10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dresses Ideas for You

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

Your prom night might already in front of you, but you probably still need to figure out some plus-size prom dresses ideas to get.

Whether you decide to make your own dress, ask your seamstress to make it, buy the new one, or maybe as simple as borrowing from your friend, you still need to know your style.

Because this prom night is such a big event, you need some recognition about how you would like to look in a prom dress.

Don’t just pick a dress that is on trend right now because you are probably gonna regret it later without realizing it.

Be aware of your own aesthetic, body type, and the color season that matches with your own skin and features.

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Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dresses Ideas for You

1. Ballerina Style

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

If you consider yourself a big fan of ballerina and ballet aesthetic, this first dress option is surely made for you.

This dress has a lustrous and glittery effect on its fabric, making you look super shiny like you are coming from a fairytale.

To add the ballerina details, you can choose a prom dress with feminine and girly color shades, such as pink and white.

As the final touch, you can do a light make-up and also a high bun hairstyle to accentuate the ballerina aesthetic.

2. Bright Feminine

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

Another prom dress option that you can choose if you have a curvy body is this bright feminine prom dress.

The cut of this dress is amazingly beautiful and gorgeous. It is perfectly combined by the choice of the bright color, yellow.

Not only will you look elegant and classy on your own prom night, but getting this dress also allows you to look more cheerful and lively.

To balance your overall look, you can add some accessories, such as a mini bag or shoes that match with your bright prom dress.

3. Modern Barbie

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

Do you have a childhood dream to dress-up like a Barbie? If that is your case, then you probably want to go directly with this dress.

Made with the bold shade of pink color, this dress is made by creating a modern silhouette for the modern Barbie.

Dramatic, voluminous, and pretty. Those three words really describe the overall vibe of this beautiful prom dress very well.

All you need to complete this dress is just adding the final touches, such as putting your make-up on and wearing your shiny high heels. And now, you are done.

4. Dark Goddess

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

This prom dress option is actually the best prom dress inspiration for you if you want to look like a celestial creature.

Not only that, if you also prefer dark over bright color palette, then this dark blue prom dress surely does know how to make it elegant.

You will exactly look like a night goddess in this dress, perfectly accentuated by the detail of the bodice and the long skirt.

5. Elegant and Simple

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

Not a fan of a complex prom dress design? Then, just go for this simple white prom dress for your prom night.

Even though this dress is very plain, the smooth surface of the fabric is very mesmerizing and chic, elevating your look as a sophisticated woman.

The detail of the neckline is also very feminine, making you look like a queen from a modern kingdom in this world.

To add more spice, you can add some more colorful jewelry, such as blue earrings or glittery high heels and a purse.

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6. Vibrant Disco

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

The Boogie era might has ended well a long time ago, but the memory of its revival will last forever.

You surely can steal the euphoria of the disco look from the 70s era for your own memorable prom night.

Just take inspiration from this amazing vibrant disco prom dress, a blue dress that is covered in glitter.

Style your hair in a ponytail, go crazy with a vibrant make-up, and now you are ready to rock your prom night.

7. Classic Glamour

10 Breathtaking Plus-Size Prom Dress Ideas for You

If you want to look glamorous and shiny without getting too many colors in your dress, then this dress option could be your choice.

Just simply pick a maxi dress with an elegant and simple cut, but make sure the fabric is glittery or shiny enough to create the glamorous look on you.

You can choose various elegant colors when choosing this kind of style, such as gold, silver, rose gold, or even emerald.

After that, you might want to style your hair and makeup from the old Hollywood glamor to accentuate your classic glamor aesthetic.

8. Simple Black

Simple Black

Modern women always know what they want, and in this case, they also know that they want to look as simple as black.

Suitable for all of you who don’t like any complexity in life, this simple black dress surely is made for you.

This dress has the bustier effect for its bust and what is the most amazing thing is, the slit effect on its skirt.

You can even add some accessories to make you look more classy, such as wearing a pair of black gloves.

9. Classic Femme Fatale

Classic Femme Fatale

The classic femme fatale is always associated with red and black color shades, and in this option, the red dress is gonna be a perfect choice.

Made from satin, this prom dress really knows how to look appealing to everyone who looks for this kind of style.

This dress also doesn’t have too many details and that’s what makes this dress very attractive for the people.

10. Dramatic Mermaid

Dramatic Mermaid

And the last option is the dramatic mermaid dress, a prom dress that is recommended for you who loves theatrical and dramatic style.

The overall cut of this dress is breathtakingly beautiful and unusual, making you look stand out in every room you walk in.

Besides, this dress is also made with a lot of details that will enhance your playful side. What a performance.


No matter what kind of style and aesthetic that you have, you need to remember that you always need fitness and comfort first when choosing plus-size prom dresses.

Don’t force yourself to wear something that is not comfortable for you, because when you are comfortable, you definitely will look perfect.