10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

This year might be filled with many music concerts and festivals, and you definitely need your bombastic festival outfits to express yourself.

Festival is one of the most recommended events in which you can dress up fully as crazy as you want.

And the best part is, you can style yourself and take some inspiration from the hit celebrities.

Make sure to combine those gorgeous celebrity styles with your own personal taste in fashion and art.

Don’t be shy, just let your own self shine beautifully without thinking of anyone’s judgement.

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Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

1. Madison Beer

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

If you are a big fan of monochrome outfits, especially black and white, then you might want to take style inspiration from Madison Beer.

Even though the color palette itself is pretty basic, the whole outfit of Madison is totally stylish and unique.

To steal her look, you need to combine your bralette top with track pants, then wear your favorite white sneakers.

Make sure to get the most unique bralette top and track pants, whether it is from a department store or thrift store.

After that, you can accessorize your look by adding unique jewelry or even a hat.

2. Rihanna

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

It’s no longer a secret that Rihanna almost gets the “best-dressed” title everywhere she goes, especially at a special event.

One of the most iconic festival outfits in Rihanna’s fashion history is this look, an outfit she wore for Coachella.

The whole outfit has a color combination of pink, black, and a little bit of yellow. Very hot and attention-grabbing, isn’t it?

Some ways to steal this Rihanna look is by getting a racing tank top with black pants in a parachute or leather fabric.

Then, you are more than encouraged to add some chunky accessories, such as pink sunglasses and a pair of big hoop earrings.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

Many people correlate festival outfits with bohemian fashion style, with a lot of brown, green, and some earthy color hues.

Even though that assumption is overrated, you will never go out of style if you attend a festival with a bohemian theme.

Try to steal this Vanessa Hudgens’ look, she was successful in mixing the earthy bohemian vibe with a witchy vibe.

The earthy bohemian vibe is emphasized by the appearance of her shawl, meanwhile, the witchy vibe is dominant by getting gothic makeup and all-black outfits.

4. Hailey Bieber

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

If you think that dressing up for a music festival exhausts you, then you can try this Hailey Bieber style.

This outfit consists of some casual fashion items, but it definitely has some uniqueness that will distinguish you from others at the festival.

Starting from the top, the black top is so pretty and luxurious with a lot of lace details, sheer fabric, and fur for the sleeves.

After that, you only need to pair your beautiful black top with your basic jeans, some gold accessories, a luxurious belt, and a pair of bold-colored sneakers. Then, you are ready to go.

5. City Girls

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

Some people at the festival prefer to grab attention by wearing a lot of shimmering and shiny elements in their outfits.

If you are one of those people, then you might fall in love with the festive style of City Girls for Coachella.

Both looked so luxurious yet playful, mixing the glamorous vibe with a playful and youth-ness without putting too much color.

To make your look stand out, you can finalize your look by wearing bold shimmering makeup and cute hairstyles.

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6. Chantel Jeffries

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

Another popular option for you if you plan to go to a festival is by getting a colorful outfit with a unique pattern.

Running out of ideas? Don’t worry, because the model Chantel Jeffries is ready to show you how to be really noticeable in the crowd.

Dominated by yellow tones, Chantel was a genius at combining her bright yellow matching set with a groovy colorful outer.

Her playfulness and colorfulness didn’t stop there, and you definitely can follow her style by adding your neon sunglasses as an accessory and your favorite sneakers.

7. Rita Ora

10 Attention-Grabbing Festival Outfits from Celebrities

Next, we have Rita Ora for the next attention-grabbing festival outfits that you can steal as inspiration.

The whole outfit is obviously gorgeous, showing how stylish cowboy style can be in this modern era.

To get this look, you need a leather jacket with some fringe details, a matching set, and of course a lot of accessories.

Those accessories can be black sunglasses, a baker boy hat, and even bright cowboy boots with a unique pattern. Interesting, right?

8. Winnie Harlow

Winnie Harlow

Who says you are only allowed to go to a festival with bohemian or cowboy style? Because that’s totally unreasonable!

If you love streetwear so much, you don’t need to switch your style to boho chic and give up on your passion for streetwear.

Try to follow Winnie Harlow’s fashion style for the festival, a streetwear style that makes her stand out so much.

You just need to combine your streetwear items with vivid and bold colors, such as bright green with red, and you are done!

9. Taylor Hill

Taylor Hill

This Taylor Hill style for a festival is totally beautiful and ethereal, like a fantasy fairy in a wonderland.

To get this beautiful look, you need to get a holographic matching set and a pair of sneakers with complementary colors.

But don’t forget to finalize your look by getting suitable makeup. In this case, you can add some ethereal accessories, too!

10. Zoë Kravitz

Zoë Kravitz

And last but not least, you can go to this Zoë Kravitz fashion style to go to a festival that you want this year.

This outfit is pretty simple, but it is still recognizable, literally perfect for all of you who don’t like to be overdressed!


Celebrities’ festival outfits are amazing and stylish, and there is no worry to take them as your inspiration.

But you still need to bear in mind that you have to adjust those style inspirations with your own personal taste.

Create your own style and you will be more confident yet comfortable in your festival outfit.