Tellaro, Fishing Village Considered One of the Most Beautiful Villages

Tellaro, Coastal Village with Sea-Facing Pastel Houses

Tellaro is a small fishing village nestled along the rugged coastline of Liguria, Italy, in the province of La Spezia.

Located approximately 7 kilometers southeast of Lerici, Tellaro is perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

Furthermore, the population is around 1,000 residents, covering an area of just over 1 km2.

Tellaro is blessed with natural beauty that is simply breathtaking. The rugged coastline is dotted with secluded coves, hidden beaches, and pristine waters ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Additionally, Tellaro, renowned as one of “The most beautiful villages of Italy,” is celebrated for its buildings adorned with traditional Italian design.

The Pixar animation team visited Tellaro, drawing inspiration from it for the animated film Luca in 2021.

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Cultural Heritage of Colorful Houses and Its Popular Landmark

Tellaro’s architecture reflects its rich history; moreover, colorful buildings are perched on cliffs by the sea.

The village is a maze of narrow alleyways and winding staircases, lined with colorful houses adorned with vibrant flowers.

Many of these buildings feature intricate details, such as frescoed facades and ornate balconies.

Furthermore, the iconic Church of San Giorgio, perched on a rocky promontory overlooking the sea, offers panoramic views of the coastline.

Celebration of Christmas Underwater in Tellaro

Underwater Christmas celebrations, marking Jesus’ birth, are a unique festival in Tellaro.

Divers adorned in festive attire descend into the crystal-clear waters of the Ligurian Sea, carrying with them beautifully decorated Christmas trees and colorful ornaments.

Amidst the tranquil underwater world, illuminated by the soft glow of underwater lights, divers gather around the submerged nativity scene, which depicts the timeless story of the birth of Christ.

Furthermore, fireworks over the sea celebrated the occasion with more than 8,000 candles.

Residents Work in Fishing, Agriculture, and Small Businesses

In Tellaro, the residents primarily work with fishing. Many residents actively engage in the profession, heading out early each morning to cast their nets and haul in the day’s catch.

Beyond fishing, agriculture also plays a significant role. Terraced hillsides are cultivated to produce olives, grapes, and other Mediterranean crops.

Additionally, they operate small businesses, such as cafes, trattorias, and artisan shops.

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The History and Legends of Tellaro

Dating back to antiquity, Tellaro emerged as a vital fishing village along the rugged coastline of Liguria, Italy, serving as a bustling hub for maritime trade and commerce.

Its strategic location made it a coveted prize for rival powers throughout the centuries. This resulted in a rich tapestry of conquests, alliances, and cultural exchanges.

According to local legend, Tellaro was founded by ancient mariners who sought refuge from the tumultuous seas. They were guided by the legendary figure of St. George, who is said to have protected the village from harm.

Despite enduring storms, invasions, and disasters, its fortunes shifting through time, Tellaro has retained its charm.

Today, the village stands as testament to its storied past, with narrow cobblestone streets and colorful buildings.