Suloszowa, a Village with Housing Facing the Same Road

Suloszowa, Village with Housing Facing the Same Road

One of the villages in Poland has a unique building layout, namely Suloszowa Village. The village is located on the Olkuska plateau, Kraków County, Polish Voivodeship, in Southern Poland.

Suloszowa has been established since the 16th century, witnessed slavery and destruction during the First World War.

This village is surrounded by beautiful large fields. The village atmosphere is still beautiful and calming.

There is one big and main road, which is the center of all residents. All houses in this village face the main road.

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Housing Facing Main Road

Suloszowa has a quite unique building layout, all the houses in this village face the main road throughout the village area. This main road is one of the longest roads in Poland. The length of the road is around 9 kilometers.

If the houses in other villages are spread out over the village area, the houses in Suloszowa are close to each other and stretch along the main road.

When viewed from above, residents’ housing seems to be crowding the main road. Every time a new house is built, it will be built facing the main road.

Beautiful Farm Area in Suloszowa

This village is surrounded by beautiful fields. When viewed from above, the expanse of fields will look like stripes of different colors.

This farming area is right behind all the houses in this village.

The houses in this village have almost the same view, namely that the front of the house faces the main road and the back of the house faces the field area.

The wide field area contrasts with the residential area, which extends along the main road.

The shape of the fields in this village is also quite unique, if usually the fields are square shaped, the fields in this village are mostly elongated. Thus, when viewed from above, it looks like a striped motif.

Gets the nickname Little Tuscany

The beautiful scenery in Suloszowa makes this village also nicknamed Little Tuscany.

Tuscany is a very famous tourist spot in Italy. Tuscany is also a place with beautiful views and is often used as a film location.

With the beauty of this small village in Poland, this village has earned the nickname a small version of Tuscany.

People in Suloszowa Village

According to the 2017 census, Suloszowa village is home to 5,819 residents. All residents live along the main road.

Therefore, the relationship between residents is quite close because they live close to each other and close to the main road.

Almost all the residents in this village have gardens in their yards, making this village beautiful. Almost all residents also have fields, so many work as farmers.

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Strawberry Days in Suloszowa Village

The community has traditions that are still carried out today. This tradition is to celebrate the harvest from the fields they own.

This tradition is known as “Strawberry Days,” the days when people gather and party. Together, eat the harvest and play live music.


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