10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Are you currently in the need to change your basic hair color to get your best hair color for tan skin as soon as possible?

If the answer is yes, you might want to consider what are the color ranges that you will end up with. It can be a general and wide range, but at least you have a general idea about the range.

You can pick some of your personal favorite colors, then you can mix it up and pick 2-3 colors that you love.

But if you think none of them will suit your tan skin as well, we got you covered. Check this out for your hair color inspiration

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Best Hair Color for Tan Skin Ideas

1. Platinum 

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Getting platinum hair might not be the safest option for all of you who have been in dark hair for several years, but it is totally worth it.

The amazing glow of platinum shade will elevate your look directly, making you look ethereal even on your casual days.

This color also goes very well with any kind of color tone, even though it works best for dark skin and pale skin.

But still, different skin tones will affect different vibes even though the color is the same. So, just enjoy it.

2. Ash Blonde

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Are you a big fan of Taylor Swift? Then you might want to steal all of her styles, including her gorgeous hair color options.

She once dyed her hair differently, but mostly blonde. One of the most iconic blondes of hers was her ash blonde, which will definitely look good as well for your tan skin.

This color tone will enhance your sassy and fiery look, embracing your free-spirited and playful soul.

Moreover, this color also goes very well with any kind of outfits that you have, so say goodbye to bad wardrobes.

3. Light Brown

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

If you do not consider yourself a risk-taker person, then this light brown color might be the safest option for you.

Light brown has warm tones, so it surely matches your tan skin since tan is included in warm color ranges.

This color doesn’t just look good and perfect for any outfit colors, but this color also looks very natural.

You will not look like putting too much effort into elevating your overall appearance. It is just a perfect combination of balance, right?

4. Dark Red

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Since red is included in warm color ranges, you might be happy to know that red can look very good for tan skin.

Everybody has their own preference when choosing red tones, but you can go for dark red to make it look classy.

Besides, if you also have very dark eyebrows, such as black or dark brown, getting dark red hair will look very good on you.

Playful but not too ‘roaring’, this color is perfect for all of you who are classy but have a free spirit.

5. Black

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Of course, no one can resist the prettiness of the color black. Black always goes well with everything.

This color is very timeless and versatile. For all of you who were already born with black hair, congratulations!

But if you were born blonde or brunette, you can always dye your hair black, especially if you have warm tan skin.

Not only will it look natural on you, but it will enhance your boldness, too. So, what else to say except perfection?

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6. Magenta


If you consider yourself as a person who loves to play with different colors, then you can try this magenta hair.

Magenta is basically a color between pink and red and it surely will match your warm tan skin for a more festive look.

Even though many people say this color is pretty tricky, you can always make sure your outfits go well with your magenta hair.

Just be confident and bold, spread your colors to the world.

7. Lavender


Another color option for your playful and colorful spirit is lavender, a perfect combination of sweetness and playfulness.

Some people say this color doesn’t go very well with warm tones and is more suitable for people who have cool undertones.

But it doesn’t have to be that way, because lavender can also look good on people who have warm undertones, too.

All you need to do is just play with some tones and ask your hairdresser to match them with your skin tones.

8. Auburn


If you feel like brown is the color that never goes out of style, but you want to spice up your brown hair a little bit, then go for this option.

Auburn can make your tan skin look more exotic and glowing, so there is no need to be worried if this color goes well for you or not.

Besides, this color also looks natural and versatile. Thus, you can go with any color outfits that you want without getting afraid of the overall cohesiveness.

9. Dark Silver

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

Do you want to look more eccentric? Similar to platinum, you can go dye your hair with dark silver as well.

This color has a metallic finish that will make your hair look more glowing and shiny, so it will elevate your look significantly.

You will feel like you are a superstar in no time! You just need to embrace your boldness and be confident about it.

10. Copper

10 Best Hair Colors for Tan Skin

The last color option that you can choose for tan skin is definitely copper, even though this color is pretty popular in the beauty industry.

This color goes very well with any range of warm skin tones, including tan skin, so you don’t need to be worried about this color.

Copper is such an exotic and sexy color for your tan skin, it will enhance your free-spirited and independent soul.

Besides, this color also goes very well with any color, so you don’t need to be confused when choosing the right outfits for you.


Choosing the best hair color for tan skin is not as easy as we might think before, but it is obviously interesting.

When choosing a color, you need to consider your favorite color schemes, your undertones, and even the color schemes in your existing wardrobe. Good luck!