Hometown – Cast & Summary

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Hometown - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

An ongoing Korean drama, Hometown, announced its airing period starting from September 22, 2021, until October 28, 2021.

This drama is starred by Yoo Jae Myung, Han Ye Ri, and also Um Tae Goo as the different sides of the main characters.

Previously, Yoo Jae Myung had become the main actor for Confession (2019) and Itaewon Class (2020).

Meanwhile, Han Ye Ri had starred in several K-dramas before starring in this drama, such as Age of Youth (2016), The Nokdu Flower (2019), and also My Unfamiliar Family (2020).

Um Tae Goo also had starred in Save Me 2 in the previous 2019.

Hometown is aired on tvN at 22:30 KST every Wednesday and Thursday to replace the previous tvN drama, The Road: The Tragedy of One.

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Hometown - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review


  • Title: Hometown  / 홈타운
  • Also Known As: –
  • Genre: Mystery, Thriller
  • Country: South Korea
  • Director: Park Hyun Suk
  • Producer: Kwon Byung Wook, Baek Chang Joo
  • Screenwriter: Joo Jin
  • Production Companies: Studio Dragon, C-JeS Entertainment
  • Network: tvN
  • Episodes: 12
  • Air Dates: September 22, 2021 – October 28, 2021
  • Air Time: Wednesday and Thursday, 22:30 KST

Synopsis of Hometown

This drama has a background of the year 1999, where there is a detective called Choi Hyung In (Yoo Jae Myung) who lives his life.

He still feels the pain because of her wife’s death 10 years before 1999. At that time, the death of his wife was caused by an attack from a terrorist.

Choi Hyung In finally got a chance to do an investigation of a small town’s murder case. After exploring the case, he assumes that case has something related to his wife’s death.

On the other side, Jo Jung Hyun (Han Ye Ri) has a label as a terrorist’s family. This label was given by society because her brother participated in that attack 10 years ago.

There is also a prisoner namely Jo Kyung Ho (Um Tae Goo), who went back to Korea in 1989. At that time, he was known to make a release of sarin gas when he was in a train station.

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Main Cast

Hometown - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Yoo Jae Myung as Choi Hyung In

He is a brilliant detective who found his own wife died after a terrorist attack.

After investigating a murder case that makes him have to visit a small town, he directly makes an assumption about the correlation of that murder case with the previous terrorist attack.

Hometown - Cast, Summary, Synopsis, OST, Episode, Review

Han Ye Ri as Jo Jung Hyun

Because Ye Ri’s brother took part in the 1989 terrorist attack, she lives in misery because everybody labels her as a terrorist’s family.

After her own daughter helps her, Ye Ri finally can continue her own life.

Um Tae Goo

Um Tae Goo as Jo Kyung Ho

He is a terrorist who released a gas attack in 1989 at the train station.

Supporting Cast

People around Choi Hyung In

  • Kim Sae Byuk as Im Se Yoon
  • Choi Kwang Il as Im In Gwan
  • Jo Bok Rae as Lee Si Jeong
  • Tae In Ho as Son Ji Seung

People around Jung Hyun

  • Lee Re as Jo Jae Young
  • Park Mi Hyeon as Kim Kyung Sook
  • Lee Hae Woon as Jung Young Seop
  • Kim Jung as Jung Min Jae
  • Cha Rae Hyung as Kang Yong Tak
  • Kim Ye Eun as Kyung Ju

Gyeongcheon Girls’ Middle School students

  • Heo Jung eun as Moon Sook
  • Park Si Yeon as Production Director Jung
  • Park Seo Jin as DJ Han
  • Kim Ji An as Lee Kyung Jin


  • Kim Shin Bi as Kim Hwan Gyu
  • Yoo Seong Ju as Pastor Woo
  • Kim Soo Jin as Jung Min Sil

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