Vinicunca, the Enchantment of Rainbow Mountain with 14 Colors

Vinicunca, the Enchantment of Rainbow Mountain with 14 Colors

Vinicunca is a mountain that is famous for its unique color. This mountain is located in Cusco, Peru, South America.

This rainbow mountain has 14 different mineral colors. This rainbow mountain is also at an altitude of 5,200 m above sea level.

This mountain has been shining its colors since 2015, and since then, many people have been coming for trekking. Many come to explore the beauty of this mountain with various colors.

Therefore, conservation in the mountain environment must be carried out to protect the biodiversity on Rainbow Mountain.

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Origin of Colors in the Rainbow in Vinicunca

The rainbow colors on Mount Vinicunca are formed naturally. These colors are created due to geological activity and natural changes over the centuries.

The interactions of minerals and sediments that have occurred over millions of years give rise to the colors of the rainbow.

The color radiates on this mountain comes from red clay, calcium carbonate-rich sediment, ferromagnetic compounds, and a combination of other elements.

Initially, the colors on this rainbow mountain were not visible because they had been covered in snow for years. Climate change has melted the snow and the mountain’s rainbow colors are becoming more visible.

Different Colors on Each Layer

The various minerals contained in the soil layers on this mountain have given rise to different colors.

The pink color comes from red clay, mud, and sand. While the deep red color comes from clay and shale.

The white color comes from substances rich in calcium carbonate such as quartzite, sandstone, and marl. The brown color comes from rocks and magnesium.

The yellow color comes from the sulfide layer. Then, the green and blue colors come from a combination of phyllite and clay, which is rich in ferromagnetism.

Access to Mount Vinicunca

Mount Vinicunca is located about 100 km southeast of Cusco in the Andes region of Peru. Generally, the journey from Cusco to the starting point of the climb can take around 3–4 hours and is reached by car.

The trekking time required to reach the peak varies depending on each person’s speed. Mainly, it takes 2–3 hours.

During the trip to the mountain and when trekking, visitors will meet Llamas and Alpacas. This is certainly an interesting experience while exploring Mount Vinicunca.

If you would rather not do a long trek, you can rent a horse to explore the Rainbow Mountain area.

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Weather and Best Time to Visit Vinicunca

If you want to visit this mountain, it is recommended to come between March-November because this is the right time for trekking. In that month, the weather is also more stable, with less rain and clouds.

This rainbow mountain is quite high, that’s why it is advisable to prepare yourself. Trekking time will also take several hours.

It is also recommended to come in June-August because the weather is sunny. It is not recommended to come in January-February because the rainfall is quite high.

The best time to climb is in the morning because the weather tends to be stable. In the morning, the weather is sunny with few clouds, and the beauty of Rainbow Mountain will be clearly visible.

Please note that the weather in this mountain area changes quickly, from snow, rain, to hot sun in just one hour.

Therefore, it would be better if you join another group and be guided by a professional tour guide.