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Lee Soojin (Weeekly) - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Lee Soojin was first well-recognized because of her participation in the program called MIXNINE in 2017. In the program, she was a representative for FAVE Entertainment.

She was such a bright contestant in that era, where she always got the top 9 ranks.

Unfortunately, in December 2017, she got a car accident with Bowon and Soomin. This accident made her drop out of MIXNINE because she had to get surgery.

One year later, her agency revealed Soojin as FAVEGIRLS’ first member.

Her appearance then began to continue when she finally became a Weeekly member on 11th May 2020.

Soojin then debuted with Weeekly on 30th June 2020 by releasing their first mini-album called We Are.


  • Real Name: Lee Soo Jin (이수진)
  • Stage Name: Lee Soojin (이수진)
  • Nickname: Alpha Dog, Genius Soojin, Pink Princess
  • Birthday: December 12, 2001
  • Birthplace: Seoul, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Position: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Rapper, Visual, Center (Weeekly)
  • Height: 165 cm (5’5″)
  • Weight: –
  • Shoe Size: 235 mm
  • Blood Type: A
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: Singer, Dancer, Rapper
  • Education: Dongguk University
  • Hobbies: Listening to music, Searching and watching seniors’ stages, Writing a diary
  • Representative Day of the Week: Sunday
  • Representative Planet: Sun
  • Representative Color: Pink
  • Parents: –
  • Sibling: –
  • Boyfriend: –
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Instagram: –
  • YouTube: –


  • Her family consists of her, sister, and her parents.
  • She has an English name, Kate.
  • She majored in the Department of Drama at her university.
  • Soojin is really good at baking, doing dance covers, and acting.
  • Previously, she had attended a dance academy, D.E.F Dance Skool Academy.
  • Before she attended Dongguk University, she had attended Jamsil Middle School and Youngpa Girls’ High School.
  • She has a lot of favorite foods, such as, pizza, desserts, macaron, tteokbokki, and healthy foods.
  • Soojin hates bell pepper, pupa, celery, and paprika.
  • Purple, beige, and pink are her most favorite colors.
  • She has some habits, such as always apply her lip balm, twist some shirt’s hem, and also press some of her own fingers.
  • She will eat bell flowers, red ginseng, and root jam that combines to be a yogurt every day.
  • When she did an audition, she sang 2 songs, Kim Nayoung’s Hope and Hope and also Taeyang’s Eyes, Nose, Lips.
  • Soojin has the longest period of training, 4 years 2 months.
  • Actually, in her previous life, she was shy but lately, Soojin became very outgoing.
  • She did a modeling job for ETUDE’s Spring Collection.
  • She has a lot of role models, such as Apink, IU, Park Hyoshin, and OH MY GIRL.
  • She once became a contestant for MIXNINE alongside Soeun and Jiyoon.
  • When she was still in MIXNINE, she became the center for a performance Just Dance.
  • When she was in MIXNINE, she has the nickname Genius Soojin, according to her amazing skill to choose the teammates.
  • 235 mm is Soojin’s shoe measurement.
  • She got a car accident alongside Bowon and Soomin in 2017. This accident makes them couldn’t continue the competition.
  • Midnight in Paris is Soojin’s favorite film.
  • She is Jiyoon’s roommate in their dorm.
  • Forsythia is Soojin’s favorite flower.
  • She said that her MBTI type initially was ENTJ but changed into INFJ.
  • She said that laugh is her charm.
  • Soojin has a motto to be passionate about trying to do the best in every moment.
  • This accident also made her experience trauma in her stomach, so she had to get surgery.
  • Soojin said that she wants to shoot a commercial for make-up.
  • Her ideal type is…

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Pics of Lee Soojin

1. A cute hairstyle for a cute person

Soojin WEEKLY - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

2. The vintage outfits match her very well

Soojin WEEKLY - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

3. Soojin’s candid pose is really well-served

Soojin WEEKLY - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

4. An angel has just arrived

WEEKLY - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

5. Soojin looks awesome in a T-shirt with her favorite color

WEEKLY - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Lee Soojin is not just a perfect idol, but she is also a good leader. She maintains her members respectfully and with her deepest love. Such a lovely girl!