10 Kinds of Job for Mom with Flexible Time

10 Kinds of Job Options for Mom with Flexible Time
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Being a housewife is not an easy thing to do, because you have to be smart in managing time to do housework, take care of children, and serve your husband.

For the sake of economic demands, many mothers prefer to work full time to facilitate family finances.

It turns out that this is the best solution for mothers to keep earning even though they don’t have to work full time.

By looking for part-time work opportunities, mothers can manage their time flexibly between work and homework. Here we recommend some jobs that your mom can do with flexible time.

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1. Freelancer

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

Work without a contract with anyone, so you can flexibly manage your time to do so. Freelancers that can be said to be freelance or part-time jobs are independent jobs for themselves.

Some examples of jobs included in Freelancers such as web designer, graphic designer, content and copywriter, or the like. This job can be an option for mothers without having qualified skills.

2. Teaching

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

Another opportunity for mothers who are patient and can teach children equal to elementary to junior high school, teaching work is an option to increase income.

Moms can provide private lessons or the like for school children by providing a place at home.

In addition to teaching subjects related to school subjects, there are options for teaching interests and talents. For example, teaching music, sports, painting, singing, or so on.

3. Translator

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

One option, if mothers have good foreign language skills, can look for opportunities as translators.

Several things can be done, such as translating books/comics, becoming an interpreter who translates someone’s babble, or even in the field of tourism as a Tour Guide.

4. Content Writer

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

Still related to writing, but writing for other websites (not personal). The era like today is an era where the website is one of the sources for getting information around us.

Therefore, many website writers need additional personnel to help them complete the piled-up work.

This can also be a good choice for mothers to increase their income and also update information.

5. Quiz / Hunter Prizes

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

Social media is a means of discovering today’s money-making opportunities. There are so many accounts on social media that only giveaway to active social media users.

This can be an opportunity to add followers on social media accounts, so they can earn money from these social media applications if they reach their fame target.

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6. Create Homemade Products

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

Especially for mothers who have handicrafts, they can use their hobbies as a source of income. For homemade, there are many crafts that you can make at home.

Examples include making key chains, making decorative ornaments, even making snacks, or selling home-cooked food.

Many mothers prefer to apply homemade making because it can be done while relaxing at home and uses a very flexible time.

7. Tailor

10 Kinds of Job Options for Moms with Flexible Time

For mothers who have a sewing machine at home, it can be used as an income opportunity as well.

Sewing is quite an important job for a clothing seller or even for those who want to repair damaged clothes.

If you live in an area with a large population, this might be a good opportunity to help the needs of the local community who want to shrink clothes or even make clothes according to customer requests.

8. Trip Planner / Tour Guide

Trip Planner / Tour Guide

For the next option, recommendations for mothers who have a hobby of traveling. Become a Tour Guide for both foreign and local immigrants who are on vacation out of town.

Travel Planner itself requires a community or company to compile a complete itinerary for those who want to take a vacation.

9. Photographer


Being documentation at various important events is the job of a photographer. Nowadays, it is very popular to use photographers to capture important moments.

Many people use the services of a photographer in events such as weddings, graduations, even events such as seminars, and the like.

It’s fun work because playing a role in capturing someone else’s happy moment gives that person a contagious sense of happiness.

10. Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist

Women are known as someone who likes the charm of good looks, therefore most women are involved in the world of Make Over.

One option to develop talent into an income opportunity is to become a Makeup Artist.

Most women always want to look special in every happy moment, therefore there is no harm in hiring a Makeup Artist to get the privilege of looking full of charm.

This is a great opportunity for mothers who have a hobby of Make Over for additional income.

From these various recommendation points, which one do you choose to be an income opportunity?

Make sure to choose the one that fits the existing conditions, Moms! Good luck and success to all mothers!