140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, & More

140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and More

Happy Birthday Messages – Sending birthday wishes has become a must nowadays. With so many options, it can be challenging to choose the correct birthday card wishes.

Don’t sweat over birthday card writing. Make your next birthday a memorable one with personalized birthday cards featuring a hand-picked birthday message.

Once you’ve chosen the right birthday message for your card, get creative and think of the best presents to send.

You’ll want to go above and beyond to make someone’s birthday special.

Whether you’re throwing a birthday party, a cocktail party, or a dinner at the honoree’s favorite restaurant, sending a Happy Birthday card is customary.

To make things even more complicated, you must write a birthday greeting on the card.

If you sit down with a blank greeting card and struggle to put pen to paper, don’t be surprised. Many of us get stuck while writing birthday cards, especially when writing to people we care about.

Sure, the person celebrating their birthday already knows, but it never hurts to remind them. You may send lovely bespoke birthday cards or even birthday care packages to your friends and family.

You may also make stunning birthday calendars with all of your favorite photographs of the birthday girl or boy to remind them of your love all year.

These birthday messages can make great complements to your family, boyfriend, girlfriend, or friends. Make them happy on their happy day. Here are 140 happy birthday messages for you.

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Happy birthday messages for mom

140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and More

1. “I know you are getting older every year Mom but think on the bright side, you will at least always be younger than Dad. It’s good to celebrate the little victories!”

2. “You fill my days with joy and laughter. Knowing that you are in my life brings me nothing but happiness. I hope you know that I love you so much, and I wish you the very best on your special day. Happy birthday!”

3. “Mom, you always know how to make me smile so big it hurts and laugh so much I cry. I don’t know how you manage to do that, but I am so glad that you do. Happy birthday Mom!”

4. “You deserve so much on your special day, and I am so sorry that you’ll just have to settle for lots of hugs and kisses instead. Happy birthday Mom, from your loving (but broke) daughter.”

5. “Happy birthday to the woman who helped to make all my dreams and aspirations possible, my darling mom. May your birthday be filled with delight this year.”

6. “It takes a special and endearing kind of love to sacrifice everything for someone else: a mother’s love. Thank you for sacrificing so much so that I could have a chance at happiness. You are the absolute best, Mom!”

7. “You are the type of woman that people love and admire. You are strong, beautiful, courageous, and wise. You can count me among your many admirers, Mom.”

8. “Mom, you have such a free and cheerful spirit. I hope that never changes because it’s just one of the many things I admire about you. May your birthday be as full of cheer as you are.”

9. “My whole life, you have always been there for me. There will never be enough words to convey how deeply grateful I am that I have a mom as wonderful as you, but I can start with “I love you so much.”

10. “Mom, you may be crazy, but you’re my crazy. Plus, I can’t really say anything, because it sure didn’t fall far from the family tree. Happy birthday to my crazy but beloved mom!”

11. “Mom, you are limitless. Your grace, care, and love have no end. Thank you for everything, and may your special day be filled with tons of presents, wine, and cake.”

12. “Whenever I feel like I have lost my way, I know exactly what to do, call you. Thank you for the years of encouragement and support. May your birthday be filled with good wine, cake, and presents.”

13. “You manage to fill so many roles in my life: mom, teacher, friend, and confidante. I am grateful for all of them. Thanks for being my everything, Mom.”

14. “Mom, I love you so much and to quote Severus Snape “always.”  Even though it’s cheesy, you know you love a good Harry Potter reference. Happy birthday from your nerdy (inherited from you) child.”

15. “It’s hard to think of the perfect gift when you already have my heart. How can cake and presents even compare? Thank you for raising me and loving me, Mom.”

16. “Mom, everything good about me I got from you. I just wanted to say thank you for the inheritance. Happy birthday from your mini-me!”

17. “Remember that you are never too old to start anew. If you’d like, we can start by taking off some of these candles! Happy birthday to my youthful mom.”

18. “Mom, you are many things: beautiful, gracious, and fabulously epic. You are as epic as a Tolkien novel. Hopefully, your birthday will be filled with just as much food as one as well.”

19. “I hope this year you receive something that shines as much as you do, Mom. Never lose your twinkle, because your light is what leads my way in life. Happy birthday!”

20. “I am so lucky that I have such a phenomenal mom. You are endearing, thoughtful, and courageous. I am so lucky that I have such a genuine person in my life. Happy birthday!”

Happy birthday messages for dad

140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and More

21. “I know I don’t say it often, but I really do appreciate all the sacrifices and hard work you put into raising me. Happy birthday, Dad, I love you.”

22. “Great fathers are the ones who guide their children, but still, let them make their own decisions and learn from their mistakes. Happy birthday to the wisest man I know!”

23. “Happy birthday to the man I respect and love more than any other.”

24. “Have you ever noticed that the worse a dad’s jokes are, the better father they are? Well now at least we know why your dad jokes are so terrible. I hope your birthday is much better than your jokes!”

25. “I can’t wait to celebrate your birthday this weekend. There will be good food, good company, good laughs, and it’s all for you pops.”

26. “It’s not easy being a father, but you do it with class and style. Happy birthday to the dad who can do it all.”

27. “Wear your gray hairs proudly dad. They are memories of how terrible I was as a child. Thanks for not killing me dad.”

28. “We wanted to get you a cake with a candle for every year, but the fire department said it would be a fire hazard. Oh well, happy birthday anyway!”

29. “We can’t choose who our father is, but if I had a choice I would still choose you. Happy birthday to the king of dads!”

30. “Happy birthday daddy, I hope you get everything you want on your special day.”

31. “As you get older you’ll start forgetting lots of things. Just never forget how much I love you!”

32. “Happy birthday to the best dad I’ve ever had! … And probably the best dad that anyone has ever had.”

33. “Remember it’s not the years in a life. It’s the beers in the years. Drink up dad, it’s your birthday!”

34. “Now that I have kids of my own, I see how hard it is to be a good father. I just hope I can do as good a job at it as you did.”

35. “Sure, everyone says they have the best father, but I think we all know who the real best dad is. You. Happy birthday!”

36. “Life is meant to be enjoyed. I hope this year brings you all the happiness you deserve.”

37. “Happy birthday to my wonderful father. May your golf swing improve, your steaks always be perfectly cooked, and your chair always be comfy!”

38. “May your loot be epic and your cake is delicious. The very best of dads deserve the very best of birthdays!”

39. “Happy birthday to the best role model a child could ask for.”

40. “Who needs superheroes when I’ve got you? Happy birthday, dad!”

Happy birthday messages for girlfriend

140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and More

41. “Since you came into my life, all colors have become clearer. You brought light and colors to my dark life. Happy birthday, my love.”

42. “May God bless you with all of the wonderful desires of your heart and bless you to keep the many blessings that you already have. Happy Birthday, dear!”

43. “On this day was born one beautiful Princess, and fortunately, she fell in love with me and made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world. So I will do everything for her majesty. Happy birthday, my princess!!!”

44. “Remember your last birthday? Remember that you said that it was the best birthday of your life? That will change tonight…just wait!”

45. “Because you are so special, may this special day of your life be filled with very special things that life can offer. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

46. “I celebrate you every single day, and because this day is extra-special, I celebrate you in an extraordinary way with this special note “Thanks for coming into my life!”

47. “There is no better way to say happy birthday than to say you mean very much to me.”

48. “I have met lots of special people in my life but you surpass them all: There’s no better day to let you know this than on a special day like this. Happy Birthday, My One and Only.”

49. “Sweetheart, age is just a number, for me, you are a year younger today and will always be for the rest of your birthdays. You will never grow old in my eyes and in my heart. Happy Birthday, Dearie.”

50. “The best of your years are still ahead of you, despite all you have achieved, the best is yet to come for you. Happy Birthday to a Dearest One.”

51. “My fondness for you will not grow old no matter how old you become, that’s a firm promise to you. Best Birthday Wishes, My Luv.”

52. “If I give you rose on this special day, it will eventually wither and die, but I give you something that will never wither nor fade – my undying love.”

53. “Your past is blessed, your present is guaranteed and your future is secured; this is my heart-felt prayer for you on your birthday.”

54. “Many guys envy our relationship, but that’s only because they don’t know how crazy you are! Have a special birthday!”

55. “Sweetheart, please don’t blow off the candles on your birthday cake, let them keep burning please, it’s a symbol of our love that will burn forever. Happy Birthday.”

56. “Ask me for a special birthday gift and you will have it! But don’t ask for a car, I can’t afford it yet. Happy Birthday, my lady.”

57. “Please… let’s not go to the cinema on this special day, you are the only movie I want to watch all day long. Happy Birthday, My Finest.”

58. “On your birthday, may happiness and peace be your gift. May you always be led to things that make you smile. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

59. “Happy birthday, sweet angel. May your day be absolutely colorful and wonderful. No amount of distance can ever change the love I feel for you, sweetheart.”

60. “Wishing you, my darling girlfriend, a marvelous birthday celebration and life.”

61. “Sweet baby, you have no idea how much I wish you were here with me on this special day. I hope you enjoy a magnificent birthday. I can’t wait to have you in my arms.”

62. “You are my support and my strength. I wish you a lot of love and happiness in your life. Happy birthday!”

63. “Our love is like a sea and an endless sky. Love is all that we need. Love is a stream that flows from heaven, and a kiss is a lane that connects two hearts. For me, love is all that you are.”

64. “Many things have changed over the years, but you’re still that same wonderful person.”

65. “On this day, one gorgeous and cute baby girl was born. The Earth received a priceless gift. To that person, I wish you all the best and a happy birthday! Love you!”

Happy birthday messages for boyfriend

140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and More

66. “May you shine brighter than yesterday! Sending my love and prayers. Happy birthday, sweetheart.”

67. “No matter what, I will always love you. Happy birthday, my sweetheart. Many happy returns of the day!”

68. “I loved you, I love you and I will love you forever. Happy birthday to the man I love!”

69. “Thank you for bringing so much happiness to my life. Happy birthday to the most special person in my life!”

70. “Happy Birthday to the one who fills my heart with love. I love you so much!”

71. “May your birthday bring you as much happiness as you bring me. Many happy returns of the day.”

72. “Happy birthday to the man who lights up my world like nobody else. May you never stop beaming and the peak is just the beginning; love you lots my honeybunch.”

73. “Thank you for your unconditional love and for being there when I need you. Happy Birthday, Stay Blessed!”

74. “Happy Birthday my love. Many happy returns of the day. Thank you for loving me with all your heart.”

75. “I am a blessed girlfriend indeed! May our love grow sturdy each day. Happy birthday, my handsome prince.”

76. “Sending you an ocean of love on your special day, sweetheart! May your birthday be as cool and cheerful as you are!”

77. “One more year just started, and you have become more charming and graceful than ever. Smile and eat loads of cake to make your Birthday truly special and blessed. Happy Birthday, Love.”

78. “When God made you, He had me in mind. I love everything about you, and I hope your birthday is as amazing as yours, my perfect man.”

79. “Happy birthday, love of my life. You are everything that I ever wanted in a partner. Love yaa!”

80. “Happy birthday, boyfriend. May we be always together no matter how many obstacles come our way and deal with everything bravely. I hope you have an amazing day.”

81. “This day is always meant to be bright and beautiful because the love of my life was born on this day. Very happy birthday to you dear!”

82. “I wish I could just scream my voice off to the whole wide world just to announce that a very special person’s birthday is today. Happy birthday, my handsome. May God bless you today and tomorrow.”

83. “Your smile always brings joy to my heart. I am in love with you since the day we met and I’m still drowning in the ocean of your love. Happy birthday!”

84. “May the kisses I blow your way turn into a thousand dancing wishes that settle gently, one by one, upon your birthday and make everything more colorful than ever. Happy Birthday, babe.”

85. “Happy Birthday, my love. I want to spend my whole life with you as you bring the best version of me out. I hope this year brings you everything that you could ever hope for. Love you so much.”

Happy birthday messages for friends

140 Happy Birthday Messages for Mom, Dad, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and More

86. “It’s your birthday, let’s have a party! Cake-check. Candles – check. Drinks – check. Gift – check. Coolest birthday girl ever – check!”

87. “Happy birthday to my crazy, fun, fabulous best friend! I love you to the moon and back and am so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we’ve shared this year. I hope you have a great day!”

88. “Life should not only be lived, it should be celebrated. Happy Birthday to my best friend!”

89. “Happy birthday to my fabulous, witty, kind, brilliant best friend. There is no one else I’d rather spend the day with. Let’s go celebrate and have some fun!”

90. “I never guessed when we first met that we’d become best friends or all the silly memories we’d make together! Thanks for all the fun adventures, and here’s to many more in the coming year!”

91. “Wishing you a wonderful birthday and a fantastic year ahead! Thanks for being such a great friend.”

92. “Happy birthday best friend! I’m so grateful for your friendship and all the fun times we’ve had together this year. Here’s to many more!”

93. “Congratulations on your birthday! Wishing you a truly fabulous day.”

94. “Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day today, and the year ahead is full of many blessings.”

95. “Let’s celebrate, it’s your birthday! Wishing you an awesome day and a brilliant year ahead!”

96. “You’re such a generous, kind, fabulous person, and I’m so lucky to have you as a friend. Wishing you an extra special birthday and best wishes for the year ahead.”

97. “Happy birthday to my best buddy! I hope you have a good one.”

98. “You’re not getting older… just more distinguished! Happy birthday.”

99. “Those aren’t gray hairs you see. They’re strands of birthday glitter growing out of your head. You’re just ready to party!”

100. “Congratulations, you’ve finally reached the wonder years… wonder where your car is parked? Wonder where you left your phone? Wonder where your glasses are? Wonder what day it is?”

101. “It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

102. “Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day.”

103. “I hope your birthday is as sweet as the cake. And the year to follow is filled with as much joy as you bring your friends!”

104. “Happy birthday my dear friend, may the bright colors paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.”

105. “Best friends are hard to come by. That’s why on this special day I wanted to let you know just how much your friendship means to me. Happy birthday my friend!”

Happy Birthday messages for wife

for wife

106. “You have turned me from a boy into a man. I am now content, happy and I feel invincible with you by my side. Happy birthday, my darling.”

107. “Thank you for being my lover, my wife, my best friend, and my soul mate! I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. Happy birthday, wife!”

108. “My lovely wife, May God fill your life with warmth and happiness. May God always shower on you all his blessings. Happy returns of the day.”

109. “Happy birthday my dear wife. You are one of the best things that ever happened to me. I love you. Let’s be happy forever.”

110. “Happy Birthday. Thank you for being such a fun, caring, loving, wife!”

111. “Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife. You are the answer to my every prayer and the reason behind my happiness. I love you, angel. May you have a great day.”

112. “I love how you make every day so special for me! Glad that I get to call you my wife! I love you so much! Happy birthday, hope you have an amazing one.”

113. “To my sweetheart, on this special day, I pray for your healthy life. May God always bless you. Happy Birthday. “

114. “Dear wife, I pray that your birthday is filled with happiness. Have a great Birthday!”

115. “Happy birthday, wife. Keep blessing our house with your affection and love towards me and my child.”

116. “My forever aim is to keep a smile on your face even during our most vulnerable days; I love you so much. Happy birthday, wife!”

117. “Happy birthday, dear wife! You make me experience a love that is warmer than the warmest sunshine. You always make me feel like the happiest person alive!”

118. “The lord has taken plenty of time in perfecting a gem with no flaws. That gem is the love of my life. Happy birthday, Love.”

119. “Your love has turned me into this happy, ‘always smiling man’ that I am today, I am forever grateful to you! Thank you for everything, without you I’m nothing! Happy birthday, love.”

120. “It is an absolute honor to be able to call you my wife. Happy birthday, dear lovely wife. I love you.”

Happy birthday messages for husband

for husband

121. “Dear husband, words to describe you: Wonderful, amazing, unique, incomparable, handsome, strong, incredible. I could go on forever. Wishing you a blessed birthday.”

123. “Whenever I’m having a bad day, I know that I can count on your love and affection to cheer me up. You make me feel special every day. Today, I want to take the opportunity to make you feel extra special.”

124. “Happy birthday to the most kind-hearted and thoughtful husband alive. Loving you is always easy.”

125. “The sun won’t shine if I am not with you. The days are long when you’re not close to me. I am hopeless and scared when I don’t feel your touch. You are my husband I will always love. Today darling, you deserve the best birthday ever! Love you to the moon and back.”

126. “You have shown me what it means to have the perfect marriage. Happy birthday to the best, most understanding and loving husband on earth!”

127. “I am so appreciative for all of the blessings in my life. I have friends, family, health, etc., but the one blessing I am forever grateful for is knowing and loving you. You are a perfect gift from God. Happy birthday, sweetheart!”

128. “I know you work hard and you’re always finding new ways to make things work for your family. That’s why you are the best! Happy birthday to my best friend, my husband.”

129. “I don’t know how to put this but… you’re kinda a big deal today. It’s your birthday…and we shall celebrate by giving us both the gift of being extraordinarily hungover tomorrow! Happy birthday, husband!”

130. “Thank God for giving me the most handsome, loving, and smart husband in this world. Happy birthday!”

131. “Everything in my life starts with you, everything in life ends on your name; know that you will always be special in my eyes my dear. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

132. “It’s your birthday and I think it’s the perfect day to reveal one truth that you are the most amazing person in my life. My wishes are always with you. Best birthday!”

133. “To the handsomest man on earth, you are aging like wine. The older you get and the greyer your hair is, the hotter you are. Happy birthday. Just keep aging with me.”

134. “For your special day, I can’t help but remember my most special day, the day I said “I do”. The day that I became the happiest woman in the world, happy birthday honey!”

135. “Growing old with you takes the sting out of old age. Enjoy your birthday.”

136. “Take love, multiply it by infinity, and take it to the depths of forever…and you still have only a glimpse of how I feel for you. I love you and I hope you have a deliriously happy birthday.”

137. “Beloved husband, I tell you, even though you already have some silver hair, you are still the most handsome man for me.”

138. “You are and you will always be the prince of my life. I’m so glad that I’m married to you. Thank you so very much for loving me the way you do. You complete me! Happy birthday dear!”

139. “On this special day, I make a promise that we will grow old together gracefully and watch the sunset of our lives with our hands held, eyes locked and lips sealed. Wishing you a very happy birthday!”

140. “Together we are inseparable. Together we are a team. Together we are just as hot as can be. I love you my sexy husband, happy birthday!”

These birthday phrases are a terrific places to start but don’t feel confined by them. Personalize your birthday card with an inside joke or personal memory of the birthday boy or girl.

Sending thoughtful, imaginative birthday cards may make a tremendous difference on someone’s big day. Make their day with a simple birthday wish.

Also, don’t limit yourself to use these birthday quotes for cards. Print them on décor and hang them around the party or use them as birthday party invites.

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You may also use them as photo booth prop ideas. Prepare to party!