10 Conversations To Make Your Children More Open To You

Here Are 10 Conversation To Make Your Children More Open To You

As children grow up, the difficulty to have a good and quality communication with them getting more serious.

This problem commonly happens due to less conversation that a mother and father did in their past or a kid often spends his time alone, then he thinks he could control everything by himself.

However, not everything can be controlled well as we grow up. There are a lot of obstacles and problem that people will face as the time goes by.

Moreover, a child who has a good communication with their parents mostly finds better solution for his problem since he would looking for other opinion about it instead of keeping it by himself.

Then, we make 10 conversations that you can use with your children in your daily life to make your children more open to you. Here you go.

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Here Are 10 Conversation To Make Your Children More Open To You

1. What do you appreciate about your day?

2. Is there anything you’re worried about?

3. What was the best thing happened in your school today?

4. Could you tell me about your favorite teachers or friends?

5. Tell me something that make you happy today

6. Would you share your feeling about your activity today?

7. What makes you the most happy today?

8. Tell me about a moment today when you felt excited about what you were learning in school

9. Do you have something interesting today?

10. Is there anything that you’d like to talk about that I might be able to help you figure out?

Here Are 10 Conversation To Make Your Children More Open To You

Sometimes, a communication is not that simple to apply especially when a kid start to have a friend to play with.

But, when you start to ask your child to share about their activities or feeling, a kid will start to believe that sharing is a common thing to do.

There are some important points that you have to highlight when a kid start to tell you about something which happens in his life.

  • Don’t forget to ask the conversation above in your spare time, such as when you are having breakfast and dinner or bed time
  • After the kids share about their feeling, always appreciate them for telling you about it. This will make them feel comfortable to have conversation with you
  • Don’t force your children to tell about their feeling when they don’t want it. Start to tell about your day or what happens in your workplace
  • Do this conversation repeatedly. However, you can change the topic of conversation from time to time to avoid children feel bored

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Those are 10 conversations that you can use with your lovely kids. When do you think you will start to have small conversation with them?