Center of The Universe, the Circle that Reflects Loud Echo

Center of The Universe, The Circle That Reflects Loud Echo

Center of The Universe is a middle concrete circle located on a pedestrianized bridge in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma. This circle is very popular with the mysterious acoustic, as the sound echoed back several times louder.

It has 30 inches in diameter and was made by large circle of bricks, surrounded by one more circle made up of 13 bricks and adds up to 8 feet in diameter.

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Phenomenon Of Amplified Echo Inside Circle

The sonic effects from the circle can be heard if someone steps inside the circle and echo from any noise will reflect louder, but it will distort outside or across the circle.

There are many unexplained theories of acoustic anomaly of Center of The Universe. Many beliefs also say that it was made by a vortex, where all the cosmic energies meet at one point.

Most likely, the sound effects caused by the structures of wider planters and benches located less than 10 feet from the center, which bounces back and reflects the noises as the waves, create the effects as well.

The amplifying experience is actually wasn’t planned at the very beginning, since it was the original location of bridge and pedestrian in downtown Tulsa.

Despite the concrete circle mark and powerful echo effects, Center of The Universe is surrounded by many historical buildings in town.

Surround With Amazing Historical Buildings

Center of The Universe can be accessible from Boston Avenue pedestrian overpass, directly northwest of the Oklahoma Jazz Hall of Fame and north of the Williams Center Tower.

There is also famous sites around Center of The Universe, such as the ‘Artificial Cloud’ statue, Brady Arts District and more.

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The History Of Center of The Universe

In 1980, there was a big fire that burned down the Tulsa Arts District and headed south along South Boston Avenue and caused major damaged to the bridge.

After the damage, the bridge has rebuilt and reconstructed into a pedestrian walkway.

In 1983, John Laur is the architecture who contributed and made the circle design on the floor of the bridge in downtown. He made the 2.5 meter small circle pattern on the bridge that is now famous as The Center of Universe.


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