Dr. Park’s Clinic – Cast & Summary

Main Cast

Lee Seo Jin as Dr. Park Won Jang

He is a skilled internist who tries to open up his own medical clinic, but everything goes unexpectedly. His places are always empty from patients that brings him into bankruptcy

Ra Mi Ran as Sa Morim

Wonjang’s Wife who always listens to medical advice from television than her husband’s words. She also has two sons from Won Jang.

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Supporting Cast

  • Cha Chung Hwa as Cha Mi Young (The Head Nurse at Park won Jang’s Medical Clinic)
  • Shin Eun Jung as Sunwoo Soo Ji (The Director of an Anal Surgery)
  • Kim Kwang Kyu as Ji Min Ji (An Obstetrician and Gynecologist)
  • Jung Hyung Suk as Choi Hyung Suk (The Director of the Urology Department)
  • Seo Bum Jun as Cha Ji Hoon (A new nurse under Park Won Jang’s Medical Centre)
  • Joo Wo Yeon as Park Min Gu (Park Won Jang’s First Son)
  • Kim Kang Hoon as Park Dong Gu (Park Won Jang’s Second Child and Youtuber)

OST (Original Soundtrack)

Trailer of Dr. Park’s Clinic  

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