Wuyuan, Village is like a Beautiful Painting

Wuyuan, Country is like the Most Beautiful Painting in China

Wuyuan located in northeastern Jiangxi Province, China. This location is bordered by Zhejiang Province to the east and Anhui to the north.

This district is one of the most beautiful villages in China. In addition, this district has historic buildings and some well-preserved ancient architecture.

This district is even a Major Historical and Cultural Site Protected at the National Level.

Many people in this village work as farmers. About 83% of this village’s land is mountains and hills.

In this area, there are about 50 old villages that were built during the Tang Dynasty, which was between 618 and 907.

The long history and remote location of the villages in this region still maintain their traditional culture.

This area is an ecological and cultural center with ancient temple buildings. River water flows through green trees and an expanse of rice fields.

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Village with Ancient Architecture

As an ancient rural area, Wuyuan has many buildings with ancient architectural power. Until now, this traditional architecture is still maintained.

The buildings in this area were built in the 740s. The location of this area is remote, and transportation facilities are inadequate.

Buildings with white walls and black roofs can be found here. Some white walls had faded to gray with age.

Home decorations such as old lanterns hang a lot in the houses. The buildings in this place are like paintings of ancient houses in China.

Wuyuan as a Sea of ​​Flowers

Wuyuan also has the “Sea of ​​Flowers” area in Jianjing. This place is known as The Terraced Rapeseed Flower Hills.

Green mountains with ancient architecture are even more beautiful with flower beds. The flowers in this area are rapeseed flowers.

The local people interpret the rapeseed flower as the messenger of spring. The best time for these flowers to bloom is in the spring.

The peak of this flower bloom is usually in the second week of March. In the fields of rapeseed flowers, sometimes people hold performances of local customs.

During the flowering season, the rapeseed flower fields will be yellow. When this flower blooms, the flower fields will look like a sea of ​​yellow.

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Wuyuan Society Life

The life of the people in Wuyuan is very peaceful, they live in harmony with nature. Their life is also typical of life in the village.

Common activities that are often carried out by the community include planting radishes. This activity has been a symbol of spring activities since ancient times.

The people cultivate turnips and plant flowers. People regularly sow lips in the fall in advance, which will be harvested in the summer of the following year.

When the harvest season arrives, in the residential areas of residents, you will see the crops that are being dried in the sun.

The region also contains the famous tea plantations of Jinzu. The area of ​​this tea plantation is about 600 hectares.

Therefore, many people work on plantations. Tea farmers are regularly seen carrying gardening tools and walking among the tea gardens.


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