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David Dobrik is a Slovakian TikTok star and YouTube star.

He became famous after posting several Vines that went viral. He gained more popularity after creating his YouTube channel.


David Dobrik began joining Vine and shared his initial video in 2013. Before he created his own YouTube channel, he was involved in a YouTube group called Second Class.

He eventually made his own in 2015. The channel is about comedy vlogs based on his daily life. He often featured his friends.

In 2016, this man built a second channel named David Dobrik Too. Dobrik also launched his podcast called Views, with a fellow YouTuber called Jason Nash.

As he gained more subscribers, views, and revenues, he likes giving people cars in his video.

The vlogger got a Diamond Play Button from YouTube as he hit 10 million subscribers in December 2018.

In the same year, Paper magazine listed him as one of the 10 social media personalities that make the most noise.

The next year, Variety magazine named him on its list called Power of Young Hollywood.

David also got an award as Choice Male Web Star from the Teen Choice Awards in 2019. People magazine also called him Sexiest Heartthrob of The Year.

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  • Full name: Dávid Julián Dobrík
  • Stage name: David Dobrik
  • Nickname: Dave
  • Birthday: July 23, 1996
  • Birthplace: Košice, Slovakia,
  • Zodiac sign: Leo
  • Nationality: Slovakian
  • Religion: –
  • Profession: YouTube Star, TikTok Star
  • Education: Vernon Hills High School
  • Hobbies: Making videos and hanging out with friends
  • Facebook: @DavidDobrikOfficial
  • Twitter: @DavidDobrik
  • Instagram: @daviddobrik
  • TikTok: @daviddobrik
  • YouTube: David Dobrik Official

Height, Weight & Appearance

  • Height: 178 cm (5’10″)
  • Weight: 74 kg (163 lbs)
  • Blood Type: –
  • Hair Color: Dark brown
  • Eye Color: Dark brown
  • Body Measurements: –
  • Shoe Size: 10.5 (US)
  • Dress Size: –


  • Father: Pavo Dobrik
  • Mother: –
  • Brother: Toby Dobrik
  • Sister: Ester Dobrik, Sarah Dobrik

Girlfriend & Dating History

Liza Koshy

David dated fellow YouTube star, Liza Koshy as they both started out on Vine. They got together in 2015 but broke up two years later because of their hectic schedules.

Charlotte D’Alessio

The model and David were rumored to be dating because of their chemistry in a 2020 perfume ad. David explained later that they are just friends.

Natalie Mariduena

Even though Natalie is one of David’s best friend, a lot of fans “shipped” the pair.

There was never anything romantic going on between them. However, David admitted to having a crush on Natalie when they were young.

Net Worth

According to several sources, David Dobrik has an estimated net worth of $20 million to $25 milllion. He mainly earns from his social media revenue as a YouTube star and TikTok star.


He has nearly 18 million subscribers on his main YouTube channel.

According to SocialBlade, he’s approximated to earn $1.9 thousand to $31 thousand per month, or equivalent to $23.2 thousand to $371.7 thousand annually.

Real Estate

In August 2020, he reportedly purchased a house for $9.5 million. The property that’s located in Sherman Oaks, California, features 6 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, and other luxurious amenities.


Accused of Committing Sexual Assaults

In early 2021, David was accused of committing sexual assaults by a former member of Vlog Squad, Seth Francois.

The event happened after he’s being blindfolded and deceived into kissing Jason Nash.

Shortly after, another accusation against him was made by another former member of the squad, Nik Keswani, who claimed David of bullying which prompted him to leave the group back in 2018.

A month later, a Business Inside journalist named Kat Tenbarg made reports that a woman was raped during their group vlog filming in 2019 by a former member, Dom Zeglaitis.

At the same day, David released Let’s Talk video, where he acknowledged rumors and accusations made against him.

Consequently, he lost a number of fans and brand deals, as well as being removed from his Dispo position.

YouTube also temporarily demonetized his channel, as well as Dom’s, upon the incident, claiming that their violating creator responsibility policy.

David went on a hiatus for three months, before finally making a comeback on his YouTube channel in July 2021.

His channel made a rebound in December 2021, by cementing itself in Top 20 channels globally on the platform, according to views per video.


  • Dave has brown eyes and brown hair.
  • He becomes friends with Liza Koshy, Jason Nash, and Alex Ernst.
  • This vlogger can speak Slovak.
  • His grandfather designed a fountain in Slovakia.
  • This social media star is protected from deportation under DACA since he doesn’t have a visa.
  • Thus, David can’t leave the US. If he leaves, he can’t reenter for another ten years.
  • The social media star drives a Tesla.
  • He doesn’t drink alcohol because he’s scared of what he will do when he is under the influence of alcohol.
  • David also doesn’t drink coffee.
  • This YouTuber has a French bulldog named Nerf.
  • He likes listening to Feel It Still by Portugal.
  • Ariana Grande is Dobrik’s celebrity crush.
  • He moved to Chicago when he was about 7 years old.
  • His childhood friend, Natalie Mariduena, has become David’s assistant since day one.
  • At the age of 17, David had his first kiss and lost his virginity.
  • David attended a community college for half of a semester, then quit.
  • Dave bought a 2.5-million house in Los Angeles in 2017.
  • He dated Liza Koshy from 2015 to 2018.
  • The couple revealed their break up announcement in David’s video.
  • He had never swaddled a baby until Allure magazine invited him to do so.
  • In May 2019, David married Lorraine Nash, his best friend’s mother.
  • Yet, he divorced Lorraine after one month of marriage.
  • In 2020, David released his perfume called David’s Perfume #01 and #02.
  • His ideal type is…

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  • The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2018), as the voice of Axel
  • Airplane Mode (2019), as himself
  • Take Your Hatchlings to Work Day (2019), as the voice of Axel
  • FML (2016), as Taylor Mackey

TV Series

  • David’s Vlog (David Dobrik | 2015 – 2020), as himself
  • America’s Most Musical Family (IPC | 2019)
  • The Pain of Painting (Brat TV | 2017)
  • Prank U (Hearst Digital Studios| 2015), as a pranker
  • The Honest Show (Hearst Digital Studios | 2015), as the son
  • An Interrogation (Hell Hath No Fury Films | 2015), as David

Music Video Appearances

  • Graduation (2019) –– Benny Blanco & Juice WRLD


“I think celebrity is such a weird word. I see myself as, like, a personality. I hate saying the word ‘YouTuber’ because it draws so much negative attention but I think personality is the best way to put it.”

“All the mistakes we make are documented.”

“Just be authentic and be you.”

“I don’t have a visa. The only thing I can do where I can leave the country and come back is if I get married.”

“The problem with YouTube is if I want to watch something serious, I can click on it, but in two seconds, I’m also going to be greeted with some video about some guy surprising his kid with a baby cat.”

“My big dream is to be a late-night host, but it’s like, what does that even mean? David Dobrik I don’t cook, I always order food or I go out.”

“I always knew I wanted to work hard at something.”

“We went on ‘Fallon’ and they had like one hundred-plus employees working on one show, and it’s like, I can’t afford more than two employees.”

“I can’t explain how lucky I am.”

“I started on Vine when I first started. My parents were pretty confused about it. They definitely weren’t like, ‘Don’t do it,’ but they also were definitely parents like, ‘you have to go to college.’ So they didn’t really understand what the whole concept was and what it could possibly turn into.”

“It’s the best, it’s so weird because, having your camera on constantly is known to be such a bad thing because it’s like, ‘Live in the moment,’ but we genuinely have so much fun when we turn the camera on.”

Pics of David Dobrik

1. David Dobrik looks so cute with his dog

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2. This vlogger wears a green sweater and jeans

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3. Dobrik poses in front of the cars he wants to give away

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4. A selfie from David Dobrik

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5. Imagine having lunch with the star!

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Who is David Dobrik?

He is a Slovakian TikTok star and YouTube star.

Who is David Dobrik’s real name?

His real name is Dávid Julián Dobrík.

What makes David Dobrik famous?

He’s famous because of his Vines that went viral, then became more popularity after creating his YouTube channel.

Where is David Dobrik from?

He was born in Košice, Slovakia.

How old is David Dobrik?

He was born in 1996, and he is 27 years old as of 2023.

When David Dobrik celebrates his birthday?

He celebrates on the 23th of every July.

How tall is David Dobrik?

His height is 5’10” or 178 cm.

Who are David Dobrik’s parents?

He did not reveal the names of his father and mother.

Is David Dobrik married?

He is not married. Furthermore, there is no information on whether he is in a relationship or not.

Who is David Dobrik’s ex-girlfriend?

His ex-girlfriend is Liza Koshy. He’s also used to be rumored to date Charlotte D’Alessio and Natalie Mariduena.

How rich is David Dobrik?

His net worth is around $20 million to $25 million.

What is David Dobrik nationality?

His nationality is Slovakian.

David Dobrik is funny and entertaining. Little wonder he becomes one of the most influential social media superstars around the world.