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Xobrooklynne - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Brooklynne Webb, or popularly known by her stage name Xobrooklynne, is a Canadian TikTok star, and singer who got famous for her make-up videos.

Aside from beauty-focused contents, she also shares other types of content on her TikTok channel. These include POV and cosplay videos.


Brooklynne started to post her videos on the TikTok platform during the early pandemic in 2020. She tried to make short videos by her talent by dancing and lipsync.

After that, she became viral after she posted her video just a few hours. It was a POV video about her cosplay with fictional characters, such as Maleficent from Disney. Besides that, she also did the make-up video.

She launched her YouTube account, titled XoBrooklynneVEVO on December 09, 2021.

Her debut video as a singer blown viral on the YouTube with title My Crown. In this case, she got many subscribers because of her passion as a performer.

Not only that, but she is also active as a model on her social media platform Instagram. She managed her pictures to collaborate with a reputable brand as an influencer.

She is listed as a signed artist at Next Step Talent, a talent management company that also houses Bailey Spinn, Sevryn, Trey Makai, Sydney Morgan, and many more.

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  • Real Name: Brooklynne Webb
  • Stage Name: Xobrooklynne
  • Nickname: Xobrooklynne
  • Birthday: March 31, 2004
  • Birthplace: Canada
  • Zodiac Sign: Aries
  • Nationality: Canadian
  • Religion: Christian
  • Profession: TikTok Star, Singer
  • Education: –
  • Hobbies:  Dance, musical theater, gymnastics, and swimming
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Instagram: @brooklynnexo
  • TikTok: @xobrooklynne
  • YouTube: Brooklynne Webb

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance

  • Height: 163 cm (5’4”)
  • Weight: 64 kg (143 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Blue
  • Body Measurements: 36-28-38 (Bust-36, Waist-28, and Hips-38 in inches)
  • Shoe Size: 8 UK


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: Caleb Webb, Hayden Webb
  • Sister: –

Girlfriend & Dating History

Sofia Gomez

It is not really known when they both started dating. However, they split up in August 2022, due to Sofia’s claim that Brooklynne has sexually assaulted her.

This breakup was very public as Sofia takes the matter to the public’s view, in which Brooklynne responded by refuting her claims.

Net Worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $250,000 – $500,000. Her wealth is earned from her job as a dancer, singer, TikTok star, and Instagram star.

The major sources of her profit are from adsense, brand deals, sponsorships, and many more. With this in mind, she entertains her fans by posting content on her social media accounts and her personal website.


According to Social Blade, she earns $1.2 thousand to $19.4 thousand per month or equivalent to $14.6 thousand to $233 thousand per year from her YouTube channel’s revenue alone.


Being Accused of Sexually Assaulting Her Ex-Girlfriend

On August 2022, TikTok star Sofia posted a video titled Explanation in which she claimes that Brooklynne, her ex-girlfriend has sexually violated her multiple times during the course of one night.

She claimed about how she didn’t want to broadcast their breakup due to the way they split up, but stated that Brooklynne has tried to assault her several times despite her refusal and attempts to stop her.

Brooklynne responded to the scandal by telling a wholly different narrative compared to Sofia’s.

She explained on that particular night, they were together in Sofia’s apartment after having a mini gathering with some friends.

According to her, Sofia brought an adult toy which they carried along consensually. She claimed that the relationship with Sofia is consensual and that she never used that toy to touch her.

They just got closer when Sofia stated that she’s exhausted and want to go to sleep, without even one statement about feeling uncomfortable.

However, approximately a week later, she called Brooklynne and expressed her desire to split up because Brooklynne has made her feel uncomfortable.


  • Brooklynne born from white Canadian dad and mom. Thus, she belongs to the white race.
  • She was born and raised in Canada with her two brothers, Caleb and Hayden.
  • She posted her collaboration on TikTok duet with Lois Mia Chapman in 2020.
  • Her interest in music brought her to become a singer. She has a song entitled My Crown.
  • As a child, she remained as dancer and won many competitions.
  • She enjoys ice skating, traveling, and watching movies.
  • Horror is her most like movie genre.
  • She loves numerous colors, such as beige, red, black, pink, and white.
  • Her favorite make-up brands, are Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Huda, and Make up Forever.
  • Bebe Rexha was featured in her TikTok video.
  • Her most-favorite character of all time is Princess Belle Disney.
  • She has her personal website xobrooklynne.com.

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TV Show

  • The Buzz (Smile TV | 2022), as herself


  • My Crown – Xobrooklynne (2022)

Music Video Appearances

  • My Crown – Xobrooklynne (2022)


“I am well-known for my Tik Toks, but I have put out music, spoken at conferences about women’s empowerment and other key issues.”

“I am so lucky to have the success and career I have so far. I will say I put so much love and time into my craft, constantly being a perfectionist in making my content.”

“Everyone deserves love and respect regardless of what their body looks like, and if I can make at least one person feel a little bit better about how they look in the mirror, that means the world to me.”

“My advice is to try your best to cut off the negative people in your life who try to put you down or put images in your head that make you feel like you’re not enough.”

“Sometimes the best thing to do is go back to basics and don’t be afraid to press the reset button.”

“I want to be known as someone who makes others feel better about themselves in their daily lives, whether it’s about helping people feel better about their body image, their mental health, or knowing that nobody is perfect, and that’s okay.”

“My advice for other women trying to launch a career in entertainment is to trust your gut. So many times in my career, I’ve made it so much farther than I’ve thought by trusting myself and trusting my gut instincts more than anything negative someone has to say.”

“They think I’m a cringy girl boss millennial, even though I’m 17. They think I’m dumb, too. Everyone thinks I’m dumb.”

“Everything I do is very deliberate. I’ve been able to survive on this app because I know how people are going to react.”

“I definitely feel like I’ve been held to a different standard. Maybe it’s just because I’ve always been outspoken about the way that I feel, and people know that they can get a reaction out of me. Or maybe it’s literally just because I’m a 17-year-old girl.”

“When I actually started to be more outspoken about the issues, that’s definitely when I noticed a little split. And then especially when I got cancelled, back in January … at that point, people were looking for a reason to hate me.”

“I think that people forget creators are human beings and can have human reactions to things. One of the reasons that I think people might treat me like this, that’s rang true throughout all of this, is that they don’t see me as a human being.”

“I did almost all the marketing. There was a little bit of help from my team, but I’m gonna take the credit here! I came up with a lot of marketing strategies on my own.”

“People always complain about influencers making bad music and blowing up, but imagine if instead of blowing up these terrible songs, people turned it into something positive and built up the talented artists that they know and love and support.”

“As much as you think that you know people online, you probably don’t. As much as I wish that everyone online can know exactly who I am, you’re not going to really know exactly who I am.”

Xobrooklynne is a passionate entertainer by her content, such as make-up, talent videos, and other fun topics on her social media. Her talent and positive content are worth following as a social media influencer.


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