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Seo Kang Joon - Biography, Profile, Facts, and Career

Seo Kang Joon is a South Korean actor and singer.

He debuted in the entertainment industry as a member of 5urprise, before expanding his career into acting and appearing in drama series such as Cheese in the Trap (2016), Are You Human? (2018), and When The Weather Is Fine (2020).


Seo Kang Joon started his entertainment career by becoming a part-time model before he debuted as an actor and a member of 5urprise.

Later, Fantagio Entertainment created a program called Actor’s League to search for new potential actors, which this Libra actor had successfully passed in.

Kang Joon then became a trainee there and initially debuted as an actor by appearing in To The Beautiful You (2012) as a cameo.

In 2013, this handsome actor then debuted as a singer by joining 5urprise as a member.

After training several years as an actor, Kang Joon finally got his first major role in a romantic comedy-drama series, Cunning Single Lady (2014).

His role in that drama later rewarded him with various awards, such as the Best New Actor for the 2014 Korea Drama Awards.

He then continued his acting career by appearing in different drama series, What Happens to My Family (2014), which was followed by Splendid Politics (2015).

During those years, Kang Joon also acted in various movies, such as My Love, My Bride (2014) and also Summer Snow (2015).

Kang Joon already rose to fame before 2016, but his career breakthrough was his role in Cheese in The Trap (2016).

That opportunity then was followed by his next acting projects, such as Entourage (2016).

Two years later, he gained more popularity by starring in a Sci-Fi drama series, Are You Human? (2018) where he got double characters as a robot and also a wealthy heir.

He then continued his acting career by starring in Watcher (2019), When the Weather Is Fine (2020), Love Refresh (2021), and Grid (2022).

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  • Real Name: Lee Seung Hwan (이승환)
  • Stage Name: Seo Kang Joon (서강준)
  • Nickname: Kang Joon
  • Birthday: October 12, 1993
  • Birthplace: Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea
  • Zodiac Sign: Libra
  • Nationality: South Korean
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: Actor, Singer
  • Education: Sanbon High School, Dong Seoul College (Majored in Performing Arts)
  • Hobbies: Horseback riding, Playing tennis, Playing golf
  • Facebook: –
  • Twitter: –
  • Threads: –
  • Instagram: @seokj1012
  • TikTok: –
  • YouTube: –

Height, Weight, & Physical Appearance 

  • Height: 183 cm (6’0″)
  • Weight: 65 kg (143 lbs)
  • Blood Type: AB
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Body Measurements: 44-28-40 (Bust -44, Waist -28, and Hips -40 inches)
  • Shoe Size: 11.5 (US)


  • Father: –
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: –
  • Sister: –

Girlfriend & Dating History

He has never been involved in a publicly known romance nor being rumored to date anyone. The actor most likely wants to keep his personal and dating life private.

Net Worth 

Multiple sources estimated his net worth to be around $1 million to $5 million. He appears to earn most of his income through working as an actor in the South Korean entertainment industry.

Plastic Surgery

There is no known information on whether he has undergone any cosmetic surgery to change his visual appearance.


  • Kang Joon once studied in Malaysia when he was just a 17-years-old teenager for approximately 1 year 5 months.
  • He loves taking care of his skin.
  • On a daily basis, Kang Joon usually puts a lot of skin lotions on his face.
  • He also usually uses hydrating creams to keep the moisture on his face.
  • Kang Joon is pretty good at playing the piano.
  • He loves doing sport.
  • During his spare time, Kang Joon loves watching movies.
  • He made a good friendship with Eunwoo from ASTRO.
  • Kang Joon enlisted the military service on November 23, 2021.
  • His ideal type is a girl with a pretty smile.

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  • A Year-End Medley (2021), as Lee Kang
  • Summer Snow (2015), as Han Sang Gyu
  • The Beauty Inside (2015), as Woo Jin (cameo)
  • My Love, My Bride (2014), as Joon Soo

Drama Series

  • Grid (Disney+ | 2022), as Kim Sae Ha
  • Love Refresh (tvN D STUDIO | 2021), as Seo Nam Joo
  • When the Weather Is Fine (JTBC | 2020), as Im Eun Seob
  • Watcher (OCN | 2019), as Kim Young Goon
  • The Third Charm (JTBC | 2018), as Oh Joon Young
  • Are You Human? (KBS2 | 2018), as Nam Shin / Nam Shin III
  • Idol Fever (Naver TV Cast | 2017), as cameo
  • Entourage (tvN | 2016), as Cha Young Bin
  • Entertainer (SBS | 2016), as Lee Sang Won (cameo)
  • Cheese in the Trap (tvN | 2016), as Baek In Ho
  • To Be Continued (Naver TV Cast | 2015), as Ah Rin’s brother
  • Splendid Politics (MBC | 2015), as Hong Joo Won
  • The Best Future (Naver TV Cast | 2014), as Choi Go
  • What Happens to My Family? (KBS2 | 2014), as Yoon Eun Ho
  • Cunning Single Lady (MBC | 2014), as Gook Seung Hyun
  • The Suspicious Housekeeper (SBS | 2013), as Choi Soo Hyuk
  • Good Doctor (KBS2 | 2013), as disorderly student (cameo)
  • To the Beautiful You (SBS | 2012), as student (cameo)


  • You Are My Love (2018) – Are You Human? OST

TV Shows

  • Busted! (Netflix | 2021), as guest
  • Law of the Jungle in Tonga (SBS | 2016), as cast member
  • Roommate – Season 1 & 2 (SBS | 2014-2015), as cast member


  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor in a Mid-length Drama – Are You Human?
  • 2018 KBS Drama Awards – Best Couple (with Gong Seung Yeon) – Are You Human?
  • 2017 Asia Artist Awards – Best Icon Award, Actor
  • 2016 Asia Artist Awards – Best Entertainer Award, Actor
  • 2015 Korea Drama Awards – Hot Star Award – Splendid Politics
  • 2014 Korea Drama Awards – Best New Actor – Cunning Single Lady


  • 2018 Korea Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor – Are You Human?
  • 2016 tvN10 Awards – Made in tvN, Actor in Drama – Cheese in the Trap
  • 2015 Korea Drama Awards – Excellence Award, Actor – Splendid Politics
  • 2014 KBS Drama Awards – Best New Actor – What Happens to My Family?
  • 2014 MBC Drama Awards – Best New Actor – Cunning Single Lady
  • 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards – Best Male Newcomer – Roommate
  • 2014 Seoul International Youth Film Festival – Best New Actor – Cunning Single Lady


“I don’t really draw pictures of the future in my head. I’m obviously curious. However, the future will one day become the present anyway. That’s why I try to live in the moment.”

“I don’t think age has a big meaning. I believe your thirties is just a difference in number. If I had to purposely give it some kind of meaning, I’d say that I have a lot of excitement. I’m looking forward to the projects and people I’ll meet in the future.”

“Although it’s important to take into consideration the opinions of others, I believe you ultimately have to make the best decision yourself. That way, you don’t blame others or have regrets even if the results aren’t great.”

“When I watch the projects of actors I like and respect, I am overwhelmed with emotions mixed with jealousy. In my opinion, my thoughts like ‘Why can’t I act like that? I work hard too, but what do they do to go beyond that? What kind of concerns did they have while filming this scene?’ become the drive that help me work even harder.”

“Besides acting, there’s nothing else I’m greedy for. I tend to be indifferent. If I want to do something, I do it, and I don’t measure or calculate it. I just go with the flow.”

“Whether it’s work or entirely personal matters, you need time to take one step back and see things from a wider perspective. In the past, I felt a lot of pressure regarding filming sets, but when I thought about it while resting, it was a place I missed and was thankful for. Where I also have many happy memories.”

“During my hiatus while I’m serving in the military, I’ll have time to look back on myself and think.”


Who is Seo Kang Joon?

He is a South Korean actress and singer.

Who is Seo Kang Joon’s real name?

His real name is Lee Seung Hwan (이승환).

What makes Seo Kang Joon famous?

He’s famous as a member of 5urprise, before expanding his career into acting and appearing in drama series such as Cheese in the Trap (2016), Are You Human? (2018), and When The Weather Is Fine (2020).

Where is Seo Kang Joon from?

He was born in Gunpo, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea.

How old is Seo Kang Joon?

He was born in 1993, and he is 31 years old as of 2024.

When does Seo Kang Joon celebrate his birthday?

He celebrates on the 12th of every October.

How tall is Seo Kang Joon?

His height is 6’0″ or 183 cm.

Who are Seo Kang Joon’s parents?

He did not reveal the names of his father and mother.

Is Seo Kang Joon married?

He is not married. Furthermore, there is no information on whether he is in a relationship or not.

Who is Seo Kang Joon’s ex-girlfriend?

His ex-girlfriend is not known.

How rich is Seo Kang Joon?

His net worth is around $1 million to $5 million.

What is Seo Kang Joon’s nationality?

His nationality is South Korean.

Seo Kang Joon is one of the most skillful Korean actors in the acting industry. He is always ready to take different roles to explore his career.