complaints from users.

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5. Meet Me

Meet Me

Looking for new friends to meet? There is an easy solution for you to make new friends using this MeetMe app. This application is specifically made to find friends in the area where you stop.

Although this application is not as popular as other applications, in the United States this application is the best with more than 50 million downloads.

The advantage is that it is a lightweight application with a simple and easy-to-use user interface and can block other users who are pornographic.

The size of this application is 53 MB, which can be accessed by Android 4.3 series and above.

6. Tinder


Make real-world friends or partners with the Tinder app? Who is familiar with this one friend search application?

Tinder is an application that is very well known by most smartphone user communities. This application is known as an online matchmaking platform that can detect other people around us.

Recommended for those of you who are looking for a lover to vacation with anywhere.

This application is so popular that it is accessed by more than 100 million users with the feature of closest friends or soul mates.

The downside of this platform is that it’s limited to free use, so for more access you’ll need to use the Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold features.

7. Tantan


The last recommendation to find the right acquaintances around us is to use the Tantan application. It’s very easy to choose friends by just ‘Swipe right’ if you like, and ‘Swipe left’ if you don’t like it.

Uniquely, to get a match in choosing, this application has an ‘Ice Breaking’ feature as a compatibility test with friends through 10 random questions.

If there are questions that have the same answer, it’s a sign that your friendship is getting better.

It can even be taken to a more serious level if they feel they are compatible with each other.

The theme selection feature that is presented is so easy and interactive, but it is prone to account fraud and there are bugs in profile photo settings.

For those of you who feel lonely and want to make new friends, meet people or even find a mate, you can use some of these applications to find suitable friends to fill your life.

But you still have to be smart and selective in choosing so as not to harm yourself. So, which app are you interested in? Come on, download now!