Bravo, My Life – Cast & Summary

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Bravo, My Life - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Heart waming Korean drama released on KBS TV, Bravo, My Life. This drama will be played by Nam Sang Ji, Yang Byung Yeol, Lee Si Gang, and Cha Min Ji.

Nam Sang Ji previously has played in the drama Hospital Playlist (2020) and Mr. Sunshine (2018).

Meanwhile, Yang Byung Yeol has appeared in the drama The Red Sleeve (2021) and Young Lady and Gentkemen (2022).

Not only that, but Lee Si Gang also joined this drama after his presence in the Man in a Veil (2021) and Happy Sisters (2018)

On the other side, Cha Min Ji joined in this drama after playing in the dramas Love ft Marriage and Divorce (2022) and Oh! Master (2021)

Bravo, My Life was released in April 11, 2022 to replace All Around Wife drama.

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  • Title: Bravo, My Life / 으라차차 내 인생
  • Also known as: Cheer Up My Life / Eurachacha My Life / Eurachacha Nae Insaeng
  • Genre: Comedy, Romance, Family
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Kim Min Seo
  • Producer: Seong Jun Hae
  • Screen Writer: Gu Ji Won
  • Production Company: KBS Drama Center
  • Network: KBS
  • Episodes: 120
  • Air Dates: April 11, 2022 – September 23, 2022
  • Air Times: Monday – Friday, 20:30 KST
Bravo, My Life - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Synopsis of Bravo, My Life

Seo Dong He (Nam Sang Ji) is a cheerful girl who has a dream as a designer even though she comes from a poor family.

She tried to achieve her dream by working hard and raising her nephew by herself.

In the middle of her journey, she meets Kang Cha Yeol (Yang Byeong Yeol) who is raised in a wealthy family but has struggled with his father who wants Cha Yeol to grow in his factory.

Can she achieve her dream after all of the strugles?

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Main Cast

Nam Sang Ji as Seo Dong He

She is an ordinary girl from a poor family who wants to be a designer. Dong He tries to work to achieve her dream.

In the middle of her struggle, she is taking care of her nephew and also meets a mysterious man from a wealthy family.

Yang Byeong Yeol as Kang Chae Yeol

He is the son of a wealthy family that runs a business. Chae Yeol has a dream to achieve his dream at the United states but realizes he can’t life without his father’s financial support.

So, he accepts his father wish’s to stay in the company for a year.

Lee Si Gang as Kang Seong Wook

He is the only son of from a rich family who runs the Inha Fashion conglomerate.

Cha Min Ji as Baek Seung Joo

She has a long friendship with Chae Yeol and having a crush on him for years. Min Ji also became the marketing manager of Inha Fashion.

Supporting Cast

Dong Hee Family 

  • Lee Han Wi as Kim Jeong Ho (Seo Dong Hee’s Uncle)
  • Kim Hee Jong as Seo Myeong Seok ( Seo Dong Hee’s Mother)
  • Hong Ah Reum as Park Ja Young
  • Kim Hae Yeon as Seo Hye Na
  • Kim Young Ok as Seo Dong Hee’s Grand Mother
  • Seol Seol Hwan as Seo Jae Seok
  • Lim Chae Won as Kim Jong Un
  • Kum Ho Seok as Kim Tae Pyung

In Ha’s Family

  • Sunwoo Jae Duk as Kang In Gyu
  • Park Hae Mi as Choi Mi Kyung


  • Jo Mi Ryung as Bang Hye Ran
  • Lee Dae Yeon as Jang Hyun Seok
  • Kim Do Kyung as Lee Jong Min

OST (Original Soundtrack)

Trailer of Bravo, My Life