10 Cute Hairstyles Ideas for Short Hair

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Do you want to get cute hairstyles for your short hair? Sometimes, there are many people out there who think that we can’t style our hair if it’s short-length.

But of course, that is just a myth. Because, in fact, we can do so many ways to style our short hair to be gorgeous.

Moreover, getting short hair might be a good option for you if you want to look younger and fresh on every occasion.

Getting short hair also has more advantages, such as this hair-length doesn’t need complex maintenance like women who have long hair.

Get ready to style your hairstyle and spread your beauty around you.

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Cute Hairstyles for Short Hair

1. Natural and Simple

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

If you don’t like too many details or style for your hair, this short hairstyle must be adopted by you as soon as possible.

To get this look, you just need to cut your hair to be shoulder-length, then curl your hair a little bit to make some waves and volumes.

The key advantage of this hairstyle is looks simple enough, so you can put bolder looks on your makeup or outfits.

You will also look effortlessly chic and beautiful without any doubts because it enhances your naturally pretty face.

2. Slightly Wavy

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

If you want to level up your simple short hair cut, you can make your hair pop a little bit by getting this look.

All you need is just to put some hair strands behind your ears and let the other strands hanging separated from the hair strands around your ears.

To make it more elegant and chic, you can also add some earrings to enhance your best facial features.

Add some pink eyeshadow, pink blush, highlighter, and nude pink lipstick, and you will look like a goddess now.

3. Old Hollywood Glamour

Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

Are you considered yourself more classic and vintage than trendy? Or are you inspired by old Hollywood movie stars, such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth?

Then, you are more than welcomed to try this old Hollywood inspired look. This style definitely will look good on you, no matter what.

You just need to style your short hair with hair curler and other hair styling tools, then curl your short hair with big curls.

You can also get this look by using some big hair rolls and spraying your hair with an adequate amount of hair spray.

For the final touch, add some fragrance or gel to make your hair look more sleek.

4. Parisian Chic

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

If you love how elegant and chic Parisians are, you are definitely more than welcome to get this gorgeous look.

You just need to cut your hair into neck-length and cut some hair to make flat front bangs that will make you effortlessly chic.

Don’t forget to wear your beret because it will level up your Parisian chic hairstyle. Also, add some gold jewelries to maintain your elegance.

As the final touch, put on sophisticated sunglasses and you are ready to go.

5. Cute Buns

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

For all of you who have been feeling like you are not ready to get older as time goes by, then you need to try this style.

You just need to cut your long hair into neck-length and make some front bangs. Then, you can make two buns on both sides of your head.

To make it more neat and cute, you can blow dry your hair ends. By doing this, your overall hair will have more volume than before.

Then, put some your favorite make up products and accessories as the final touch.

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6. Sleek and Modern

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to put a lot of effort into making your hair look stylish and sleek, then this style is your go-to hairstyle.

This hairstyle is perfect for you when you want to look formal and chic, but not too much, such as attending a dinner party or a business event.

What you need is just your neck-length hair, comb, hair gel, and hair spray. First, you need to comb your hair as much as you want.

Then, you can put some hair gel on your hair in an adequate amount to make your hair look sleek. After that, you can spray your hair with hair spray.

Go get some jewelry and now you can go to formal events in peace.

7. Semi-Curtain Bangs

10 Cute Hairstyle Ideas for Short Hair

You can also achieve another level of elegance by combining your chic style with your cute style in unity.

This hairstyle proves that you definitely are allowed to combine both looks. The baby curls detail in your hair enhances your cuteness in an elegant way.

Moreover, you can also show your elegant side by putting aside some of your hair strands and curling them a little bit.

Add your gold earrings and put some highlighter on your cheek bones to feel elegant.

8. Cute Front Bangs

Front Bangs

Another short hairstyle that you can adopt if you want to look cute and stylish is by getting this hairstyle.

First, you can make some front bangs, then comb your hair and blow out your lower side of the hair to make it look like a pin-up girl.

Then, add some gold hair pins and jewelleries. Now, you are so much cuter than any kind of doll in this world.

9. Cutely Braided

Cutely Braided

Feeling adventurous and youthful? Then, you might want to try this gorgeous short hairstyle look to your next traveling trip.

You just need to comb your hair first to make it more neat, then blow dry some of your hair ends to make a little wave.

After that, you can make a semi-scorpion braid to your hair and you’re done!

10. Hair Pins


And last but not least, you can get an elegant yet chic short hairstyle by doing this simple hair do for your hair.

You don’t need to do anything complex, because you just need to put half of your hair behind and accessorize it with hair pins.

And you are done!


Getting the perfect cute hairstyles for our short hair can be an exciting thing to do, but sometimes it can lead to our frustration.

To prevent ourselves from being stressed, you need to make sure what you want first before deciding on it.