10 Summer Nails, Pick These for Your Own Aesthetics

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

Summer is already in front of you, but you might have been struggling to pick the most suitable summer nails for your own aesthetics.

A lot of summer nail ideas show us different color tones of colors, even though we don’t need to look like a rainbow to celebrate the summer season.

No matter what kind of your aesthetic is, you can always wear nails that are suitable for the summer season depending on your aesthetic style.

You just need to match and adjust your personal aesthetic with the vibe of the summer season to make it look cohesive.

And also, exploring the styles is one of the million ways to find the perfect summer nails for you.

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1. Coconut Girl Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

If you love the coconut girl aesthetic, then the summer season might be a perfect season for you because the aesthetic and the season vibe match each other.

This aesthetic allows you to look as fresh as the summer breeze at the beach, walking on the seashore while drinking coconut water.

To make you look representative of this kind of aesthetic, you need to paint your nails or wear fake nails that represent the beach vibes.

You can find nails with some Hawaiian motifs, such as palm leaves, beach flowers, coconut trees, and many more.

Try to find nails with solid and colorful colors to strengthen your playful and cheerful aura within. Perfectly gorgeous!

2. Kidcore Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

Congratulations to all of you who have kidcore aesthetic as your favorite personal aesthetic style in your dictionary.

The kidcore aesthetic is basically an aesthetic that reminds us of the happiest days of our childhood.

Cheerful, joyful, colorful, and full of laughter. That’s why the kidcore aesthetic really matches the vibe of the summer season.

To emphasize your kidcore aesthetic, you can choose to paint your nails with different bright colors, such as pink, orange, yellow, bright red, and even bright green.

Then, add some kidcore elements, such as rainbow and smile emoji to make your nails look so much more colorful.

3. Baddie Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

Are you a big fan of the baddie aesthetic full of pink and glitter? If the answer is yes, then you can try to take inspiration from this nail idea.

Whether it is fake nails or a nail coat, you can always channel your baddie vibe when it comes to summer nails.

Because it is summer, you can still look ‘baddie’ by wearing some bright pink color tones, such as hot pink, fuchsia, and magenta.

As the final touch, you can add some beautiful hand accessories, such as bracelets, rings with gemstones, and many more. You will totally look like a Bratz doll immediately.

4. Lovecore Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

There is a micro aesthetic that may catch your eye in the first place. Yes, that aesthetic is called lovecore!

Lovecore is basically an aesthetic that represents love and romance that is formed mostly in heart symbols and red color tone.

This aesthetic is cute and also suitable for the summer season because lovecore reminds us of the beauty of loving people.

There are several things that you can express on your summer nails when you are a lovecore fan. You just need to find nail sets with red colors that are filled with heart emojis. Done!

5. Angelcore Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

If you consider yourself dreamy, then you might want to take inspiration for your summer nails from the angelcore aesthetic.

Dreamy and divine, this aesthetic allows you to look as divine as the angels, iridescent with some magnificent soft colors.

To achieve this look, you can apply it to your summer nails by finding the glitter nails, whether it is a fake nail set or a bottle of nail coat.

But make sure to get the glitter nails in soft colors only, because if it’s too vivid or solid, the vibe of the angelcore can be a little bit irrelevant.

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6. Barbie Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

Welcome to the dollhouse, barbie girl! If you want to look like a Mattel Barbie fashion doll, this summer is gonna be a fun playground for you.

Try to stroll around your beautiful house with these glittery pink nails to make your summer look pinkier and brighter than ever.

To achieve a Barbie look, you don’t need a bunch of motifs or patterns on your nails, if you prefer the simpler one.

You just need to paint your nails with a light metallic pink nail coat, then add some sprinkles and glitters on top of it. Voila, you are now a Barbie doll!

7. Femme Fatale Aesthetic

Pick These Summer Nails for Your Own Aesthetics

Summer might not be the perfect season for all of you who have a femme fatale aesthetic, but it doesn’t mean you need to give up on your appearance.

Even though femme fatale is always identical with a dark, sensual, and mysterious vibe, you definitely can look dangerous even in the summer season!

You just need to accessorize your beautiful and mesmerizing nails to be more delicate and attractive to the people around you.

But you don’t need to fabricate it too much. All you need is just a bottle of nail coat or a set of fake nails with a deep red color tone.

After that, accessorize your fingers with some gold rings and then, you are done!

8. Fairycore Aesthetic

Fairycore Aesthetic

Do you want to look like a fairy this summer season? If that’s your case, then this summer nails idea might help you.

Fairy is identical to the dreamy vibe, similar to the angels. But the difference is located in the playfulness of a fairy.

Even though both aesthetics emphasize fantasy and dreamy, fairycore aesthetic emphasizes spirit in life.

You can totally achieve this vibe by getting hologram nail coat and adding some glitters on top of your painted nails.

9. Cottagecore Aesthetic

Cottagecore Aesthetic

If you love to spend yourself in a comfortable rural living, you are probably gonna love this cottagecore aesthetic.

Think about homemade cookies, a wooden table, and beautiful little rabbits, and you may feel so relaxed after that.

That’s why cottagecore and summer season match very well for each other. And you, for sure, can achieve this look by getting your nails done.

Get some nails with pastel and soft colors, then add some patterns on top of it, such as flowers, cake, or even leaves.

10. Witchcore Aesthetic

Witchcore Aesthetic

Similar to fans of the femme fatale aesthetic, you might find it difficult to resonate your witchcore aesthetic with the summer season.

But still, you can look good in your own aesthetic even though this season doesn’t resonate with your vibe at all.

You can still wear long and dark nails based on your preference, but to make it lighter, you can choose transparent nails instead.

After that, you can add some jewelry with gemstones and you will be a perfect witch in the summer.


Finding the best summer nails for different aesthetics can be very difficult because it needs a lot of adjustment.

But as long as you know what kind of aesthetic you have, you will be more likely to get your perfect summer nails.