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Nikki Lilly - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Nikki Lilly is a British YouTube Star, TikTok star, TV presenter, and author. She got popular from sharing contents about make-up tutorials, tips, baking tips, and beauty product hauls.

Not only that, but she also shared information about chronic illness, bullying, and mental health.

She’s known to suffer a rare medical condition called arteriovenous malformation (AVM) that visibly altered her physical appearance.


Nikki Lilly started her career when she was 8 years old by creating a YouTube channel. The first video she posted was called My first attempt at singing Over the Rainbow. In the video, she sings the song, Over the Rainbow.

The video received a good response from the audience, which motivated her to create even better content.

After that, she returned to creating content, but not about singing videos anymore, but videos about beauty vlogs.

She also made a video about Q&A, which contains questions from her loyal fans.

Not only her career on YouTube, but she also tried out her career on television. Evidenced by her appearance on a TV show, Junior Bake in 2016 and she became the winner.

In 2018, she became a presenter on one of the shows, Nikki Lilly Meets for CBBC. During her time as a presenter on the show, she interviewed many important figures.

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  • Real Name: Nikki Lilly Christou
  • Stage Name: Nikki Lilly
  • Nickname: Nikki
  • Birthday: July 22, 2004
  • Birthplace: England, United Kingdom
  • Zodiac Sign: Cancer
  • Nationality: British
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Profession: YouTube Star, TikTok Star, TV Presenter
  • Education:
  • Hobbies: Traveling
  • Facebook:
  • Twitter: @nikkilillyy
  • Instagram: @nikkililly_ 
  • TikTok: @nikkililly 
  • YouTube: Nikki Lilly

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

  • Height: 167 cm (5’6”)
  • Weight: 62 kg (136 lbs)
  • Blood Type:
  • Hair Color: Dark Brown
  • Eye Color: Dark Brown
  • Body Measurements: 32-28-30 (Bust -32, Waist -28, and Hips -30 inches)
  • Shoe Size:
  • Dress Size:


  • Father: George Christou
  • Mother: Tanya Christou
  • Brother: Alex Christou
  • Sister: Natasha Christou

Boyfriend & Dating History

Like others Instagram stars, Nikki Lilly tried to keep her love life private. It is not known if she has a relationship with a boyfriend or not.

There is not much information about her previous romantic relationship as well.

But, she is most likely single now. However, it is possible that she secretly has a boyfriend.

Net Worth

Nikki Lilly’s net worth is around $5 million. Her main net worth comes from YouTube.


Nikki Lilly started to share her videos on YouTube when she was 8. She also gained a lot of subscribers there. She certainly made a lot of money from that platform.

According to Social Blade, she could gather an estimated $6.9 thousand to $ 111.1 thousand per month. Then, for a year, she could gather around $83.3 thousand to $1.3 million.


With millions of followers, Nikki Lilly provides her merchandise for her fans. The merchandise is sold through her website

According to, the merchandise was sold for 20 to 40-pound sterling.


She and her parents established The Butterfly AVM Charity. This organization aims to raise awareness to and research funds for AVM condition, as well as to support those who affected by it and their families.


  • Nikki Lilly is a girl with a warm and jovial personality.
  • She has beautiful black eyes and long brown hair.
  • Nikki is of British ethnicity.
  • She was diagnosed with an arteriovenous malformation at the age of six. The disease makes her face look abnormal.
  • Besides being an active beauty vlogger, Nikki also has a knack for writing, where she has successfully launched a book, Feminists Don’t Wear Pink.
  • She and her parents have a noble heart by establishing a charity called The Butterfly AVM Charity.
  • Her ideal type is…
  • Her net worth is around $5 million.

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TV Shows

  • Nikki Lilly Bakes (CBBC 2020), as herself 
  • Celebrity Supply Teacher (BBC iPlayer 2020), as herself 
  • Step Up to the Plate (CBBC 2019), as herself 
  • Nikki Lilly Meets (CBBC 2018-2021), as herself (presenter)
  • Blue Peter (BBC1 2017-2020), as herself
  • My Life (CBBC 2017-2019), as herself
  • Steph’s Packed Lunch (Channel 4 2017-2020), as herself
  • Junior Bake Off (CBBC 2016), as herself (contestant)


  • 2019 International Emmy Kids Awards – Kids Programme – My LifeNikki Lilly MeetsNikki Lilly Bakes 
  • 2019 British Academy Children’s Awards BAFTA Special Award
  • 2016 Pride of Britain Awards .Child of Courage Award


“I think it’s really important to show the harder bits of life, because I feel like sometimes even with social media it can be a filter for only the good parts of life.”

“Me living with a chronic illness, it is hard sometimes and I feel like some kids or even adults forget how hard life can be. So I wanted to show not only the more positive parts of course, but the harder parts.”

“As I was seeing my friends less because I was unwell, I decided I needed to put my energy into something, so one day I filmed a video. It helped me escape the hardship of my condition.”

“My mum and dad were worried, they definitely were, but I think they realised if we disable comments at the beginning, because some people can be mean online, I think they realised long term this could be a great thing to rebuild the confidence I lost after I was diagnosed.”

“But one thing that I’ve learned is that even when life is incredibly tough, it doesn’t mean you should give up on hope. In fact, I’m living proof that the very hardest of times can lead to the most magical experiences.”

“After I was first diagnosed with my AVM, I felt quite lonely and isolated. I was spending all of my time at home as I had become very unwell. I felt really disconnected from the outside world and from other kids my age.”

“I started watching videos on YouTube as a form of escapism, imagining myself as part of the vloggers’ lives, like a friend. That’s also when I started developing my passion for makeup, and one day I had the idea to film a video of my own.”

“The response from viewers was incredible and really helped my confidence. I was overwhelmed with all the messages of love and support. Their comments helped me to see myself for who I really am, instead of feeling defined by my medical condition.”

“It hasn’t always been easy – I’ve experienced negativity and hate comments online and I’ve learnt that not everyone in the world is kind.”

“If someone is hateful, it says much more about them and their own lives and insecurities than it does about me.”

“I think it’s really important to show that life isn’t always perfect, and like everyone, I have bad days and good days, but hopefully if I share some of my harder times, it will help other people feel less alone in theirs.”

“Slowly learning how to tie a tie!”

“Can’t imagine myself wivout it now!!”

“i’d be lying if I said this was all the same week but at least I finished it for once!!”

“the same but v different.”

“Hey hi hello.”

Despite not having the same face as other people in general, it does not make Nikki Lilly sad and desperate.

Instead, she shows that by having physical limitations, one can still work and achieve dreams to become successful.