100 Mexican Jokes For Fun With Words That Relate to Everyone

100 Mexican Jokes For Fun With Words That Relate Of You

Mexican jokes is a phrase or jokes by Mexican people. These jokes are often shown in social media and TV series, apart from being funny, the jokes are sometimes super relatable to everyday life.

Mexican jokes are getting more and more familiar with the many jokes that are displayed and conveyed.

For the origin of mexican jokes, can not be known with certainty.

However, mexican jokes come with an eccentric disposition, roasting and even funny words that are guaranteed to make us all smile when we read the jokes below.

To take a deeper look and laugh with the jokes that are being presented.

Let’s see and dive into some viral and unique jokes, namely mexican jokes as depictions, funny moments, funny things, and funny phrases below.

For that, let’s dive deeper into 100 mexican quotes that are guaranteed to make us laugh funny and their expressions relate to all of us.

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Mexican Jokes For Fun With Words That Relate to Everyone

100 Mexican Jokes For Fun With Words That Relate Of You

1. “Why do Mexicans avoid the cold? They are afraid of ICE (Immigrations and Customs Enforcement)”

2. “Why do Mexicans get sick easily? Because they are ill-legal immigrants.”

3. “My Mexican friend’s mom died. To make him feel better I tell him “mucho” every time I see him, it means a lot to him.”

4. “The ice made a plan to get all illegal Mexican immigrants together. No Juan escaped.”

5. “Why does the Mexican man take Xanax? For Hispanic attacks.”

6. “What is Mexicans favorite Nordic god? Thortilla.”

7. “What are Mexicans favorite mythologic gods? Je-Zeus, Thortilla, and A-pollo.”

8. “How did the Mexican firefighter name his son? Hose A.”

9. “What do you call a Mexican taller than 5′? Maxican

10. “What do you call a missing Mexican? Lo-st-pez

11. “What is the difference between a notebook and a Mexican? A notebook has papers

12. “The cops ask a Mexican to prove he is American so he starts singing: “Joseeee can you seeeee”

13. “What is the difference between a Mexican product and an American product? One is made by a Mexican while the other by a Mexican immigrant

14. “Why do Mexicans have huge gardens? To practice lawn mowing

15. “Where should you go in a Mexican building in case of fire? To the M-exit-co

16. “How do you call a Mexican that scaped prison? The Juan that got away

17. “A Mexican magician said he would disappear on the count of three he said uno dos and disappeared without a tres

18. “What do you call a couple mexicans getting stoned in a bush? Buches baked breans.

19. “What do you call a bunch of Mexicans running down a hill? Taco Bell going out of business

20. “What is doing a Mexican with an iPhone? Running from the cops

100 Mexican Jokes For Fun With Words That Relate Of You

21. “That Mexican show was spec-taco-lar

22. “Where do Mexican geniuses live? Chili-con Valley

23. “How do you call a pretty Mexican lady? Taco Belle

24. “My favorite Disney princess is the Mexican pretty one, Taco Belle

25. “I accidentally took a Mexican’s lunch at work. He told me “That’s nachos, it’s mine”

26. “How do you call a Mexican cat? A Purrito”

27. “What did the Mexican ghost say to his victim? BOO-rrito”

28. “What did the Mexican duck say to the other? Quack-amole”

29. “How do you call a Mexican with no car? Carlos”

30. “How do you call a Mexican restaurant with live music? Mariacheese”

31. “What is Aztecs favorite sauce? Mayannaise.”

32. “What do you call a Mexican who lost his car? Carlos.”

33. “How do Mexicans feel about Trump’s wall? – They’ll get over it.”

34. “Why do Mexicans always cross the border in twos? – Because the sign says No Tres passing.”

35. “What’s a mexican’s least favorite lesson in art? Drawing border lines.”

36. “Why do Mexicans have Netflix? For Netflix and chili.”

37. “How do you call a spider piñata? Piñatarantula.”

38. “How do Mexicans pay taxes? With a piñatax.”

39. “What is a burrito image with bad resolution? A blurrito.”

40. “How is a dyslexic Mexican called? Dysmexic.”

100 Mexican Jokes For Fun With Words That Relate Of You

41. “Three Mexicans try to cross the border legally when the border guard sees only one of them has the correct papers. Only Juan crossed.”

42. “Why did the Mexican install a mousetrap? Tequila mouse.”

43. “How do you call a Mexican spy? Agent GarCIA.”

44. “What Greek God exists in Mexican culture? ChilAquiles”

45. “How do Mexican scientists measure matter? In moles”

46. “What is 6.022 x 10²³ in Mexico? The Avocado number”

47. “How do Mexicans sneeze? Quetzalquotle”

48. “How do Mexicans drink soda? In MexiCANS”

49. “Did you hear about the Mexican astronaut? He went to spice in a MASA rocket”

50. “How is a Mexican dinosaur called? T-Mex”

51. “Why do Mexicans make inch-iladas? Because they are too short to make anything bigger”

52. “How do you find a Mexican in a crowd? Scream “the police is coming”

53. “Why are Mexicans good in obstacle racing? They are used to run while jumping fences.”

54. “Why don’t Mexicans pass geography? They don’t know where to draw the border between Mexico and USA”

55. “Why do Mexicans walk into every place like they own it? They probably built it or work cleaning it.”

56. “How to make a Mexican woman: put mayannaise, be sure cheese illegal and let chili for a couple hours.”

57. “Why is the golden eagle in the Mexican flag? Because they want to be l-eagle.”

58. “How do you call emergencies in Mexico? Nine Juan Juan.”

59. “Did you hear about the Mexican version of Avengers? Thortilla is shorter while Hulk is painted with guacamole.”

60. “In what part of Mexico do kangaroos live? Cancunroo”

  For Fun With Words That Relate Of You

61. “One Mexican told another: I need to tell you something important. So the other said: We should taco-bout it later”

62. “One Mexican is worried his girlfriend doesn’t answer so his friend tells him “Stop being all jalapeño head about this”

63. “How do Mexicans laugh? Hahahalapeños”

64. “How do you know when a Mexican is being nosey? When he starts getting jalapeño business.”

65. “Why you can’t trust a taco chef? Because they will spill the beans”

66. “What is the Mexicans favorite 90s band? Red hot chili peppers”

67. “What’s the difference between American hot dogs and Mexicans? Americans make hot dogs, Mexicans chili dogs”

68. “Why don’t Mexicans like high places? They have vertaco”

69. “Two Mexicans are hiding a dead body when they find that place is already used. One of them finds another spot “We should burrito-ver there”

70. “Why did the Mexican give you his number? So you can taco-ver the phone.”

71. “Why do Mexicans put a Justin Bieber photo in their quesadilla? Just-in queso.”

72. “What is Shakira’s most famous song in Mexico? Waka Waka-mole”

73. “I participated in a car race in Mexico. My Carlos”

74. “Who is the richest man in Mexico? Jeff Pesos”

75. “I went to see a soccer match in Mexico. It ended tied Juan to Juan.”

76. “I traveled to Mexico in a boat. It was a Vera-Cruise”

77. “What do Mexican marines say to their superiors? Sea señor”

78. “What do Mexicans say when it is cold? Brrr-itos”

79. “What do you say to a nosey Mexican? That’s Nacho business”

80. “What is the name of the Mexican Mac&cheese version? Mac&Chili”

  For Fun With Words That Relate Of You

81. “What does a Mexican not like in there drink- ice”

82. “A Mexican magician tells the audience he will disappear on the count of 3. He says, “uno, dos…” poof … He disappeared without a tres. XD”

83. “What to you call ot when a Mexican and a pedofile fight? Alien vs Preditor”

84. “How do you pay in Mexican stores? In MexiCASH”

85. “What is the best transportation in Mexico? In MexiCAR”

86. “How do you call a relaxed Mexican? MexiCALM”

87. “How is a Mexican slut called? María Hoesé”

88. “What is Santa Claus called in Mexico? Hohohosé”

89. “Why is Mexican ice cream spicy? Because it was chili in the freezer.”

90. “How do you discuss something with a Mexican? You TACO-ver it.”

91. “What’s the difference between a French and a Mexican? French say Oh lá lá, Mexicans say just Hola.”

92. “What is the best way to pay in Mexico? With a Juan-time payment.”

93. “At what sport are Mexicans best? Border crossing.”

94. “What is the name of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing in Mexico? Border Crossing.”

95. “The best pop girl group song in Mexico is “Tijuana be my lover” by the Spice Girls.”

96. “There’s a Spiderman character inspired in Mexico: Mary Jane.”

97. “How did you know she was Mexican? Chili-terally told me she is.”

98. “Why do Mexicans always have a wheel of cheddar? In queso-f emergencies.”

99. “Why do Mexican phones smell like cheese? They use phone quesadillas instead of phone cases.”

100. “What do you do when you see a Mexican running? Run after him and think what he could have stolen.”

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Well, those are 100 mexican jokes that can be used as a start for jokes and exclamations from the jokes above. which one is your favourite?


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