Giethoorn, the Cleanest Village without Pollution

Giethoom is a very famous village in the Netherlands. This village is known as the cleanest and pollution-free village.

Giethoorn is a very famous village in the Netherlands. This village is known as the cleanest and most pollution-free village. This village is located in the province of Overijssel, Netherlands.

Starting from the house building to the village environment, it is wonderful.

The village is surrounded by canals, and many trees and flowers grow on the banks of the canals. The houses are simple, typical of traditional houses.

Residents in this village live in peace and harmony. The atmosphere in this village is very calming.

If you are in this village, you will feel like you are in a fairy tale. In this village, you will not hear the noise of motorized vehicles.

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Giethoorn doesn’t have a Highway

Giethoorn doesn’t have any roads, so in this village, you won’t find the noise of vehicles with exhausts, horns, or smoke pollution from vehicles.

The main means of transportation in this village is the boat. Each house was separated by a canal instead of a road.

At the edge of the canal, there is also a footpath for residents who want to walk or ride bicycles. Connecting each house is a beautiful arched bridge.

Overall, the canals in this village have a length of approximately 4.8 kilometers. The total number of small bridges in this village reaches 176.

The village can be surrounded by boat, canoe, foot, or bicycle. However, there are no vehicles, such as cars and motorcycles, in this village.

Therefore, this village is very clean, without any air pollution. The villagers also keep their surroundings clean so that there is no trash in the canals or in the residents’ yards.

House Architecture in Giethoorn

The architecture of the buildings and houses in Giethoorn is very classic and traditional. Additionally, the walls of the house are built with brick.

On the roofs of houses overgrown with ivy, there are chimneys that make the houses in this village look like they belong in a fairy tale.

Every yard of the house and the right side are overgrown with colorful flowers and trees. Many of the houses in this village are hundreds of years old.

To connect each resident’s house, a wooden arched bridge was built. Moreover, the bridge is curved so that boats or canoes can cross the canal.

Every house building is always arranged with beautiful gardens facing the river and bridge.

Venice of the Netherlands

Giethoorn is often referred to as the “Venice of the Netherlands.” This is because this village has beautiful scenery with canals around it, like in Venice.

To get around this village, you have to use a boat. It is also similar to Venice.

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Giethoorn is filled with Flowers like in Fairytale Land

Giethoorn Village is nicknamed “Fairyland.” Traditional houses, courtyards overgrown with flowers and trees, and canals with boats make this village feel like a fairy tale.

The yard of each house is laid out very neatly. In addition, there is green grass with colorful flowers.

Residents usually sit in the yard while drinking tea and enjoying the view of the village.

In addition, in winter, the canal will freeze over. If it freezes, people will use this canal as a place for ice skating.