10 Trendy Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

Historically, the corset top was widely used by women in the periodical era to create slim silhouettes on their bodies.

But now, the corset top is not seen as a fashion item that is worn to appear slimmer anymore during this modern era.

These days, corsets are used by many women, including celebrities, to enhance their favorite features on their bodies.

No matter what size you have, in these modern days, corsets in the market are more likely to be inclusive compared to the previous era.

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1. Irina Shayk

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

Irina Shayk proves to us that wearing a corset top doesn’t mean we have to appear like a woman from the Victorian era.

With the shimmering metallic orange corset top, this beautiful supermodel looks very modern yet futuristic.

Combining her washed gray cargo pants, Irina surely knows how to combine classic and street style.

The overall look is completed with the choice of her shoes, strappy shoes with a nude tone to make it less festive.

So, who wants to steal her look, anyway?

2. Bella Hadid

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

It’s not big news that the rising supermodel, Bella Hadid, is almost never seen in bad fashion day when she walks in public.

Trendy yet chic, Bella always finds her way to combine her quirky style but at the same time, still following the trends.

Like in this picture, she wears a corset top with a Renaissance painting that enhances her beautiful cleavage.

You surely can follow Bella’s signature look. Wear a painted corset top and pair it with camel trousers.

Then, wear your favorite combat boots, grab your baguette bag, and you are now ready to take over the world.

3. Madison Beer

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

Are you probably considering yourself a gothic or soft grunge girl? If the answer is yes, then you might want to follow Madison Beer’s favorite look.

Her style in this picture is very suitable for all of you who love black but still want it to be less boring than usual.

You definitely can easily pair a simple plain black corset top with your favorite black trousers. Then, you can accessorize from there.

Try to add a signature black belt that will enhance your beautiful waist, a pair of glossy black boots, and add some pieces of jewelry, such as hoop earrings and bracelets.

Now the paparazzi will be confused to distinguish between you and Madison.

4. Dua Lipa

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

If you always feel envious or jealous of Dua Lipa’s extremely breathtaking wardrobe, then it is time to roll up your sleeves.

Don’t be mad because she always looks good in every outfit she wears, because you definitely can also look as good as her.

You might want to steal this signature style from Dua. The beautiful corset top with flannel patterns is combined with her dark straight-leg jeans.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? To add some drama, you only need to put on a signature belt, wear your favorite shoes, and add sunglasses. Perfect!

5. Dakota Johnson

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

Another inspiration on how to wear a corset top falls from the beautiful actress of the Fifty Shades trilogy, Dakota Johnson.

Pretty in black, Dakota shows us how to wear a corset top for a formal event, such as a movie premiere or fine dining.

Her corset top is pretty unique because it looks like a sheer bustier, accessorized with some solid linings and beautiful little black lace details.

The subtle look of her corset, then, is balanced with the bold touch of her black leather pants that obviously makes her overall look very dazzling.

As the final touch, Dakota is pleased to wear simple black pointy high heels and some simple silver jewelry.

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6. Gigi Hadid

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

Similar to her sister, Bella, Gigi Hadid is always in the spotlight when it comes to the fashion and modeling industry.

Like her sister, she has never seen a look unpresentable when walking through the paparazzi’s camera blitz.

In this photo, Gigi absolutely looks very dazzling and unique with the overall look of her signature fashion style.

She shows her interest and knowledge in fashion very well by matching her corset top and blazer, then mixing them carefully with totally unique pants with beautiful patterns.

Gigi even adds some drama by wearing a yellow shoulder bag and gold jewelry. Very dramatic yet stylish.

7. Hailey Bieber

10 Corset Top Ideas from Celebrities to Make You Look Trendy

Do you consider yourself a person who loves street style so much? Or do you consider yourself a girl who loves motorbikes?

If the answer is a big yes, then you might need to follow some fashion inspirations from the lovely supermodel Hailey Bieber.

She is well-known for her amazing street style. Sometimes it looks simple, but sometimes it also looks dramatic with some boyish touch.

This style perfectly suits you whenever you want to look cool and edgy, especially when you want to ride a motorcycle.

You just need to wear a black leather-made corset, a signature black leather jacket, and your favorite jeans. Now, you are ready to rock the street.

8. Zoë Kravitz 

Zoë Kravitz 

Zoë Kravitz, for sure, really understands how to attract the public without talking too much, as in the terms of fashion.

The overall look of this Kravitz style is inevitably simple, but we still can see some quirkiness and boldness within her.

Obviously, her animal-printed corset top is a statement piece and she is very smart to combine it with a plain elegant maxi skirt.

By adding a mini bag with the harmonious color of her corset top, Kravitz really draws attention just for her in a formal event.

9. Kendall Jenner

Kendall Jenner

Alongside Gigi, Bella, and Hailey, Kendall is also the top supermodel who always gets in the fashion spotlight.

And of course, everybody knows the reason behind it. She definitely owns a wardrobe full of amazing pieces.

Like in this picture, Kendall looks very trendy in a black corset top with some button details. As if she doesn’t want to look too plain, she adds some drama by adding a super crop turtle neck top on top of it.

A creative mix and match trick, isn’t it?

10. Crishell Stause

Crishell Stause

And last but not least, we got Crishell Stause as our final inspiration for the corset top from the celebrities edition.

For all of you who prefer a simple yet girly look, this look from the beautiful Crishell will enhance your femininity without getting too much.

You just need to wear your soft pink corset top and combine it with your favorite blue jeans. Then, wear your nude shoes and you are good to go.


The corset top trends seem to increase over time, thanks to popular celebrities who are always in the center of the fashion spotlight.

But still, you need to follow trends wisely to make sure is it that piece represents you or not. Happy shopping.