Norilsk, One of the Polluted City in the North of the Earth

Norilsk, the Gloomiest City in the Far North of Russia

Norilsk is one of the saddest cities in Russia. The northernmost city in the world, this city is located 2,897 kilometers from Moscow, Russia.

The atmosphere in this city is gray with a lot of pollution. Extreme pollution has damaged the city’s environment.

This city is far from other areas, the location is very remote.

The only access to the city is by plane or ferry during the summer. You must have special permission to enter the city.

Access to this city is difficult, but there are still many people living in this city. About 170,000 residents still live in this city.

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Polluted Environment

Norilsk has abundant metallic mineral wealth. Therefore, many mines were established and exploited natural wealth.

The city is the largest nickel mining center in Russia. The largest nickel company is Norilsk Nickel, which produces high-quality palladium, platinum, cobalt, copper, and nickel. Norilsk Nickel has been around since 1935.

This company is accused of being the main actor of pollution that occurred in the city.

The impact of mining in this city causes environmental pollution. The Daldykan River, which was once a favorite fishing spot for local residents, is now declared unsafe.

The clear water turns gray due to exposure to harmful metal pollutants. Clean air turns into unhealthy air and contains pollution.

Currently, Norilsk is one of the 10 most polluted cities in the world. Every year, nickel factories emit more than two million tons of toxic gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, carbon, and phenols.

The poison gas causes acid rain, which kills many trees.

No Sun in Norilsk

Norilsk is located in Arctic permafrost, which means it doesn’t get much sun. Winter lasts nine months, summer is short and not enough for the snow to melt.

During winter, the sun does not rise for up to two months. This made the atmosphere in this city cold and depressing.

The average temperature in January reaches -30 °C. However, the lowest temperature record in this city is -53 °C.

Impact on Population Health

The extreme pollution that occurred in Norilsk has an adverse impact on humans.

The life expectancy of a worker in Norilsk is only 59 years, which is 10 years shorter than the average Russian. The cancer rate in this city is also twice that of Russia.

Extreme temperatures and the presence of the sun also had a negative impact on the population.

Residents can get polar T3 syndrome, which is caused by a lack of sunlight. This syndrome causes forgetfulness, mood swings, and cognitive impairment.

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Building Architecture in Norilsk

As a city located in a cold region, the architecture of this city is not too special. The building is made of strong and towering construction.

Buildings are built on permafrost, which is the frozen layer of ice beneath the earth’s surface, which can contain soil, gravel, and sand. So that the entrance is made higher so that it is not blocked by snow.

The building is made sturdy to survive in the event of strong winds and storms. Additionally, the buildings are lined up to form a wind-proof wall.

Buildings are made close together and tight, leaving little space for footpaths. The majority of towering block-shaped buildings.


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