Li Galli, the Beautiful Dolphin Shaped Island

Li Galli is a small archipelago in Italy, not far from the Amalfi Coast. This island is famous for its island shape which is similar to a dolphin.

Li Galli is a small archipelago in Italy, not far from the Amalfi Coast. This island is famous for its island shape, which is similar to a dolphin, and is located between Capri and Positano island.

However, only the shape of the island is a dolphin. There is no dolphin habitat on this island.

In addition to its unique shape, the scenery on this island is also very beautiful.

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Part of the Marine Protected Area

Around this island, there are other islands. However, this island is still part of the Marine Protected Area of ​​Punta Campanella.

This protected area stretches for 30 kilometers from Punta del Capo to Punta Germano.

Buildings on this island are dominated by steep cliffs. However, there are also luxury resorts and villas on this island.

Not many people live on this island. This is because the cost of living on this island is expensive.

Ship owners also do not come closer to this island. They will move closer to the nearest island, where the cost of living is more affordable.

Siren Mythology on Li Galli Island

Local people believe that Li Galli is the home of the mythology of the siren. This creature is described as having a bird-shaped body with a head like a woman.

Siren has the ability to charm humans. Moreover, the siren will sing beautiful songs to mesmerize the ship’s captains.

This song will make the ships crash into the reef and eventually sink.

But in fact, the sea currents, wind, and rocks around this island are quite dangerous. Sailing ships may be exposed to ocean currents and winds, which cause the ship to crash into rocks.

In addition, there are indeed many birds on this island. The voices of these birds, by the people of ancient times, were considered to be the songs of the sirens.

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History of Li Galli Island

Li Galli Island has quite a long history. In ancient times, this island was used by the Romans. Additionally, they developed this island as a stronghold with a watchtower made of stone.

After that, in 1922, this island was bought by Maccine. He is a famous choreographer and dancer from Russia.

Maccine converted the existing tower from the 14th century into a studio. Furthermore, the place has 6 small bedrooms prepared for dancers who visit this island.

Maccine also plans to build a main villa and a vineyard. Besides that, Maccine wants to build terraced plants and 4 beautiful beaches on this island.

However, before Maccine could carry out his plan, he was already dead.

After that, in 1989, this island was bought by Rudolf Nurerey. Then, in 1991, he carried out many renovations to the villa that Maccine had built.

In 1988, Rudolf Nurere passed away. After that, the ownership of Li Galli Island was held by a private party.