Dargavs, the City of the Dead is Full of Mystery

Dargavs, the City of the Dead is Full of Mystery

The city of Dargavs in Russia is one of the places famous for its mystery stories. The city of Dargavs is located in the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania.

There are many empty buildings in this city, all the buildings are left empty and abandoned. However, this city is in a mountainous area, and the buildings are built along the cliffs.

Surrounded by mountains and green grass, because it is in the highlands, it is sometimes covered by fog. There is also a beautiful flower garden, but because the buildings are empty and old, it makes this city scary.

The architecture of buildings in Dargvas City is unique, the buildings are in the form of blocks with conical roofs. Each building is about the same size, with one small window on the side wall.

There are 99 buildings in the city. Inside the building, there are bodies that are buried. The condition of the bodies is still good because the flesh and skin are still attached to the bones.

Although it has strange origins and scary stories, this city is visited by many tourists. The beauty of this city makes many tourists come to enjoy it.

Feeding Necropolis in Dargavs

The Necropolis Cemetery is a cemetery built to commemorate the services of several people. The cemetery is a memorial, and a building in Dargavs City is believed to be a necropolis cemetery.

In the cemetery, there are more than 10,000 human bones. The bones are scattered in almost every building in the cemetery.

The bones in the cemetery are estimated to be more than 700 years old. Around the bones that were lying around, were some of the owner’s possessions.

The Origin Story of Dargavs City

There is a story that is quite famous and is believed to be the origin of the formation of this city. The city is believed to have been invaded by the Mongol Tatars in the 18th century.

The local residents who live along the valley of the Caucasus Mountains, along the 17 kilometers, began to build a kind of small building on the ground to save space because of the invasion that occurred.

Another story says that the city of Dargavs was created by Indo-Iranian traditions and founded by a Sarmati, a person of Iranian descent who was an expert at riding horses and fighting.

They migrated and settled in southern Russia, and they buried their dead in the ground in honor of that region.

Legend of the Witches

The city of Dargavs has many mysterious stories. One legend that is quite scary has made this city known as Goroda Myortvhikh or the City of the Dead.

The legend of a beautiful woman who is a very famous witch in this city. At that time, there was a beautiful woman who suddenly appeared in the city.

All the men in town liked the girl. However, the identity of the woman is not known, and the origin of the woman’s appearance is also unknown to the townspeople.

Many men leave their families and jobs to pursue these women. The men who are fighting each other are fighting each other to be able to marry the woman.

Several men died in disputes over these women. The woman was taken to the council of elders, but the members of the council were captivated by the woman’s beauty.

Chaos ensued in the city, and finally, the woman was expelled from Dargavs City. The woman was nicknamed a witch by the townspeople.

Disease Outbreak Victims

According to one story, a plague hit Ossetia in the 17th century. Isolation is being carried out in several areas, the sick is isolating themselves in buildings that have been prepared in Dargavs.

They get food sent by their families and residents. Many died, and their bodies were left in these buildings.

This city is considered cursed. All residents try to avoid the curse for fear of not being able to get out of the city alive.