Hisoka Morow

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Hisoka Morow - Bio, Facts, Age, Quotes, Strengths, Weaknesses

Hisoka Morow is one of the antagonists in the Hunter X Hunter anime series, who is a unique character and also the most mysterious.

He is often referred to as an antagonist with an evil nature. However, in fact he appeared several times to help Gon and Killua, who are the main protagonists.

Hisoka is described as a man who has a selfish personality. He always does whatever he likes as long as it pleases him. Due to his selfish and manipulative nature, he is considered a sociopathic killer.

For physical appearance, he has a tall and muscular body. He also has light skin. That said, many consider Hisoka’s appearance to be similar to that of a magician or comedian.

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  • Real Name: Hisoka Morou (ヒソカ゠モロウ)
  • Stage Name: Hisoka Morow
  • Aso Knows As: The Magician, Grim Reaper, Hisoka, Hysoka, Hisoka the Magician
  • Nickname: Hisoka
  • Birthday: June 6
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Gender: Male
  • Hobbies: Fighting strong opponents, Playing cards, Performing magic tricks.
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 5
  • Anime Debut: Episode 6 (1999), Episode 3 (2011)
  • Japanese VA: Hiroki Takahashi (1999), Daisuke Namikawa (2011)
  • English VA: Brendan Hunter (1999), Keith Silverstein (2011)

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

  • Height: 187 cm (6′1.5″); 190+ cm (6′3″+)
  • Weight: 91 kg (200.2 lbs)
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hair Color: Blue (1999), Red/Fuchsia (2011)
  • Eyes Color: Blue (1999), Yellow (2011)
  • Body Measurement: –
  • Shoe Size: –
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –
  • Friends: Illumi Zoldyck


  • His appearance is clown-like from his hairstyle, painted teardrops, and so on.
  • At every turn in the story, he always changes his appearance.
  • He is considered an antagonist who is not truly evil.
  • Hisoka has an antisocial disorder that makes him uninterested in other people except Gon and Killua.
  • Hisoka loves chewing gum, thus his Nen is named after his favourite chewing gum.
  • His characters are simpler.
  • Hisoka’s hair color is inconsistent in the anime.
  • Besides his Transmutation Nen-type, Hisoka also can use Conjuration, Enhancement, Emmision, and Manipulation Nen-types.
  • Hiroki Takahashi, Hisoka’s dubber in Hunter x Hunter 1999, also dubbed Pariston Hill in Hunter x Hunter 2011.
  • His interest in Bachi is more blatant in the manga.
  • Hisoka’s Hunter exam introduction was edited twice, in the 1999 series and the 2011 series.
  • Number four is very fitted with Hisoka in the Japanese language, the word four is similar to the word ‘death’.

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  • Hisoka earned the rank of Floor Master for possessing ruthless, deceitful, yet graceful fighting skills.
  • He possesses expertise in Nen, flexibility, and tactical genius that allows him to quickly adapt to circumstances.
  • Hisoka also often uses Nen to perform tricks as he is a skilled magician.
  • In addition, he is also highly proficient in certain informatics.
  • Not only able to sense presence, Hisoka is also able to track the whereabouts or position of people hidden with Zetsu.
  • Hisoka was ranked third in the Phantom Troupe in arm-wrestling with his extraordinary strength.
  • He can lift five puppets and swing them easily with just one hand.
  • Hisoka was endowed with a powerful and sinister aura.
  • He can turn cards into deadly weapons.
  • He also has the ability to shoot with incredible accuracy.


  • His weakness is his clown-like appearance, so any skilled fighter who fights with him can defeat him.
  • He also has an arrogant attitude that makes him unstable and does not consider his safety on the battlefield.
  • His Nen ability can actually drain his aura and kill him.


“I’m not interested in broken toys.”

“Every step we take amends our fate.”

“A true magician never runs out of tricks.”

“I’ll wait. And when the fruit is ripe, I’ll pluck it.”

“Love and hate are two sides of the same coin.”

“It takes a mere second for treasure to turn to trash.”

“The grim reapers riddles don’t need anyone to answer.”

“Don’t look at me like that! You’re making me all… excited!”

“Those eyes. That look. That spirit… I can’t wait… to break you”

“It’s always so fascinating to watch. Maybe I hurt myself on purpose so I can see your work up close.”

“Don’t worry, I’m done with him. He’s alive, and he’s passed.As have you. You’ll make a good Hunter”

“Thing is dead people just don’t interest me. I prefer to look into the living, rather than the lifeless. Eyes, that is.”

“My greatest pleasure comes when such people crumple to their knees and I look down upon their disbelieving faces as their plans fail.”

“Opposites attract. I’d bet we’d get along. We could be great friends. But be careful, as Transmutersare fickle… What used to be valuable can instantly turn to chaff”

FAQs of Hisoka Morow

Who is Hisoka?

He is one of the antagonists in the Hunter X Hunter anime series.

How old is Hisoka?

He is 28 years old.

How tall is Hisoka?

He is 187 cm (6′1.5″).

How much does Hisoka weigh?

He is 91 kg (200.2 lbs).

Although Hisoka is an antagonist, he is not completely cruel like the antagonists in other anime series.