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Lee Rodriguez - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Lee Rodriguez is an American actress. She’s best recognized for starring in Netflix comedy series Never Have I Ever (2020-) as Fabiola Torres.

Other acting television series she’s been involved in are including Class of Lies (2018) and Grown-ish (2018).


She started her career as a model and appeared in a lot of commercial films and campaigns. Then, she tried her luck in the field of acting when she was in high school.

She made her acting debut in 2018 with two different TV series titled Class of Lies and Grown-ish. Both of which she participated in by playing minor roles.

Two years later, she started gaining more fame when she acted in the Netflix teen series Never Have I Ever as a representation of the queer community.

In 2021, she was involved in the TV series Visions of Us: LGBTQ+ Latine Representation in TV & Film, broadcast on Netflix.

That very year, she also made an appearance in another TV series, Go Off with Jess & Julissa, where she once again played a minor character.

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  • Real Name: LaRhonza Lee-Rodriguez
  • Stage Names: Lee Rodriguez
  • Also Known as: –
  • Nickname: Lee
  • Birthday: November 28, 1999
  • Birthplace: Fresno, California, United States
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: American
  • Height:
  • Weight: –
  • Blood Type: –
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: Actress
  • Education: Encore Junior High School, Hesperia (Performing Arts), Encore Senior High School, Hesperia (Performing Arts)
  • Hobbies: Singing, photography
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: @leerodrodriguez
  • Instagram: @leerodriguez
  • TikTok: @leerodriguez
  • YouTube: Lee Rodriguez Official

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

  • Height: 170 cm (5’7”)
  • Weight: 54 Kg (119 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Measurements: 34-26-33 (Bust -34, Waist -26, and Hips -33 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 8 (US)
  • Dress Size: 4 (US)


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –

Boyfriend & Dating History


She reportedly dating Jermaine in 2019 for a brief period. Not much is known about their relationship, including when or why they chose to part ways.


Her rumored relationship with Hector also spread in 2019. Similarly to her alleged previous relationship, little to none is known about their romance.

Net Worth

According to multiple sources on the internet, the amount of net worth she has built up is around $500 thousand. It appeared that she earns mostly from acting, which is her primary profession.


  • Lee wants to be a singer because she fell in love with music ever since she was young.
  • She also wants to try screenwriting.
  • Her interest in acting came when she was in her high school years.
  • Lee took acting classes to help develop her acting skills.
  • She joined a lot of musical and school theaters during her studies.
  • Her favorite song is I Know Where I’ve Been (2007) by Queen Latifah.
  • Lee said she once stole her mother and her sister’s clothes to play dress-up because she was interested in fashion.
  • She likes appearing in public with her natural hair, which is curly.
  • Lee is active in charity projects such as Al Gore’s Climate Reality Project and Feeding America and LA Food Bank.
  • She is of Black-Mexican descent.
  • Lee writes her own songs and often posts them on her YouTube channel.
  • She first debuted as a model and signed with Nous Model Management.
  • Her parents moved from Africa to America even before she was born.
  • She identifies herself as queer.
  • Lee learned aerial and contortion skills at school.
  • Her ideal type is…

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  • ‘Truth Be Told’ a Stanislavski/Meisner Acting Collective Aka Creative Therapy (-), as self

TV Series

  • Go Off with Jess & Julissa (Netflix | 2021), as Newscaster
  • Visions of Us: LGBTQ+ Latine Representation in TV & Film (Netflix | 2021), as self
  • Never Have I Ever (Netflix | 2020), as Fabiola Torres
  • Class of Lies (OCN | 2018), as Bea
  • Grown-ish (ABC | 2018), as Naomi

TV Shows

  • Entertainment Tonight Canada (Global TV| 2022), as a guest
  • IMDb on the Scene – Interviews (YouTube | 2022), as a guest
  • Celebrity Family Feud (ABC | 2022), as a contestant
  • CFF Talks TV SERIES (YouTube | 2021), as a guest
  • Celebrity Page (Reelz | 2021), as a guest
  • Save West Bank Cafe (YouTube | 2020), as a guest


“When people kept asking me, I felt like maybe I didn’t look like a queer person. But you shouldn’t have to explain your queerness. You don’t owe anyone an explanation for your queerness or proof that you’re a valid queer person.”

“Whatever you feel most comfortable with makes you valid. You don’t have to have a huge coming out. Sometimes you can just feel it within yourself and that’s okay! You’re still valid.”

“I want people to know that I love writing music and have passion for helping fight against our climate crisis. I love sharing what’s going on in the world. And as far as my personal life, I want people to know that I have amazing friends, that I have fun, and that I’m growing as a person. I’m constantly evolving and my queerness is just one small part of me.”

“Coming out can be scary because you feel like nobody really understands. But I feel like at least one person will after reading this. And even if nobody does, it’s okay. Because I understand it, and nobody can invalidate you if you feel like you’re valid within yourself.”

“It’s a very important story to tell to young people, especially some people who are going through that and don’t necessarily know how. [I hoped] just to let them know that they’re not alone and maybe hopefully give them courage to be able to do that for themselves. To question their own sexuality and maybe be open about it and not be ashamed of it.”

“It’s such an honor to be a part of the [Never Have I Ever], let alone be that representation. It has really opened my eyes a lot and has really humbled and inspired me so much.”

” It feels good to see someone who looks like you on screen. It genuinely gives a sense of inspiration. It gives a sense of like, ‘Oh, I can do that, too,’ or ‘I can be in this space and be myself. … I really love that. I really love when people feel like they can see themselves through Fabiola and feel represented. It’s truly an honor.”

“Behind Lee Rodriguez is Laronza, my first name, which is me at my core, someone who is very goofy and loves to sing randomly at every second of the day. It’s [someone] who feels deeply and cares about the people around her, and cares about leaving an impact on the world. Someone who cares about my dreams and being a good friend, a good sister, and a good daughter.”

“I’m just trying to be more selfless and more self-aware, trying to do better every day and growing.”

“It was so heartwarming to hear how Fabiola’s story inspired many young, queer individuals to come out and feel empowered with themselves.”

“Music is like therapy to me. I feel as if I’m able to understand my own thoughts and feelings better. I like to think of my style in music as ever-evolving. I tend to write a lot of ballads with R&B and/or rock sounds. I love that we’re living in a time when we don’t have to be put into a box and can explore and change our sound however we choose.”

“I decided to gain more of an understanding of what I can do to make a difference, and hopefully, teach others how to as well.”

“You think, “Oh, I came out and life should get easier after this. I know who I am.” But in reality, it doesn’t, because you’re ever evolving, you’re growing, and you’re going to hit points in your life where you have more questions than answers.”

“Sometimes I struggle to fit in, and fit in that mold. But how you are may be very different, and that’s okay. Being different in your own way is more than enough.”

“Just trying to be a part of pop culture, sometimes you feel like you have to be a certain way and like certain things. There is that sense of pressure. But I feel like you just figure out along the way that you just gotta be you. You like what you like. And maybe along the way, you’ll like new things. Just don’t force it.”

“It’s okay to continue to discover who you are. It’s okay to change. It’s okay to not change. It’s all truly about what makes you the most happy because, essentially, that’s what is most important.”

“Honestly, I’m always inspired on TikTok. It sounds weird, but I really am! There are so many young queer people who share their stories and the different experiences they have, and I just feel so much at home and like I can relate. I always reach out to those people to say, “Thank you so much for sharing your story. I feel the same.” TikTok surprisingly, definitely has made me feel the most seen in a way.”

Lee Rodriguez is a model-turned-actress who kickstarted her career on a good note. She is going to grace the fans with more of her presence on the screen for the next few years.


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