Naarden, a Small Town Surrounded by Fort and Moat

Naarden, a Small Town Surrounded by Forts and Moats

Naarden is a small town in the province of North Holland, Netherlands. This small town has a unique urban layout and is protected by a fort.

Naarden is located 24 km, or about 30 minutes drive, from Amsterdam.

The fort that protected the city is still well-preserved today. Some parts of the fort were updated to preserve them.

This small town has beautiful scenery. Naarden has many green trees and a ditch that can be traversed by boat.

Residential houses facing the ditch are usually equipped with park benches so that residents can relax and enjoy the beauty of the city.

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Naarden is a city within the Citadel

The Naarden area used to be a strategic area, which is why a fort was built around the city.

The fortress that surrounds the city of Nardeen is built with double security. Fortified walls and wide moats were built to double the city’s security.

After the First World War, the need for Naarden as a stronghold ended. The soldiers who were in the city then left, and the fort was turned into a monument and preserved to prevent it from being destroyed.

One of the bastions in Naarden has a museum about the fort, which provides a great deal of information about the city’s history.

Today, Naarden is one of the last remaining fortifications in the Netherlands and is the only fortification in Europe to have a unique double wall and moat.

Naarden has Beautiful Town Planning

When viewed from above, the layout of the city of Naarden is in the shape of a star. The residential area is in the center and is surrounded by a star-shaped moat.

An artificial ditch or river in Naarden is planted with trees on its banks. Residential housing and other buildings have a neat city layout.

The road by the river is also equipped with park benches and neat car parks. There is a large space for pedestrians.

European Style Building Architecture

The architecture of the building is typical of European buildings. There is a famous building, namely Het Arsenal.

This place used to be a warehouse for military equipment, especially weapons and ammunition.

In 1954, there was a big fire. However, fortunately, there are some parts of the building that can be saved.

Until 1987, this building belonged to the military. Currently, Het Arsenal is the office of a well-known architect in the Netherlands, namely Jan Des Bouvrie.

In addition, there is a building that has architecture like a castle. That building is a tourist information office in that city.

In addition, there is also a gate that has the architecture like a royal gate. The gate is the gate to Utrecht, namely Utrechtse Poort.

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Citizen Life in Naarden

The situation in the city of Naarden is quite peaceful and calming. Beautiful city planning and peaceful society.

During working hours, this small town is quiet. The streets were quiet, and there were only a few people doing outdoor activities.

Many people still travel by bicycle. Therefore, special bicycle parking can be found in several places.

In the river around the city, there are also many small boats. This small boat is also often used to travel within the city or just to enjoy the scenery by going around the city.

In addition, in Naarden, there are also many parks equipped with park benches. Residents usually relax in the garden surrounded by greenery.


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