Vagabond – Cast & Summary

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Vagabond - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Vagabond became the top popular Korean drama when it started its release period from September 20, 2019, to November 23, 2019.

The script reading process for all casts happened in June 2018, meanwhile, the filming period was finished in May 2019.

Vagabond is starred by Lee Seung Gi, Bae Suzy, and also Shin Sung Rok.

The interesting fact is, both of Bae Suzy and Lee Seung Gi had become the main actors together for a drama called Gu Family Book in 2013.

After that, Seung Gi then starred in The Producers (2015) and A Korean Odyssey (2017).

Meanwhile, Bae Suzy starred in While You Were Sleeping (2017) and Sung Rok had starred in The Last Empress (2018) and Perfume (2019).

Vagabond was aired every Friday and Saturday at 22:00 KST on SBS to replace the previous SBS drama, Doctor John.

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Vagabond - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review


  • Title: Vagabond / 배가본드
  • Also Known As: Baegabondeu
  • Genre: Spy, Crime, Thriller, Action, Romance
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Yu In Sik
  • Producer: Park Jae Sam
  • Screenwriter: Jang Young Cheol, Jung Kyung Soon
  • Production Companies: Celltrion Entertainment
  • Network: SBS
  • Episodes: 16
  • Air Dates: September 20, 2019 – November 23, 2019
  • Air Time: Friday & Saturday, 22:00 KST

Synopsis of Vagabond

Dreaming to be a popular actor in the action genre, Cha Dal Geon (Lee Seung Gi) becomes a stunt man as his starting point.

While his dream makes him struggling, he got another responsibility to be a guardian of his own nephew.

He is responsible to take care of his nephew’s flight from South Korea to Morocco to attend an exhibition for taekwondo.

Unfortunately, the flight doesn’t run well and at the destination, he finds someone suspicious that he assumes that person is someone who sabotages the flight.

On the other side, there is a NIS agent, Go Hae Ri (Bae Suzy) who works in Morocco. She is responsible to handle the Moroccon fatal flight.

From this opportunity, they finally meet each other and start their journey to solve the problem.

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Main Cast

Vagabond - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Lee Seung Gi as Cha Dal Geon

A stuntman but has a grand dream to be a popular action actor. After being a guardian of his nephew, the accident of the crash flight makes him involved in a terrorist conspiracy.

This makes him become a part of Go Hae Ri’s journey to find justice.

Vagabond - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Bae Suzy as Go Hae Ri

One of an agent of NIS. Initially, she just wants to be a civil servant in the shape of support for her own family, but later, she becomes a secret agent.

Shin Sung Rok

Shin Sung Rok as Gi Tae Ung

He is a wise, righteous, and charismatic man and works as the NIS information team’s leader.

Supporting Cast

People at the Blue House

  • Baek Yoon Sik as Jung Kook Pyo
  • Moon Sung Keun as Hong Soon Jo
  • Kim Min Jong as Yoon Han Ki
  • Choi Kwang Il as Park Man Young

People at NIS

  • Kim Jong Soo as An Ki Dong
  • Lee Ki Young as Kang Joo Chul
  • Jung Man Sik as Min Jae Sik
  • Hwang Bo Ea as Gong Hwa Sook
  • Shin Seung Hwan as Kim Sehun

People of Arms lobby group

  • Lee Geung Young as Edward Park
  • Moon Jeong Hee as Jessica Lee
  • Ryu Won as Mickey
  • Kim Jung Hyun as Hong Seung Beom

People at Vagabond

  • Kim Sun Young as Kye Sun Ja
  • Yang Hyung Wook as Kye Jang Su


  • Jang Hyuk Jin as Kim Woo Gi
  • Kang Kyung Hun as Oh Sang Mi
  • Lee Si Yoo as Seo Young Ji
  • Teo Yoo as Jerome
  • Park Ah In as Lily
  • Choi Dae Chul as Kim Do Soo
  • Kim Dae Gon as Ui Jeong’s father
  • Go Kyu Pil as Park Kwang Deok
  • Matthew Douma
  • Moon Woo Jin as Cha Hoon
  • António Pedro Cerdeira as Michael
  • Yoon Na Moo as Kim Ho Sik
  • Lee Hwang Ui as Dr. Kevin Kim
  • Yoon Da-hoon as Judge Ahn Seung Tae

OST (Original Soundtrack)

  • Good All Days – Lee Chan Sol
  • Fallen Star – Elaine
  • Breaking Down – I’ll
  • Hello My Lover – Baek A Yeon
  • Here For You – Lee Ju Hyuk
  • Open Fire – The VANE
  • Falling In Love – IRO
  • Vagabond – Ha Hyun Woo
  • If I Was – Kim Jae Hwan

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