Hunza, The Valley with Long-lived Residents

Hunza Valley, The Beauty of Lakes and Mountains is like Heaven on Earth

Hunza Valley is one of the most exotic places in Pakistan. The average population in this valley has a fairly long life.

This valley is often called “heaven on earth” because of its stunning natural beauty.

The Hunza Valley is in the northern part of the Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. The valley area is divided into three regions: Upper Hunza, Middle Hunza, and Lower Hunza.

The valley is surrounded by high peaks, including Rakaposhi, Ladyfinger Peak, and Hunza Peak.

Many scenic spots in the Hunza Valley offer beautiful views. There are lakes, forts, mountain peaks, and valleys.

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Access to Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is only 100 kilometers from Gilgit. If using the land route, it takes almost 2–3 hours from Gilgit.

The route from Gilgit to Hunza is known for its stunning views, winding mountain roads, and panoramic views of the Hunza River.

The distance from Lahore to Hunza is approximately 600 kilometers. Additionally, the road trip takes around 12–15 hours to reach Hunza from Lahore.

The Resident has a Long Life

The Hunza people have fair skin and light eyes. They claim to be descendants of Alexander’s lost army, when it invaded India.

The local languages ​​used by residents to interact are Brushuski, Wakhi, Shina, and Domki. However, local people also understand Urdu and English.

Most of the inhabitants of this valley have long lives. The average age can reach 100 years old. This is due to their lifestyle factors.

Residents of Hunza are known to consume little protein. They typically consume 1,900 calories daily, consisting of 50 grams of protein, 36 grams of fat, and 365 grams of carbohydrates.

In addition, 99% of people in Hunza are vegetarians. The food they consume daily mostly contains milk, nuts, cheese, and products that they produce themselves.

In addition, the Hunza people practice a ritual fast at least twice a week, consuming only apricot juice during that time.

Fasting has been proven to be able to control lust, maintain body stability, and make the body healthier. Therefore, many residents in this area live long and look youthful.

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Weather in Hunza Valley

The temperature in Hunza Valley varies throughout the year. In the summer, around June to August, the weather is quite ideal, with an average temperature of around 20 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Summer is the best time to explore the valley. Travel around the valley, enjoy the beauty of the lake, and trek in the mountains.

Winter occurs from December to February, and the weather is cold, with an average of -10 to -5 degrees Celsius. However, the scenery is actually beautiful because some areas are covered in snow.

Winter is the best time to enjoy the snowfall, go skiing, or simply relax by the fire and soak up the valley’s charms.


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