Apricale, A Village in the Mountain with Ancient Roman Architecture

Apricale, Village in the Mountains with Ancient Roman Architecture

One of the beautiful villages in the hills of Liguria, Imperia Province, Italy, is the village of Apricale. This village is famed for its stunning natural beauty.

This village is located in the middle of mountains and hills, which offer natural beauty. The beauty of this village invites many people to come to it.

Ancient Roman architecture and natural beauty make this village even more popular. Tourists can explore the village on foot to enjoy its beauty.

The ancient Roman style of architecture is still maintained today. This village has an interesting historical story.

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Small Village with Beautiful Hills

Apricale Village was built in a hilly area and is surrounded by green trees. Beautiful green mountains also surround this village.

Around the village, there are also small rivers with clear water flows. The houses are terraced along the hill, making the scenery beautiful.

The hills in this village are planted with sprawling olive trees. When viewed from a height, this village has a natural beauty that is green and calming.

The Beauty of Apricale Village Architecture

This village is well known for its beautiful ancient Roman-style architecture. Rows of settlements and churches are typical of Romanesque architecture.

There are narrow passages, tunnels, and stairs leading up its hilly geography. Until now, old buildings with Roman architecture have been maintained.

One of the village’s most famous buildings is the magnificent Apricale Castle. This castle was built in the 10th century and is a symbol of power and past glory.

The houses in this village are pastel-colored, with wooden windows and stone roofs, typical of architecture in the ancient Roman style.

Gardens with green trees and flowers can also be found in this village. The gardens are laid out neatly to add to the beauty of the village.

Village Culture and Community Life

The village community is very proud of the beauty and history of this village, which are very well preserved.

Villagers maintain the traditions and heritage of their predecessors; they also like to share stories about history and life in Apricale village.

There is a museum that can be visited if you want to get to know the history of this village more deeply. This village also often holds lively local festivals.

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The History of Apricale Village

Apricale Village has a high historical value; this village has existed since Roman times. According to history, this village was founded in the 10th century by people from the province who fled political conflicts.

In medieval times, this village became part of the territory of the Republic of Genoa. The village became an important administrative and military center in the region.

Therefore, there are many churches and forts in this area. In the 17th century, Apricale fell to the Spanish.

After the war that raged in Italy, the village of Apricale experienced a cultural and artistic revival. There was the construction of several significant buildings and monuments, such as town halls and frescoes in churches.

After the unification of Italy in the 20th century, Apricale experienced a significant population decline due to population migration to the larger cities. The village experienced a period of relative isolation until the mid-20th century.