10 Plus Size Wedding Dresses, Totally Magnificent

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Are you planning to get your plus size wedding dresses for your upcoming wedding ceremony? If the answer is yes, then you may need some inspiration.

There are various options that you can choose when you want to find your perfect wedding dress, but you need to make some adjustments beforehand.

Those adjustments can be formed as your body type, your favorite body and facial features, your style aesthetic, and many more.

Don’t directly buy or rent a wedding dress that just looks pretty, you need to try it for yourself and check for the quality.

No matter how beautiful that wedding dress is, what is most important is to make that dress represent you. So, let’s check this out!

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 Plus Size Wedding Dresses 

1. Off-shoulder with lace and tulle

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Wedding is always identical to romance, true love, and sacred thing, but if you consider yourself a really romantic person, this wedding dress is totally for you.

Made with constructed upper body details and flowy lower body details, this wedding dress really knows how to make you dramatically romantic.

Besides, the romantic side of this dress is also emphasized by the existence of the off-shoulder details, showing your feminine bare shoulders.

As the final touch, the dress is beautified by the lace and flower details, totally romantic and feminine for your wedding.

So, it’s a perfect romantic wedding dress, isn’t it?

2. Mesh sleeves with tulle fabric

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Or, if you want to look more “goddess-like” and pure, you may need a wedding dress with fewer details but more dramatic fabric.

You can take inspiration from this wedding dress, a perfect representation of the purity and sincerity of a goddess, call it Hera or Artemis.

This wedding dress doesn’t have any motifs or fancy patterns, but this dress surely knows how to look elegantly dramatic without roaring too much.

The drama can be seen through the choice of fabrics, mostly tulle, that will enhance your divination and motherhood.

3. Long sleeves with plunge neckline

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Plunge neckline is one of the most favorite details when it comes to choosing the perfect wedding dress.

It is understandable because the plunge or deep-V neckline represents femininity and womanhood very well.

The neckline detail can show your beautiful figure and cleavage, making you look more divinely feminine.

Moreover, if you want to balance it with modesty, you can choose a wedding dress with long sleeves like this picture.

It surely will enhance your beautiful cleavage, but on the other side, it looks pretty modest, too!

4. Simple cinderella wedding dress

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Do you want to pretend yourself Cinderella in your own wedding ceremony? Then, you can go pick this wedding dress for yourself.

Simple, neat, and classic. Those three words are the perfect combination to represent the overall look of this dress.

To look like a Cinderella at your wedding, you don’t need a bunch of fancy details to bring on your wedding dress.

You just need an elegant and simple wedding dress that enhances your curves and feminine figures in your body.

Accessorize with some simple jewelry and hair pieces, then you will be Cinderella immediately.

5. Camisole style wedding dress

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

If you want to look casual with some classic touch, this wedding dress is probably gonna work out for you.

This wedding dress has camisole detail for its upper body, balanced with the waistline and the flowy A-line long skirt.

The upper body is filled with some beautiful seamless lace details, while the skirt remains plain, a perfect combination of balance.

The combination of the modern simple style with fancy classic style is very tempting and interesting, making you look casually elegant.

Don’t forget to add a little bit of drama by adding some accessories and a wedding veil, and you are now good to go.

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6. Cute wedding dress with a big bow

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Lustrous, beautiful, and lovely. Those three words are the perfect representation to express the overall look of this dress.

At a glance, this wedding dress might remind us of a fairy godmother from a fairytale or from a wonderland.

The puff sleeve of this wedding dress enhances the dramatic and playful character of a child, while the lustrous satin fabric makes it look mature and luxurious.

As if it is not enough, the dress is accessorized with a big bow that is sewn in the center of the waistline. What a fantasy wedding dress.

7. Full of dramatic lace details

10 Totally Magnificent Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Don’t force yourself to be a minimalist if you feel comfortable being a maximalist, especially on your wedding day.

This wedding dress represents the maximalist side of you, very dramatic and theatrical, with a lot of lace details.

Not only that, but this dress surely will also attract the public eye with the extensive solid details of the skirt, making you look so fancy.

To balance your dramatic wedding dress, try to accentuate your features by wearing just simple jewelry and elegant make-up.

8. Simple, sexy, and sophisticated

Simple, sexy, and sophisticated

This dress can be a perfect fit for you if you want to look modern, elegant, sophisticated, and futuristic on your wedding day.

The hollow neckline with a sharp edge will elevate your futuristic side, and make you look like a bridal from the future.

This detail is also dramatized with the mermaid skirt, a perfect combination of masculine and feminine.

You can enhance the modern vibe of this wedding dress by wearing simple makeup and hair do, and also jewelry.

9. A fairy bridal

A fairy bridal

There is nothing wrong to channel your fantasy during childhood to be a flower or forest fairy on your wedding day.

Instead, it will elevate your femininity and romantic side on your wedding day, a perfect vibe from a beautiful bride.

You just need to choose a dress with a lot of tulle details, preferably the color is not pure white, because it tends to look more angelic.

Then, you can braid your hair in a beautiful low bun and add some fairy accessories, such as a flower hat.

10. Romantic with a modest cut

Romantic with a modest cut

The last reference that you can use to choose your own wedding dress is this inspiration, a romantic but modest wedding dress.

The fancy lace details are very pretty, complete with the pink fabric color that accentuates the softness within you.

The cut in this dress itself doesn’t look very sensual. Instead, it will give you a humble and motherhood vibe, if that’s your vibe.


Different plus size wedding dresses can have different vibes and meanings, too. There is nothing wrong with that, but you need to make sure you are comfortable in that dress.

You may also want to adjust your wedding dress with your fiance and with your budgeting plan to get a win-win solution, right? Good luck!