10 Short White Dress Looks from the Runway

10 Short White Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

If you are a huge fashion enthusiast, then you might want to know some short white dress looks from the runway.

Starting from the first fashion show until now, we can always see the influence of short white dress looks.

It is no doubt that a short white dress is one of the most timeless fashion outfits when it comes to fashion styling from one era to another.

There are a lot of fashion brands out there that offer different styles of short white dresses and yes, they are all beautiful and versatile.

Scroll down to the end of the article to know about the compacted looks of short white dresses from different runways and steal the look as soon as possible.

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1. Chanel (Spring Summer 1994)

10 Short White Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

Chanel is always identical in its luxurious and old-money ambiance, dominated by black, white, or neutral color tones.

Yet, this brand never fails to catch fashion lovers, especially the younger generations in the fashion industry.

For its Spring Summer 1994 collection, Chanel released a beautiful strap-short white dress for its runway with an underbust corset, accessorized with a lovely brooch detail.

This look is also completed with the touch of modesty by adding light outerwear with a similar color that makes the overall look of this collection becomes luxurious yet playful.

Well, are you interested in re-creating the look?

2. Balmain (Spring Summer 2009)

10 White Short Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

Calling all ballet and tutus enthusiasts! The early 2000s era was the era when everybody loved complex yet delicate details.

Balmain surely knew that condition, so the collection from its Spring Summer 2009 runway spoke a lot about this kind of vibe.

You will see how beautiful and ethereal this short white dress is. A short white dress with lovely thin straps.

The dress is also manicured with different types of beads, glitters, and jewels, definitely a perfect look for a princess.

Besides, this short dress also has tutu details and it definitely will suit your ballerina aesthetic if you are one of ballet fans.

3. Balenciaga (Spring Summer 2010)

10 White Short Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

Do you want to appear more bohemian with a simple short white dress? If the answer is yes, then you can take inspiration from the Balenciaga Spring Summer 2010 collection.

This dress is just a simple strapless dress, basically just a basic short white dress. But what makes this dress unique is the multi-layered ruffle details on it.

Besides, the dress is also accessorized with some gathered drape to make your silhouette looks curvier and feminine.

Just compare this dress with your fringe cowboy boots, a necktie, and a cowboy hat, and you are now becoming a cowboy girl in a short time.

4. Dolce and Gabbana (Fall Winter 2002)

10 White Short Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

If you think that you can dress up fabulously in your own bedroom, then the collection from Dolce and Gabbana for its Fall Winter 2022 will make you rethink it again.

This short white dress is beautifully made from satin, a perfect lustrous fabric that is also used to make pajamas.

Even though this dress is incredibly simple and plain, the shiny effect that is resulted from the fabric will shine on your whole bedroom at night.

Feel free to wear this dress in your bedroom while dancing freely from your bed to the corner of your room. It’s amazing.

5. Blumarine (Spring Summer 2004)

10 White Short Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

Blumarine never fails to provide fashion enthusiasts with beautiful feminine clothes, especially when it comes to sleepwear and loungewear.

Like one of its Spring Summer 2004 collections, a short white dress was obviously one of its top tiers within its collection.

The white dress is sheer and delicate, showing your beautiful and smooth skin for all its cost while covering it for some sections.

Besides, this dress is also accessorized with the multi-layered ruffle details for the skirt section that will make you look very feminine.

Immediately, we are sure you will feel like a princess from the cloud kingdom when wearing this lovely sleep dress.

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6. Jill Stuart (Fall Winter 2009)

10 White Short Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

If you prefer to look more dramatic even when you are wearing a short white dress, then this Jill Stuarts’ Fall Winter 2009 collection might be the best option for you.

The length of this dress is acceptable, showing the dramatic side of a woman with an ingenue or gamine body type.

You can see the dramatic and theatrical ruffles details in its neckline, a perfect statement for all of you who love this aesthetic.

This dress is manicured with the big bow details in the center of the dress that will make you look like a doll.

Try to pair the dress with your favorite high-knee dark boots, and you will look incredibly stylish as a sugarplum doll.

7. Vivetta (Fall Winter 2020)

10 White Short Dresses Looks from Runway, Totally Gorgeous

Another inspiration for short white dresses from the runway is this Vivetta collection for the 2020 Fall Winter runway.

This dress is incredibly beautiful and lovely, showing girlish and cuteness at the same time without putting too much effort.

Even though this dress is plain and simple, the details of the fabric are surprisingly unique and attractive.

The sleeves themselves will attract a lot of attention since they will give you a fairy and doll-like. What a lovely overall look.

8. Alice McCall (Fall Winter 2018)

Alice McCall (Fall Winter 2018)

This Alice McCall Spring Summer 2018 collection might be one of the loveliest collections of its brand ever.

Imagine yourself walking in the forest, wearing this enchanting short white dress with sparkling make-up.

You will soon be able to realize that you belong to live in the forest as a forest fairy, spreading your warmth to the forest.

Pair it with a pair of silver or earth-tone ankle boots, and you will look as dazzling as the stars in the forest immediately.

9. Jacquemus (Spring Summer 2019)

Jacquemus (Spring Summer 2019)

If you are struggling to get inspiration to buy a short white dress for your summer trip, then you need to consider this Jacquemus collection.

This dress is very simple, short, and compact. What makes this dress very attractive is the one-shoulder details in it.

Not only that, the draping style of this dress is on another level, allowing you to look like a modern Greek goddess.

You can pair this goddess-like Jacquemus dress with a pair of lace-up white heels, a rattan bag, and a pair of mega hoop earrings.

10. Gianni Versace (Spring Summer 1995)

Gianni Versace (Spring Summer 1995)

The last runway collection that showcases the beautiful side of a short white dress is a collection from Gianni Versace’s Spring Summer 1995.

This dress is perfectly glamorous yet pure, adding sexiness and cuteness at the same time without getting overlapped.

You definitely can wear this beautiful dress anywhere you want, but the perfect place to wear this dress is in your bedroom to look glamorous when you are sleeping.


The short white dress looks on the runway are very tempting and attractive, making us feel an urge to buy them as soon as possible.

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