9 Recommendations of Healthy Fast Food

9 Recommendations of Healthy Fast Food

When work accumulates and no longer has time to cook, the choice will fall on fast food.

When you are in a hurry and have to eat fast, the choice will again fall on fast food. Actually what is meant by fast food?

Fast food is food that can be prepared quickly. This dish is ready to eat as soon as it is served. This food processing and preparation of ingredients is easier.

Various kinds of food are many choices for those who are busy and don’t have time to eat with the usual menu.

Most people think fast food is unhealthy. This food is known to be unhealthy because it contains a lot of fat and calories.

Even though not all fast food is unhealthy, you know. There are still fast foods that are classified as healthy and good for the body.

Many people still think that fast food is junk food. Though these two types of food are clearly different.

Fast food is food that is served quickly but is not necessarily unhealthy. While junk food is a type of unhealthy food that contains a lot of bad fats and little nutritional content.

These 9 healthy fast food recommendations that you need to try.

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1. Sushi

9 Recommendation Of Healthy Fast Food

This food is in the form of rice seasoned with rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Rolled rice with a variety of fresh fish. Starting from tuna, shrimp, to salmon which is rich in omega 3 can be filled with sushi.

Eating sushi makes you calm and free from trans fats. Sushi has benefits for lowering bad cholesterol. In addition, eating fresh fish can nourish the brain and prevent hypertension as well.

2. Onion rings

9 Recommendation Of Healthy Fast Food

Regardless of whether you eat onion rings as a snack or as a side dish, these foods can make you gain weight. Make this fast food a healthy alternative, try baking your own onion rings using panko. 

Cut the onion lengthwise into rings and soak for twenty minutes and then coat each ring in oat flour and egg.

Once your onion rings are completely coated, sprinkle with panko breadcrumbs and then pop them in the oven to bake – very simple.

3. Smoothie

9 Recommendation Of Healthy Fast Food

If you’re a fan of milkshakes turn now: the average milkshake contains 300 calories. We hope you are aware of it.

Swap the drink for a 300-calorie smoothie. All you need is a blender, milk, a little ice, and some of your favorite fruit to make a creamy, delicious and nutritious alternative to milkshakes.

4. Burritos

9 Recommendation Of Healthy Fast Food

You can also eat burritos for a healthy fast food menu. This Mexican food can be the right choice for those of you who are maintaining weight.

Made from tortillas with a kebab-like filling, this dish is very popular.

Burritos can keep you full longer. This is because the various contents are many and certainly healthy. It contains meat as well as vegetables and beans.

You can choose a burrito from whole grain rice filled with tofu. This dish is definitely filling and definitely healthy.

5. Vegetarian burger

9 Recommendation Of Healthy Fast Food

This burger is indeed served with meat, but the meat ingredients are made from vegetables, peanuts, and dairy products.

There are also those made from mushrooms and soy protein or made from a combination of gluten. This veggie burger has fewer calories so it’s safer to eat.

By eating a veggie burger, you eat vegetables. This burger is high in vitamins and also high in minerals. This food can be the right food for people with diabetes too, you know.

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6. Salad

9 Recommendation Of Healthy Fast Food

Salads generally consist of a variety of fresh vegetables or fresh fruit. But now the salad is growing and added various other ingredients to make it taste more delicious.

Salads contain lots of natural fiber because the main ingredients are fruits and vegetables.

Minerals are important for the body and vitamins and nutrients in salads can be used by the body to make the body fitter.

Salad can improve digestion too because it contains a lot of fiber. This one food is suitable for you to consume when you are hungry at rush hour.

7. Vegetarian pizza

Vegetarian pizza

You can eat pizza as a healthy fast food menu too, but you must replace the pizza with a vegetarian type of pizza.

The toppings of this pizza are generally a variety of healthy ingredients ranging from mushrooms to peppers and olives. You can also add some other healthy fruits and vegetables.

8. Oven chicken

Oven chicken

A bowl of fried chicken might not be so bad for you. Even though the chicken itself is healthy, the process of frying it is quite the opposite. 

If you want fried chicken instead of buying fast food, add sesame seeds, flour, and oil to the chicken and broil until done. You’ll get the same crunch as fried chicken but without the fat and calories.

9. Chicken kebabs

Chicken kebabs

this is a delicious chicken kebab. Kebab is an authentic Middle Eastern food that is much-loved. Kebabs are not cooked by deep frying. In addition, the contents of the kebab are mostly vegetables.

There are some fast foods that also contain high nutritional value. after reading this article who in the world still saying that fast food is the same as junk food?

This is a wrong assumption okay. Junk food is classified as fast food but that does not mean all fast food is junk food.


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