10 Angel Numbers Mean That You Should Know

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

Angel numbers are term commonly used to describe the phenomenon of twin numbers or repeated numbers.

Because its function is to convey messages, such as angels, and often also initiated by angels, this term is also widely used. This series of numbers usually start from 3 digits, 4 digits, and even more.

The twin figures seen over and over again catch our eye, don’t you think? In fact, angels, the Divine, and the entire Universe speak to us in various ways.

The first is through a voice that comes from within or is often called the inner voice.

Those messages are delivered to our ears or our minds, and all of a sudden we seem to understand something, get ideas that we never thought of before.

But because we’re often busy, there’s no time for silence, and our brains are always full, it’s hard for us to hear these sounds.

Because these inner voices are ignored, while messages must be delivered, angels and the Universe use various means to attract our attention. 

Of course, the more strange, the more unique, the more unnatural, then we realizeOne of them is through numbers. 

The angels can design an event in the right place, at the right time so that just when we turn, our eyes can see this twin number phenomenon! Feel familiar with what I describe? 

These twin numbers and repeating numbers will usually appear in places that are familiar to us, for example, cell phones, vehicle plates, signs on the road, or the books and magazines we read. Basically, there are no limits and anything is possible.

Like many things in the Universe, numbers have symbolic meaning. 0 to 9, then back to 0. Exactly the same as our journey of life.

Therefore, to understand how angel numbers work, we can while reflecting on the journey of human life.

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111 – The Number “1” is The Number “Everything Begins With a Thought”

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

The emergence of new ideas and opportunities, ideas, and understanding that appear suddenly.

Pay attention to what you think because this number says anything that comes to your mind can be manifested into a reality.

222 – The Number “2” is The Number of Seeds Starting to Grow

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

He invites us to keep caring and do our best to make our dreams come true. Keep thinking positive, don’t give up before you get to your goal.

333 – The Number “3” is The Number of Enlightened Masters ( Ascended Masters )

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

Through this number, Ascended Masters want to say that they are always giving you help, love, and support. 

Famous enlightened masters for example: Jesus, Our Lady, Buddha, Goddess Kwan Im, Yogananda, etc.

444 – The Number “4” is The Number of The Angels 

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

It means “Don’t worry because the angels are always close to you and helping you”.

555 – The Number “5” is The Number of Changes

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

Whether this is a change you’ve been waiting for or not, accept it as a natural occurrence that must occur in your growth process. Just run it without putting a positive or negative label on this change.

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666 – The Number “6” Invites Us to Stay Balanced

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

Your mind is too focused on worldly things. Instead, try to focus on service and love. Don’t worry, all your needs will be met.

777 – The Number “7” Indicates What You Have Done is Very Good

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

Congratulations, the angels applaud your work! Keep what you’ve been doing and believe your dreams will come true!

888 – The Number “8” in Preparation For Something That is Coming to An End

10 Angel Number Mean That You Should Know

This number indicates that we will enter a transitional phase in life. On the other hand, he also advised us not to procrastinate, we can enjoy the results now.

999 – The Number “9” is The Number of Completion And Perfection


Like a circle where the tail meets the tip, this number indicates the end of a major phase in your life.

000 – The Number “0” is The Number of Emptiness And Unity


A reminder that God is always with you and in you. A cycle that has reached its full moon.

How About a Combination of 2 Numbers for Example 113?


Whatever the number, the important thing is to remember the keyword. The easiest way is to combine keywords from each number.

For example, 1 is about the mind, 3 is about Ascended Masters. So, 113 means that the Ascended Masters are currently helping you through your way of thinking or the views that arise in your mind.

They help and provide guidance so that you can achieve your dreams and fulfill your life goals. Or number 225 it means, the number 2 speaks of a growing seed and the number 5 speaks of change.

So, 225 means you have to keep your positive thoughts and keep trying, soon there will be good changes in your life.

Actually, of the many numbers above, there are many more numbers called angel numbers. All also have a good meaning and make you more confident.

Angel Number can actually be concluded as a number that brings good luck to you. But it all depends again on how you view it. So do you believe in this angel numbers?