Helltown, a Haunted Abandoned Village and Dark Myths

Helltown, A Haunted Abandoned Village And Dark Myths

Helltown is an emptied area that used to be a village in northeastern Ohio, United States, near the abandoned town of Newville. It is initially known as Boston Township, formed in 1806 and became a Summit County area in 1974.

This area is very near to urban areas and accessible from several major cities in Ohio. It can be reached with a quick 30-minutes drive from Cleveland.

Helltown is very popular for the urban legends and horror stories, such as haunted house, satanic worship, monsters and more.

Before known as the spooky abandoned village, there used to be a local residents lives here. But the land went many journeys from a bloodshed treaty and people eventually leaves since the government has taken over the land to establish a national park.

Since then, Helltown filled with many dark stories and myths. No one brave enough to make a living in this area.

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The Scary Abandoned Village And Dark Stories

Helltown has various myths and urban legends, but some are mixed with false rumors.

In 2016, a video surfaced depicting a teenager being attacked, giving the impression of a monstrous encounter, though it was later revealed to be a mere prank.

Additionally, the ‘Mother Of Sorrows’ church, originally an old Presbyterian church, was mistakenly associated with satanic practices.

Similarly, the ‘End Of The World Road,’ initially named Stanford Road, was closed due to safety concerns.

Moreover, in the 1970s, houses were abandoned as residents were compelled to relocate by the U.S. government.

Beyond the horror stories, there are unexplained urban legends like an old school bus, crybaby bridge, mutant python, Wendigo monster, and more in this area.

Helltown Became A New Road For Hiking

This area is not technically forbidden to visit, and some people still live outside the designated national area. The road has no longer barricaded, and the abandoned houses have been demolished to make way for hiking paths.

There is no transportation allowed to across inside this area, but there is a parking available in Cuyahoga Valley National Park, Brandywine Falls or Blue Hen Falls.

Despite the spookiness, the nature that surrounds this area is beautiful. There are nearest national parks, woods, waterfall, lake and more.

The weather also varies, sometimes can be humid and hot during summer and quite freezing in winter.

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From The Lenape Area Into ‘Ghost Town’

Helltown is the area where Lenape, a Native-American who lived in 1755 before they moved out. The village was settled by the Mingo (Eastern Algonquian tribe), but they ended up abandoning it.

The village was re-founded again by the Lenape and named as Clear Town, from the clear stream nearby. They renamed from ‘Clear’ to ‘Hell’ in German that has the same meaning.

In 1782, Helltown was abandoned after the violence of battles by the British and the Lenape. This area used as the war trail from Sandusky to the Cuyahoga River Valley.

200 years later, President Gerald Ford has signed the land to established as National Parks through the laws of eminent domain.

The history repeats itself where the local residents who live here forced to leave their home without proper compensation.

Buildings that are empty and uninhabited were demolished in 2016.

That’s why the Helltown become the ‘ghost town’.