Alluka Zoldyck

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Alluka Zoldyck - Bio, Facts, Age, Height, Quotes, Strengths

Alluka Zoldyck is one of the characters in Hunter x Hunter, which is the most dangerous member of the Zoldyck family. This is because there is another soul inside her.

Silva calls Alluka a dark and uncontrollable child because she has no soul due to the circumstances of her birth. Besides, she could not feel emotions.

Alluka was usually very happy around Killua and trusted her very much, as she was the only one who showed her genuine affection.

For physical appearance, Alluka is described as having long black hair, blue eyes, and having pale skin. Her face is framed by two strands of hair, each of which is tied by four hair ribbons.

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  • Real Name: Aruka Zorudikku (アルカ゠ゾルディック)
  • Stage Name: Alluka Zoldyck
  • Nickname: Alluka
  • Birthday: –
  • Age: 11 Years Old
  • Gender: Female
  • Hobbies: –
  • Manga Debut: Chapter 229 (Photo), Chapter 321 (Debut)
  • Anime Debut: Episode 97 (2011) (Flashback), Episode 138 (2011) (Debut)
  • Japanese VA: Maaya Uchida

Height, Weight, and Physical Appearance

  • Height: 152 cm (5′)
  • Weight: –
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eyes Color: Blue (Anime), Black (as Nanika)
  • Body Measurement:-
  • Shoe Size: –
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: Silva Zoldyck
  • Mother: Kikyo Zoldyck (Mother)
  • Brother: Illumi Zoldyck (Oldest brother), Milluki Zoldyck (Older brother), Killua Zoldyck (Older brother), Kalluto Zoldyck (Youngest brother)
  • Sister: –
  • Grandfather: Zeno Zoldyck
  • Friends: –


  • She always wears the traditional dress of a Japanese girl and also wears boots.
    Alluka is the last child in the Zoldyck family.
  • Alluka has another name, “Nanika” which has a paler appearance and black eyes.
  • Her power is that she can grant someone’s wish after they grant Alluka’s 3 wishes.
  • Alluka’s request to the next person will be more difficult if the previous person who made the request to alluka cannot fulfill it.
  • If someone cannot fulfill her request 4 times, then that person and their loved ones will die.
  • Killua states that Alluka is a girl, which can convince us all that Alluka is indeed a girl.
  • Alluka’s appearance when he was asked by Killua to save Gon.
  • Alluka was considered a male by Milluki, Illumi, and even Morel.
  • No one except Killua knows about how Nanika works.
  • Killua was the first to notice that his sister was “possessed” by something that turned Alluka’s face into that of a Japanese horror movie ghost.
  • Nanika has killed around 80 people.
  • Yoshihiro Togashi, Hunter x Hunter author, said that Alluka has a Specialist-type Nen.
  • The Zoldyck family firmly believed that there is no limit to Alluka’s ability.

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  • Alluka shares an empathic connection with Nanika, so it allows her to feel her emotions.
  • Nanika possesses Alluka, who then uses her body as a host.
  • Nanika has the power of being able to grant a person’s wish or request, but only after three of
  • Alluka’s requests have been fulfilled by the person.
  • Alluka must comply with Nanika’s requests and help fulfill the conditions for Nanika’s power to become usable.


  • Nanika can only grant one request at a time.


“Kay. . “

“Carry me.”

“You won’t do it?”

“Give me your liver.”

“Then, Mitsuba, lift me up high.”

“Then, Kasuga, give me your spine.”

“If you’re nice to me, you have to be nice to Nanika too!! If you’re going to protect me, you have to protect Nanika too!! But if you’re going to be mean to Nanika, I hate you!!!”

FAQs of Alluka Zoldyck

Who is Alluka Zoldyck?

She is the daughter of the Zoldyck family in the anime Hunter x Hunter.

How old is Alluka Zoldyck?

She is 11 years old.

How tall is Alluka Zoldyck?

She is 152 cm (5′).

How much does Alluka Zoldyck weigh?

There’s no information about her weight.

Many people were afraid of Alluka, including her own family, because she had a different soul, except Killua who loved her and was not afraid of her, so Alluka loved him too.